These awards were instituted in 1990 to foster mathematical research in New Zealand and to recognise excellence in research carried out by New Zealand mathematicians.

The NZMS Research Award(s) for 1995 will be announced during the Aitken Centenary Conference in Dunedin at the end of August this year. Other recipients to date have been John Butcher and Rob Goldblatt (1991), Rod Downey and Vernon Squire (1992), Marston Conder (1993), and Gaven Martin (1994).

Call for nominations: 1995/96 round: Applications and nominations are invited for the NZMS Research Award for 1996. This award will be based on mathematical research published in books or recognised journals within the last five calendar years: 1991-95. Candidates must have been residents of New Zealand for the last three years.

Nominations and applications should include the following:

(1) Name and affiliation of candidate

(2) Statement of general area of research

(3) Names of two persons willing to act as referees

(4) A list of books and/or research articles published within the last five calendar years: 1991-95

(5) Two copies of each of the five most significant publications selected from the list in (4)

(6) A clear statement of how much of any joint work is due to the candidate.

A judging panel shall be appointed by the NZMS Council. The judges may call for reports from the nominated referees and/or obtain whatever additional referee reports they feel necessary. The judges may recommend one or more persons for the award, or that no award be made. No person shall receive the award more than once. The award consists of a certificate including an appropriate citation of the awardee's work, and will be presented (if at all possible) around the time of the AGM of the Society in 1996.

All nominations (which should include also the written consent of the candidate) and applications should be sent to the NZMS Outgoing Vice-President, Marston Conder, Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, by 30 September 1995. Please consider nominating any of your colleagues whose recent research contributions you feel deserve recognition!


We are all aware of the changing face of tertiary education in New Zealand: students are in debt and, while more people are going to university, they are choosing job-targeted subjects such as business and technology. The traditions which we still have in the pure sciences and in the arts will be at risk if the prospect of debt influences a student's choice of degree.

To meet the newly-created demand, many undergraduate scholarships are being set up. Canterbury has been able to raise their target to $10m; other universities now have several individual scholarships, often named after their corporate sponsor. The NZMS has decided on a third way and is seeking to raise an endowment to fund subject-oriented scholarships tenable at any New Zealand university. With the support of the Statistical Association and the (pending) support of the Operational Research Society, the scope has been broadened to the mathematical sciences in general. A successful campaign will attract more students to the subject and enable more of our good students to complete a four-year degree.

A lot of time and paperwork stands in the way, however. A committee has been appointed which will form a charitable trust and eventually call in fundraising consultants. The major problem to be faced is simply getting in touch with, perish the thought, `prospects'. (An even more distasteful term in this business is `the ask'.) Ultimately all New Zealand alumni should be contacted, which will be particulary hard, yet important, for those living overseas. In the U.S., the enthusiastic support of Vaughan Jones and William Pickering has been obtained - more such names will be needed. The NZMS is calling on all its members to support the project: if you have any ideas or comments or experience, or if you've ever played squash with the chairman of Telecom, please contact the committee:

For the NZMS: Douglas Bridges, Waikato

Mark McGuinness, Victoria

Robert McLachlan, Massey

For the NZSA: Charles Lawoko, Massey