All the mall’s a stage

All the mall’s a stage

CubaDupa Festival: Linda Litt shows off her costume of 'Steampunk' at Cuba Dupa 2018 on Saturday. PHOTO: LUISA GIRAO

The line between performer and audience was blurred in CubaDupa last weekend.

Hundreds of Wellingtonians dressed-up, danced on the streets and literally got on stage to play during the festival.

In 19 hours, CubaDupa had 120 acts and 250 performances.

The Free Agents Brass Band, for example, invited the young musician James Roberts to play with them during their show.

“I was with my trumpet in my backpack and asked to play with them. It was one of the best experiences of my life. From my room to the major festival in NZ,” said Roberts.

Koffie Fugah of Kadodo West African drum and dance invited the audience to join him in the stage.

“It was one of the highlights of the show. The crowd got very excited,” said Fugah.

Make-up artist Courty Emma became a celebrity in the streets with her costume of Bulbasaur of Pokemon.

“It took me two hours just to dress myself today, but I’ve been doing this costume for months. All the time worth it! Everybody is asking me to taking pictures”, said Emma.

Linda Litt also attracted flashes before the opera The Eagle has Landed with her costume of `Steampunk’.

“I feel like a Disney`s character or an alien. Everybody is looking at me but I’m having the best time,” said Litt.

CubaDupa`s organiser Drew James was happy the rain on Saturday didn`t took the animation of the public.

“We plan each five minutes of the festival, but we can`t do this with the weather. However, the groups and the public transformed the rain in a colourful tropical day,” said James.

CubaDupa brought colours to Cuba Street in a rainy weekend. PHOTO: ASA ANDERSEN

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Article by Luisa Girao

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Article by Luisa Girao

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