Brooklyn Primary School makeover

Brooklyn Primary School makeover

Brooklyn Primary School is under redevelopment. Photo: Caitlin Bishop

Redevelopments at Brooklyn Primary School are well underway with stage one of five on track to be completed by term two.

The Ministry of Education will fund this as part of its annual investment in maintaining, improving and expanding the country’s state school property portfolio.

The school hall, located in the Moa Block, is being extended, along with the building of a new toilet block.

The school’s board of trustees is now looking into stage two, involving the extension and refurbishment of the Takahe Block and the creation of a new pedestrian entrance off Harrison Street which will free up the main entry on Washington Avenue for contractor vehicles temporarily.

Later developments include a new teacher’s block for the Kiwi Village, re-cladding of the Tui Block, and finally, the refurbishment of the first floor in Moa Block which will be undertaken during the Christmas holidays to avoid class disruption.

Principal Liz Rhodes was delighted with the significant progress, confident all was on track for completion by July, 2020.

She hoped the revamp would encourage “a culturally inclusive space for students to identify with” and “give teachers the chance to mix collaborative and own-class teaching”.

Landscape plans for later in the year look to revitalise the school’s Green Area, to celebrate the site’s culture and heritage and upgrade the school’s recycling and waste stream systems.

Both staff and the community were instrumental in providing feedback towards property design and future planning, said Rhodes.

The school has a roll of 414 students and 17 teachers. The redevelopment plans were made to accommodate future growth and educational expectations.


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