Lyall Parade sparks parking complaints

Lyall Parade sparks parking complaints

CAPTION: Parking congestion along Lyall Parade continues to worsen and residents are calling on the council for change. PHOTO: Rosa Woods.

A Lyall Bay resident’s plea to fix chronic parking congestion along the beachfront seems likely to fall on deaf ears.

Lyall Parade resident Rose Johns said its limited parking had become a serious issue that only the council could solve.

“I’ve put in a request to get resident’s parking and to get yellow lines over the driveway” but the council wouldn’t listen, she said.

Johns said she and her family regularly leave town just to avoid the parking congestion.

“We have to leave the place, we go away on the weekends,” she said.

Tanya Pearce who also lives on Lyall Parade does not have any off-street parking.

“In the weekend it can be a nightmare to get a park anywhere near my house. A few resident’s parks on the street side would be awesome,” she said.

Other residents from the area were less concerned by the parking along Lyall Parade.

Rongotai woman Felicity Findlay did not believe any changes needed to be made. “I think the parking is fine, I don’t want to have to pay for parking in the area I have lived my whole life.”

Sharyn Young from Melrose  said she definitely did not want resident or coupon parking to be implemented.

If anything, “angle parking could be considered first,” she said.

Eva Karam from Southgate said free suburban parking was one of the beauties of living in New Zealand.

It is “okay to make some resident’s parking spots on one side, but the rest should be free”, she said.

Eastern Ward Councillor Simon Marsh said parking congestion along Lyall Parade would be a difficult issue to remedy, as “current parking in most of the area is unregulated”.

Marsh said he had heard some local discussion about the possibility of implementing resident’s parking. However, parking congestion had not been a’ hot topic’ at recent residents association meetings.

“The Lyall Parade is heavily used as a recreation area and with the improvements happening in the area will become even more attractive for people to visit,” he said. Parking improvements might need to be considered.

Marsh encouraged residents who were concerned to “run a petition to bring to council” so that council officers could respond to the matter formally.

The council would need “a strong case to pursue any changes”, he said.


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