Petone wharf might lose 50 metres.

Petone wharf might lose 50 metres.

The 393 metre-long Petone Wharf might lose 50 metres.

If the Hutt City Council does not maintain Petone wharf it is likely to face partial removal in 2033, says Petone Community Board chair Pam Hanna.

The council will wait till 2033-34 to refurbish the 393-metre wharf but this includes the community plan committee’s recommendation of removing the last 50 metres.

It will cost $3.4 million to partially remove and refurbish and $4.7 million to fully refurbish.

Hanna said the council was not prepared to maintain the last 50 metres.

Maintenance must be completed before 2033, including the replacement of the worst of the piles.

Community engagement, which begins this week for the council’s annual plan will include talks about funding the Petone wharf and its maintenance.

Community board deputy chair Mike Fisher said, personally, it was an iconic feature and should be retained in its full length.

Phoenix Tua, who fishes at the wharf thinks the council should repair the entire wharf. “I’ve been here for years fishing, I reckon they should keep it. You meet a lot of good people here on the wharf.”

Phoenix Tua has enjoyed fishing on the wharf for years.PHOTO: Rachel Moore

Upper Hutt resident, Nick MccLue  shares a similar view. “On a day like today, it’s quite beautiful. Lots of people come down here on their lunch breaks, young families, it’s not just for us fishing.”

Tua and MccLue, previously strangers shared their just-caught fish on a warm, cloudless day on the wharf.

Gary Fitzwater, who was walking the wharf with his wife and camera, believes it should be left with its original length.

“It’s part of life in Petone. We would’ve brought our kids down here 15 years ago. And the grand kids.”

Gary Fitzwater and his wife enjoy walking the wharf and taking photographs.Photo: Rachel Moore

Petone wharf was re-opened just before Christmas in 2017 after $450,000 was spent on emergency repairs.

People are encouraged to engage on council website and on the Petone Community Board Facebook page.

There is also a public meeting on March 25, 7pm-9pm at the Baptist Church in Buick Street.

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