South Coast resiliency plan near completion

South Coast resiliency plan near completion

Eastern Ward councillor Simon Marsh is pleased with the new rock armouring along Wellington’s south coast around Dorrie Leslie Park. PHOTO: Rosa Woods.

Work on rock retaining walls along the south coast is set to be complete by the end of this month and residents with concerns about sediment pollution have been assured there is no need to worry.

Wellington City Council has been reinforcing the western side of Lyall Bay around Dorrie Leslie Park with large boulders since May.

Lyall Bay resident Yvonne Weeber was concerned that soil from the current earthworks and excavation could be washing into the sea, posing an environmental threat.

“I do worry about the sediment pollution within the bay,” she said.

She was also disappointed by the appearance of the area near the park.

“It looks unpleasant at the moment but I hope it will look better soon.”

Council urban ecology team leader, Myfanwy Emeny, acknowledged Weeber’s concerns but felt there was no need for worry.

“There may be a small amount of sediment entering the bay but with the rock armouring this will be significantly less than before.

“A large part of that coastline was being eroded away and washed into the sea with every storm. The point of this work was to stop that from happening,” she said.

The appearance of the park would improve with the planting set to commence later this month, after some final reinforcement is complete.

Council workers will put down some new soil and spread grass seed to get the areas looking the same as before work commenced.

The council expects all work will be completed by the end of the month.

Eastern Ward councillor Simon Marsh said the rock armouring was an important project for the area, as erosion had become a serious issue in recent years.

Marsh said in the aftermath of a storm last year there had been sand and seawater over the road by Dorrie Leslie Park and he realised something had to be done.

“It’s not just something that would be nice to have, this is really a must have in order to protect the road.”

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