Yarn bombers attack Wellington

Yarn bombers attack Wellington

Mari North of the Stitch and Butch group, who are responsible for yarn bombing benches and public spaces of Wellington (PICTURE: LUISA GIRAO)

“Look! It’s a monster foot on the bench,”  says the little girl walking down Cuba Street with her father.

She had just seen the colourful knit and crocheted art popping up in urban spaces in Wellington such as on the corner of Cuba and Buckle Streets outside Thistle Hall.

One of the women responsible, Mari North,  is a 63-years-old architect and member of the craft group, Stitch and Butch.

Mari North says they had the idea of decorating the benches and bike racks of city centre after  last November`s earthquake.

“We want to do something for cheer our city and we had the idea, yarn bombing,” says North.

Yarn bombing, otherwise known as guerrilla-knitting or graffiti-knitting, is a type of art that uses wool to decorate public areas, instead of paint or chalk.

“We wanted to do something related to art in a positive and friendliness way. We want to do this connections between people.”

The first spot chosen was the bike racks in front of the Wellington Library then they wrapped flowers of knitting around the benches in Cuba Street.

“Last week, we’ve been invited to do yarn bombing in front an exposition opening at Thistle Hall. It`s unbelievable they invited us! We are becoming famous,’ says North.

The group gathers every Monday at 6pm on St Andrews on The Terrace to chat about knitting needles, yarn and even personal subjects

“Is more than a craft group. We are friends getting together to share the highs and lows from our lives and also to do what we love. I remembered they helped me a lot when I had my heart broken. Everybody is welcome”.

And they plan to continue yarn bombing Wellington. The next project is to wrap a fence and a tree near the church where they gather.

“Our group has 10 people from 30 to 70 years. We have jobs and other duties that makes our work take longer than expected, sometimes months. But the positive feedback encourages us to continuing doing this. It’s a pleasure to see someone smile for our art, makes everything worth it”.

Yarn bombing is a type of art that uses wool to decorate public areas (PICTURE: LUISA GIRAO)

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