Time Line

1897 — Vygotsky born in Orsche

1909 — Vygotsky's bar mitzvah at the age of 13

1913 — graduation from a Jewish gymnasium with honors and a gold medal (pre-university schooling)

1916 — Hamlet essay completed, started while studying at the gymnasium (published in 1968)

1917 — graduation from Moscow University with a law degree

1917 — began to work in Psychology

1917 — Russian revolution

Working as a teacher in Gomel, head of the psychological laboratory at the Teachers Training Institute At this time Vygotsky was collecting information for both his thesis and a book to be named 'Pedagogical Psychology'.

1920 — first attack of tuberculosis, concerned with death, due to a family history of tuberculosis

1924 — Vygotsky married Roza Smekhova in 1924 and later had two daughters.

1924 — started Moscow academic career, at the Institute of Moscow

1924 — presentation of the paper “Methodology of reflexological and psychological research”at the

Second Psychoneurological Congress in Leningrad

1925 — Doctoral thesis 'Psychology of Art' presented

1926 — 'Pedagogical Psychology' published

1934Died in June

Vygotsky's grave

1936 — Vygotsky's work banned in USSR

1953 — Stalin dies, ban on Vygotsky's work lifted.

1962 — Vygotsky's work becomes available in the West with the publication of 'Thought and Language'

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