Scholarships Closing Soon

Clutha Veterinary Association Travel Grant
Closing date: 27/09/2018   
For students enrolled in their 3rd, 4th or 5th year of study for a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree at Massey University, and who travel to see practice at the Clutha Veterinary Association.

Otamatea Veterinary Club Scholarship
Closing date: 29/09/2018   
For fourth year Veterinary Science students with preference given to those who are ninterested in mixed clinical practice with an emphasis on large animal and/or production animal medicine.

German DAAD Awards
Closing date: 30/09/2018   
For graduate students wishing to study at a German University in all disciplines. No GERMAN LANGUAGE knowledge is required.

NZ Federation of Graduate Women Harriette Jenkins Award
Closing date: 30/09/2018   
For members of NZFGW to complete research or further studies at a tertiary institution in NZ or through an overseas institution provided the study is completed in NZ

Westlands Veterinary Services Inc. Grant
Closing date: 30/09/2018   
For third year BVSc students residing in the Westlands region who have a preference for rural practice

Westlands Veterinary Services Inc. Scholarship
Closing date: 30/09/2018   
For third and fourth year BVSc students interested in 'seeing practice' with W.V.S. for two weeks of practical work at each of the W.V.S. contract practices (Greymouth and Hokitika) in the summer holiday break. Accommodation will be provided for the student while seeing practice.

New Zealand Equine Research Foundation Scholarship
Closing date: 30/09/2018   
Open to New Zealand Citizens studying full time in veterinary science. Applications will be accepted from BVSc fourth year students interested in working in the equine industry.

ZESPRI Horticulture Scholarships
Closing date: 30/09/2018   
Open to students intending to study for degree or diploma in Horticulture.

Dorothy L Newman Scholarship
Closing date: 30/09/2018   
Available to assist people who have been diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis and as a result are unable to continue in their present employment and who need to change their employment and undergo a course of re-training in order to do so.

Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia
Closing date: 30/09/2018   
Open to top U/G or P/G students wanting to undertake study or research in Asia. in a subject area that can be linked to NZ’s economic or trade agenda, including, but not limited to: business studies; law; food technology; design and languages. The PMSA will also support trade or economic-related.

New Zealand Institute of Management Foundation Scholarship
Closing date: 30/09/2018   
The NZIMF Scholarships are post-graduate scholarships focusing specifically on the practice of management and leadership in New Zealand.

BING'S Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For Masters students studying in the fields of Medicine, Veterinary Science, Agriculture, Psychology, Psychaitry, or Theology

Syd Bodmin Bursary for Certificate of Agricultural Engineering
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For students enrolled in the Certificate in Agricultural Engineering

The Prince of Wales Cambridge International Scholarships
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Open to NZ citizens who are graduates of a NZ university and are wishing to study a PhD at Cambridge University

Camellia Memorial Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For graduate students enrolled at any university intending to study in Horticulture, Agriculture or Science and directed to such disciplines as taxonomy, health or culture of the genus Camellia

Ian Campbell Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For students with paraplegia & physical diabilities or those working in this field who wish to undertake tertiary study

Freemasons Postgraduate Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Available to students who are NZ citizens or Permanent Residents and are undertaking full time study for the thesis year of a Masters degree or PhD and are able to demonstrate good citizenship and show leadership potential.

Freemasons University Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For students who are NZ citizens or Permanent Residents entering their final year of full time study in a Bachelor's degree, an undergraduate diploma, an honours degree, postgraduate diploma or first year of a two-year Masters degree.

Freyberg Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For NZ citizens or permanent residents who have have obtained at least second class honours, division A, or equivalent in their qualifying degree and have completed academic studies in political science, history, economics or a related discipline

Edward & Isabel Kidson Scholarships
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For graduate students of Physics or Physics & Mathematics wishing to undertake further advanced study or research in NZ or overseas in Meteorology or some other branch of science

Claude McCarthy Fellowships
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Claude McCarthy Fellowships assist graduates of any NZ university to travel overseas for a short period to undertake research or present a paper at a conference. There are TWO rounds each year. It is essential the application process is begun well before the closing date.

NZ Plant Protection Society Research Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For students researching in Plant Protection or relevant disciplines

June Opie Fellowship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For NZ, Australian or Canadian citizens with severe disabilities intending to undertake graduate study

Pukehou Pouto Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For NZ citizens who are graduates of a NZ University, completing postgraduate study in either Agricultural Science or Silvicultural Science

Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
For students completing research in an approved institution, in a field of study which will be of direct benefit to NZ and its people

Lovell & Berys Clark Scholarships
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Available to graduates of any university in New Zealand who are enrolled at Massey University in postgraduate studies (including Master's & PhD).

Exchange Students Travel Grant
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
The Exchange Students Travel Grant provides funding to assist students enrolled in an undergraduate degree at Massey University, to complete a semester of study at an overseas academic institution, with which an exchange agreement exists.

Fulbright Scholar awards
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Funding is available for New Zealand scholars who have been invited to present papers at conferences and/or deliver lectures in the US.

Dan Watkins Scholarship in Weed Science
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Open to all University students undertaking research into the biology and control of weeds in New Zealand.

Henry Kelsey Research Scholarships
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Available to individuals to undertake research towards a postgraduate degree at a New Zealand University or research institution, for the purpose of studying muscular function, including the causes and treatment of muscular dysfunction.

Massey University Summer Study Hardship Bursary
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Open to NZ citizens or PR who are studying at any of the MU campuses, and who will have completed a minimum of 120 credits of study at the completion of Semester 2 in the year of application. Applicants must be able to show financial hardship. Applicants must be enrolled in Summer semester.

Fulbright-Nga Pae o te Maramatanga Scholar Award
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Available for a promising New Zealand graduate student to undertake postgraduate study or research in the US in a field of indigenous development.

Lawson-Smith Freemasons Education Trust Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Available are to support academically able students, who are active in their community, and are intending enrolling in the 4th or 5th year of the Bachelor of Veterinary Studies at Massey University in the following year; or intending enrolling in the 3rd year of the Bachelor of Veterinary Technology

L'affare Photography Scholarship
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
L’affare want to support young creatives at Massey University. They appreciate the challenges and opportunities that a career in the creative arts can bring, and are keen to help foster the curiosity, determination and passion that a creative career demands.

The Sasakawa Young Leaders Scholarship (SYLFF)
Closing date: 01/10/2018   
Scholarships are offered for study towards research in either a Masters or PhD degree in a wide range of disciplines, provided the research is in the broad fields of Humanities (ie. the study of human culture, especially literature, languages, history, art, music and philosophy) or Social Sciences (ie. the scientific study of any aspect of social behaviour and/or the functioning of society). Professional doctorate degrees (eg. DClinPsych, DBusAdmin) are not eligible. Candidates whose degree programmes do not appear to fit in these categories, but who feel their research qualifies them, will be asked to justify this view in their application.

Miss E L Hellaby Indigenous Grassland Research Trust
Closing date: 10/10/2018   
For thesis work on topics relating to the indigenous grassland zone

Edna Joyce Howe Scholarship
Closing date: 15/10/2018   
applicants must have a minimum of three years' teaching experience with at least half that teaching time in the following areas: Food Technology, Clothing, Textile and Design Technology, Home Economics or other Home and Life Science Development subjects.

Grants-in-Aid of Research Programmes
Closing date: 15/10/2018   
Grants are available to students from all areas of the sciences (including social sciences) and engineering. Funding is available for travel expenses to and from a research site, or for purchase of non-standard laboratory equipment necessary to complete a specific research project.

Auckland A & P Association Bursary
Closing date: 15/10/2018   
Open to students who previously studied at secondary school in the AK region now in the first year of an U/G degree at Massey University in the year that they apply. One Bursary will be awarded to a student within an agricultural degree and the other Bursary to a BVSC student.

Cassidy Construction Scholarship
Closing date: 18/10/2018   
Open to students enrolled full time in Part 2 or 3 of the Bachelor of Construction who can demonstrate a record of satisfactory academic performance and all-round ability, and who is not currently employed.

Central Plateau Veterinary Society Inc. Undergraduate Scholarships
Closing date: 19/10/2018   
Open to students who attended or currently are attending Taupo, Reporoa or Turangi area Colleges, or are family members of Central Plateau Vet Society members and intending or are studying Veterinary Science or an Agricultural related degree at either Massey Uni or Lincoln Uni.

McConnell Elton Foundation Bursary
Closing date: 19/10/2018   
Open to all final year Veterinary students at Massey University. Applicants need to be able to demonstrate a philanthropic nature, or be active volunteers, or serve in committees or groups that benefit others.

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