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Last updated 7 October 2016


Massey University PhD Scholarship : Coccidiosis in kiwi

The Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, invites applications for a 3-year PhD Scholarship in characterization of coccidiosis in kiwi. The research is funded through the Massey University Foundation.

 The project is supervised by Dr. Kerri Morgan, Dr. Laryssa Howe, Prof. Bill Pomroy (Massey University), and Kate McInnes (Department of Conservation). The scholarship covers all tuition fees for international and domestic students, and includes a tax-free stipend of NZ$25,000 p.a.

 The research project will involve development of tools to identify appropriate gene targets for the molecular characterisation of coccidia of kiwi, as well as using more traditional morphological techniques to identify the various species of coccidia. Developed techniques will be applied to archived tissues from kiwi affected with coccidia to extrapolate the life cycle/s of both enteric and extraintestinal forms, and tools will be utilised to determine the prevalence of various Eimeria spp. within and between populations of all five species of kiwi.

 Applicants should have a BVSc or MSc or equivalent.

 Applications including a CV, academic transcript and cover letter should be sent to Dr Kerri Morgan, Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Massey University, Private Bag 11-222, Palmerston North, New Zealand or by email to Applications close 26 August 2016.


 Massey University PhD Scholarship in Mathematics

The Institute of Fundamental Sciences of Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, invites applications for a PhD scholarship in mathematics in the applied dynamics group.
Research will be concerned with geometric numerical integration, supervised by Professor Robert McLachlan. The scholarship covers all tuition fees for international and domestic students and includes a tax-free stipend of NZ$25,000 p.a.

A branch of numerical analysis that emerged in the 1990s, geometric numerical integration is a way of simulating dynamical systems that preserves key properties of the system exactly; sometimes this leads to startling improvements in performance. The research combines a study of the geometric properties of the system with numerical analysis and simulation, and the methods are widely used in computational physics and chemistry. For example, modern geometric integrators were used in 2004 in a large simulation of the solar system that resulted in a major re-calibration of the geological epochs of the Earth. See web site for further information.

Applicants should have or expect to receive a BSc(Hons) or MSc degree or equivalent in mathematics; coursework and project work in numerical analysis or computational science is highly desirable. Starting date to be determined. Applications including a CV, academic transcript, and cover letter should be sent to Professor Robert McLachlan, Institute of Fundamental Sciences, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand or by email to


Massey Business School - Massey University Doctoral Scholarships

The College of Business at Massey University is offering a number of PhD Scholarships each year. The scholarships are intended for new full-time candidates who are eligible to enrol at Massey University. One Scholarship is designated for a qualified Maori or Pasifika student.  The criteria for the Scholarships are below.


a. Evidence for excellence of academic achievement:

i. Meet Massey University Scholarship criteria of a GPA of 7.5 or higher (on a 9 point scale). This is above an average grade of A-.

Please read the GPA calculation footnote (at the end of this page) carefully for explanation as to how your GPA will be calculated.

ii. Supporting evidence of academic excellence such as quality of undergraduate institution, academic awards and honours, high marks on a masters or honours thesis, publications, etc.

b.             Candidates whose PhD topic is in an area related to one or more Massey Business School areas of research excellence (platforms, outlined below) are considered more favourably:  

• Agrifood Business
• Finance & Financial Services
• Innovation & Entrepreneurship
• Responsibility and Citizenship

The College will give preference to applicants whose PhD topics match or are in an area related to one or more of the above platforms. Other research areas and topics will also be considered, especially for high ranking applicants. Please see the College website:

Value: Massey University Doctoral Scholarship are NZ$25,000 per annum for a maximum of 3 years. College of Business Scholarships must be activated by 1 August in the year of award.

Application Process: Qualified applicants should discuss their application with the relevant PhD Coordinator (listed below) before they apply for a scholarship. Scholarship applications must be submitted through School PhD Coordinators to the Massey Business School Research Committee. To complete your scholarship application you need to submit the following to your School PhD Coordinator:

•              your completed Doctoral Scholarship Form

•              academic CV

•              academic transcripts

•              a one-page research proposal and other supporting documents (e.g., academic awards and honours, high marks on a masters or honours thesis, publication of academic writing, or quality of undergraduate institution)

Please note that acceptance to a Massey PhD does not suggest award of a doctoral scholarship.

• School of Accountancy: Dr Lin Mei Tan
• School of Aviation: Dr Andrew Gilbey
• School of Economics & Finance: Fong Mee Chin
• School of Communication, Journalism & Marketing: Claudia Silva
• School of Management: Brigit Eames
• General enquiry: Carnette Pulma

Closing Dates

Massey Business School has two closing dates for PhD Scholarship applications for 2017:

Round One: Applications must be received by the MBS Research Committee by 5pm October 1st 2016.

Round Two: Applications must be received by the MBS Research Committee by 5pm March 1st 2017.

Successful PhD Doctoral Scholarship applicants must commence their PhD between January 1st and August 1st 2017.

The writable application form can be found on:


College of Business Strategic Research Platforms:

Agrifood Business: Our research in agrifood business encompasses all aspects of business and management related to agriculture and food production, from the “business” of running the family farm, to multinational food companies.

Examples of MBS Agrifood research include, but not limited to:  The economics of agrifood business; strategic management of retail food businesses, marketing and branding of food products; SME farms; Communication in the agrifood business; primary sector accounting; corporate farming; agricultural banking; food safety and quality; effects of regulations and governance on farming; cooperative organisations; multi-stakeholder decision making; sustainability; and climate change effects on farming and more.

Finance & Financial Services: Research related to this platform encompasses a wide range of topics and disciplines and is supported by a world-class cluster of staff with strong tradition in finance and banking.

Examples of MBS research in this area include, but not limited to: investment analysis; corporate governance; financial policy and regulation; marketing of financial services; HRM practices in the banking sector; financial journalism; financial education and literacy; financial policy; microfinance and more.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Research in this platform includes a wide range of disciplines and topics including SME and entrepreneurship which are historical strength within MBS. The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre (SIERC) and Te Au Rangahau (TAR) - Maori Business Research Centre contribute strongly to this platform.

Examples of MBS related research include, but not limited to: SME management; international business development strategy; Start-ups and entrepreneurs; Financing start-ups; Small business accounting; Research in entrepreneurship education; Creative marketing; Innovative business practices; Social innovation and social entrepreneurship; Developing innovative work culture; Benchmarking and best practice; Product and process design and development and much more. 

Responsibility & Citizenship: This area comprises a wide range of cutting-edge and critical topics focused on the role of business and business education in creating a better society. Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre (SIERC) and Te Au Rangahau (TAR) - Maori Business Research Centre and several research groups: Healthy Work Group, Adult Literacy, Sustainability, and MPOWER are in the forefront of knowledge creation in these areas.

Examples of MBS related research include, but not limited to: sustainable business practices; triple bottom line accounting; social reporting; social innovation and social enterprise; corporate social responsibility (CSR); adult literacy; financial literacy; leadership and stewardship; community resilience; workplace wellbeing; social and environmental accounting, and more.


Massey University Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health (Albany)

We are looking for a suitable candidate for a Masters Project Title: Understanding the relationship between sweet taste thresholds, intensity, hedonic preference, food choice and eating behaviour

Project outline Sensory attributes of food such as smell, taste, appearance and texture affect food selection. Among these sensory qualities, taste perception is thought to be the strongest driver of food selection. Several studies have identified links between taste perception and the dietary habits that influence metabolic health. However, the nature of the relationship between taste perception, food choice and eating behaviour is not well understood.

Our understanding of taste perception is complicated due to a wide variety of sensory testing methodologies used in different studies and a paucity of data about the reproducibility of taste measurements. Therefore, the assessment of test–retest reliability of taste perception measurements is important for two reasons. Firstly, it will identify and help to overcome the methodological parameters that contribute to the variability of taste measurements. Secondly, it will aid the development of precise and robust taste sensory quantification methods for the evaluation of the biological role and the health significance of taste perception.

The main aims of the study are to: • Evaluate the repeatability of sensory testing methods and to identify the most robust and consistent methodological approaches. • Investigate whether sweet taste sensitivity and hedonic preference can explain dietary intakes, eating habits, eating behaviour, and endocrine and metabolic parameters of health.

The student will participate in the development of the study design, submission of an ethics application, and all aspects of data collection including assessments of taste perception, hedonic preference, satiety, dietary intakes, eating habits, eating behaviour and anthropometric measurements.

Financial support The Scholarship is for university fees for a domestic student (approximately $6,000) for one year.

Advantages of this project • Working in a supportive multidisciplinary team of researchers in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiology, Endocrinology and Food Science and Technology. • Working on a novel project with strong scientific foundations and commercially relevant objectives.   Status This project is available for an immediate start and will begin as soon as a suitable candidate is found. Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition, Physiology, Food Science and Technology or related fields with appropriate Honours or Postgraduate Diploma qualifications to enrol for a Master’s degree. Some research experience in the above areas will be advantageous.

Selection criteria • Strong academic record • Ability to conduct research within an interdisciplinary team environment • Strong initiative, interest and enthusiasm • Good time management and organisational skills • Sound communication skills • Working with human subjects may require you to work on evenings, early mornings and/or weekends • For international students, excellent English language proficiency is essential

Application process and further information Applicants should send a copy of their curriculum vitae, a statement of interest and the names and contact details of three referees to : Professor Bernhard Breier; Tel: 09-4140800 Ext: 43652; E-mail: .


New Zealand Lifecycle Management Centre - Potential Master’s Scholarship

1. Title of Research Topic: Developing Catchment Level Water Stress Indicators to Facilitate the Evaluation of Water Footprint Impacts from New Zealand Construction Products and Buildings

2. Funding: This will be a one year Master’s scholarship of $20,000/year which is being made available through the BRANZ Scholarship Programme.  

3. Focus area: There are a number of published methodologies to calculate a water footprint but no one internationally agreed method (Kounina et al., 2013). Currently, water stress indicators available in the published literature are averaged over large areas and use out-of-date datasets.

The proposed research will evaluate the different proposed water footprint methods and their suitability for application to the New Zealand building and construction sector. In particular, it will involve calculation of water impact assessment factors using the different methods, and New Zealand-specific data, building on an initial exploratory study in this area (Herath et al., 2010, 2012), to develop appropriate water stress factors at the New Zealand watershed level or equivalent.

References: Herath, I, Clothier, B.E., Horne, D. and Singh, R. 2010. Assessing freshwater scarcity in New Zealand. Life Cycle Management Centre Working paper Series 02/11(pp 21-26). ISSN (online) 2230-4282. Massey University Palmerston North, New Zealand. Herath, I, Clothier, B.E., Green, S.R., Deurer, M., Horne, D., Singh, R., and Van der Zjipp, S. 2012. Variability in water footprints: A case study of Marlborough wine. Life Cycle Association of New Zealand Conference, Poster, Auckland 27-28 March, 2012. Kounina, A., Margni, M., Bayart, J-B., Boulay, A-M., Berger, M., Bullet, C., Frischknecht, R., Koehler, Al, Mila i Canals, L., Motoshita, M., Nunez, M., Peters, G., Pfister, S., Ridoutt, B., van Zelm, R., Verones, F., & Humbert, S. 2013. Review of methods addressing freshwater use in life cycle inventory and impact assessment. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 18: 707-721.

4. More Details: To discuss this opportunity in more detail, please contact Dr Sarah McLaren:  or Dr Ranvir Singh :


Masters of Science or Health Science PG Student Scholarship 

Project title: Effect of exercise training and amino acid supplementation on skeletal muscle metabolic capacity and microvascular flow in diabetics

A full time research student is required to join a team working on an exciting exercise rehabilitation project.

Start date: (provisional – contact us).

Duration: 1 year full time.

Location: Massey University Wellington Campus

Qualifications and experience: The student will have to meet Massey University Masters in Science or Health Science research year criteria (e.g. completed PG Dip Sci or Health Sci, BSc(Hons) or BHealthSci(Hons), BPhed(Hons), or other qualifying 4 year exercise science or rehabilitation related degree). Students should ideally have an undergraduate degree in exercise science, physiology, physiotherapy or similar. The project will involve data collection and intensive exercise training supervision of middle-aged male diabetic patients. Professional or formal (educational) exercise prescription experience is necessary. Student will also be required to test patients exercise capacity in the laboratory (e.g. external respiratory gas analysis), learn and trouble shoot novel near infra-red spectroscopy methods to determine microvascular perfusion and muscle oxidative capacity.

Scholarship Value: $15,000 (excluding tuition fees).


Dr. David Rowlands

04 801 5799 ext 63295

Massey University IVABS Masterate Scholarship in Veterinary Pathology

The purpose of this IVABS Masterate Scholarship is to encourage veterinary graduates who plan a career in veterinary diagnostic pathology to undertake university postgraduate study in this field. The Scholar will be expected to develop expertise in the diagnosis of animal diseases in preparation for seeking specialist qualifications in pathology, and to gain experience in tertiary education by providing laboratory and lecture instruction in veterinary diagnostic pathology.  

The value of the Scholarship will be thirty thousand ($30,000) dollars per annum (tax free) for two years.  In addition to the emolument, the scholarship shall cover tuition fees for an MVSc or MVS. The Scholarship shall be tenable at Massey University, Palmerston North.

The Scholarship is open to students who hold a BVSc degree able to be registered in New Zealand and who qualify to register as a candidate for the degree of Master of Veterinary Studies (MVS). The Scholar will be expected to participate in the routine necropsy service provided by IVABS Pathobiology Section, which includes a range of domestic and wildlife animal species. In addition, the Scholar will be required to conduct a research project under the supervision of an IVABS pathologist. The academic programme will be directed towards preparing for American College of Veterinary Pathologists Board Certification.  Candidates must be New Zealand or Australian citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand or Australia.

Every person who wishes to be considered for the IVABS Scholarship should apply on the application form provided by the Institute (obtained from or Massey Contact, email:

Informal enquiries can be addressed to John Munday ( ph 06 356 9099 ext 85172

Prestigious PhD Scholarships now available throughout NZ:

The Maurice Wilkins Centre is a Centre of Research Excellence:

Bringing together world leading biomedical researchers from around New Zealand to tackle cancer, diabetes and infectious diseases.

Prestigious MWC PhD Scholarships available for 2015/2016

One of our major roles is to train the country’s next generation of leaders in biomedical research. We are currently offering 3 projects with fully funded PhD scholarships to be taken up during 2015/2016. These projects will involve highly innovative biomedical research and will be based at one of the following institutions (the Universities of Otago, Canterbury and Auckland, Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington).

New PhD scholarships:

These prestigious posts are valued at around $140,000 in total. They include funding for tuition fees plus 3 years stipend at $25,000 per year tax-free. Generous working expenses for will be provided to support your research costs. Uniquely with these scholarships, you will also be eligible to spend time in other leading laboratories and training centres outside your home base, including overseas, and to access advanced equipment and facilities that can accelerate your research, wherever in NZ those facilities are based. Becoming part of the MWC brings the opportunity to interact with world-leading scientists right across the country, as well as their international collaborators.

If all this sounds good to you, the MWC would like you to get in touch and express your interest. Have a look at the available projects listed on this website then download the expression of interest form and send a single PDF file including the completed form, your current CV, academic transcipt and names of any referees if requested by email to or to the project lead supervisor.

To be eligible you must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and have either an exceptional academic track record or have a proven track record of research productivity. If you have any doubts about your eligibility, feel free to call us at: 09 923 5533. Successful applicant will be expected to start by April 2016. Note that new topics will be made available later in 2016.


Eiffel Doctoral Scholarships:

These scholarships are offered by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to international students for doctoral studies in France. Since 2006, one of these scholarships per year has been offered to a NZ student.

For further details visit:


University Undergraduate Scholarships in Saudi Arabia:

A limited number of scholarships are available for NZ students wishing to study in Saudi Arabia. Two types of scholarships are available - Muslim and Non-Muslim Students 1-2 Scholarships per year at King Saud Maile University, and Muslim Students 2-3 Scholarships per year at Islamic Male University of Medina.

Criteria: Students must be between 18-25 yrs; hold a valid NZ passport; be required to undertake Arabic Language studies for two years; after completion of language training, the scholarship holder may study undergraduate programmes at any Faculty (except medicine or engineering).

The Scholarship provides: free tuition; free text books in Arabic language; single person accommodation; monthly stipend of NZ$400 per month; subsidised meals from University cafeteria; medical expenses; annual return air ticket.

For further information contact: Tony Davies. NZ Education Attache to the GCC, NZ Embassy, Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh. email:


Hong Kong PhD Fellowship:

Established by the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong in 2009, the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) aims at attracting the best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong's institutions. The Fellowship provides an annual stipend of HK$240,000 (approximately US$30,000) and a conference and research-related travel allowance of HK$10,000 (approximately US$1,300) per year to each awardee for a period of up to three years. More than 230 PhD Fellowships will be awarded in the 2017/18 academic year.

Shortlisted applications, subject to their areas of studies, will be reviewed by one of the following two Selection Panels comprising experts in the relevant board areas:

•Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Technology

•Humanities, Social Sciences and Business Studies

While candidates' academic excellence is of primary consideration, the Selection Panels will take into account factors as follows:

• Academic excellence;

• Research ability and potential;

• Communication and interpersonal skills; and

• Leadership abilities.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 1 December 2016.


The Avantha International Fellowship:

 Is open to post graduate university level students of foreign nationality with a keen interest in foreign policy and international relations. Graduate students with an exceptional academic record may also apply. This is a great program for foreign students to come to India and get an opportunity to learn hands on about foreign policy and international relations.

The Fellowship will require the Fellow to spend 2 months in our New Delhi office and write a research paper on a mutually decided topic. The Fellow will also be expected to learn by doing and assisting other colleagues by taking active part in and contributing to our other ongoing programs. The Fellowship offers return economy class airfare, accommodation and a stipend.

The application procedure and application form is available from:


Environmental Governance (MEG) and Forest Ecology and Management (FEM) International MSC Programmes at Freiburg University, Germany:

The MSc course 'Environmental Governance' focuses on socio-economic issues, whereas 'Forest Ecology and Management' concentrates on ecological aspects. Both courses are taught entirely in English and have a duration of two years.

For further information visit: and


Travel Grants for New Zealanders to Study in France:

 Every year the French Embassy in Wellington allocates a few Hexagone travel grants to New Zealand students to pursue their studies in France for postgraduate studies at Honours or Master's level. The travel grant consists of 2000 euros (approx NZ$3,800) per student. Preference is given to Political Science, Law, Economics, Business and Management, Science or Engineering students. The student must enrol at a French University or Grande Ecole for at least six months. Travel grants are offered in combination with a social security scholarship for the duration of the studies in France.

From 2009 one Hexagone applicant each year will be awarded the Hexagone principal scholarship worth 12,000 euros, for studies in France at Master's level. Note that a number of courses are taught in English. For a list of available courses, visit:

For further information contact:,,,,, or

Career Development Awards in Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm:

 The HRC is administering the Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm Career Development Awards, which are funded by the Ministry of Health. Applicants are invited to apply for Masters, PhD and Postdoctoral awards to support the career development of emerging health researchers seeking to prevent and minimise gambling-related harm for Māori and Pacific populations in New Zealand. Applicants will apply using the standard HRC Māori or Pacific career development forms, which will be available on the HRC's website  in June.

Masters: Award components: Stipend of $10,000; course fees up to $10,000; working expenses of $1,600 Term of award: 1 year Number of awards available: 1

PhD: Award components: Stipend of $75,000; course fees up to $25,000; working expenses of $15,000 Term of award: 3 years Number of awards available: 1

Postdoctoral: Award components: Stipend and working expenses up to a total of $410,000 Term of award: 4 years Number of awards available: 1



Please note: PhD scholarships with a specific topic or area of research are now advertised on the Research website.




Scholarships for Students from the Pacific Islands Region: A number of scholarships are available to students from the Pacific Islands region. Eligibility and deadlines vary by fellowship competition. Information and application forms are available from

Massey University College of Education Students Association (MUCESA) Charitable Trust Scholarship: Available to students who are enrolled internally at Massey University's Palmerston North campus studying a teaching qualification.  The point of the scholarship is to take on an activity or skill that will improve you are a teacher.   Examples include, learning the guitar, attending a related conference, public speaking, arts courses and tuition.

Each year the Trust will issue two scholarships up to the value of $1000.00 scholarships. There is no specific closing date and applications are considered several times a year.  Once an application is received the applicant will be notified of when they can expect a response by.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

There is no specific closing date.


Massey University Doctoral Scholarships: Doctoral Scholarships and Doctoral Scholarships for Maori are offered for the purpose of encouraging postgraduate research at Massey University and are awarded on academic ranking. Doctoral scholarships are offered through the Colleges and are aligned with research priorities of the University. The value of the Doctoral Scholarship shall be $25,000 per annum to a maximum of 3 years. Recipients are responsible for the payment of their fees. International students are required to pay their first year fees before they are enrolled.

The Doctoral Scholarships are open to persons who are enrolled or eligible to enrol full-time for a research paper of 120 credits during a 12 month period towards a Doctoral degree at Massey University.  A full-time candidate will be expected to work 40 - 50 hours per week on their Doctoral qualification. Part-time applicants are not eligible. Applicants already holding a PhD or other research based doctoral degree are not eligible to apply. Applicants who are completing Honours or Masters thesis or research report must be due to submit before they apply for the Doctoral Scholarship.  Consideration will normally only be given to students with a GPA of 7.5 or better (on a 9 point scale). This is above an average grade of A-.

Please Note: All domestic applicants for the Massey University Doctoral Scholarships are considered for the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships. The Vice Chancellor's Scholarships are awarded on academic ranking to the top domestic students. The Vice Chancellor's Doctoral Scholarships are awarded in October each year to domestic doctoral recipients who start their scholarship within the funding year.

In the first instance,

please read the College specific information on the website regarding the College process for scholarships

College of Sciences -

College of Humanities and Social Sciences -

College of Health -

College of Business -

College of Creative Arts - PhD administrator - Please do NOT send unsolicited College of Creative Arts applications. Please read the information regarding the process for scholarship application


Writable application forms are available from

NOTE: closing dates shown on the website under id=188 are for the Scholarships Office use only. Do NOT send unsolicited applications.

Massey University Bachelor of Commercial Music Scholarship - NEW

Available to assist a promising student in preparation for a career in commercial music industry, practice or technology. Applicants must be intending enrolling in the first year of the programme.

One scholarship to be awarded for full-time study commencing Semester 1, 2017.

 A total value of $22,500 towards tuition fees and associated costs for one student in three years of full-time undergraduate study in the Bachelor of Commercial Music degree at Massey University’s College of Creative Arts

 To apply for the scholarship, the applicant must first register and then we will email you the application form which needs to be submitted. To register please go to: 

Massey University Elite Sports World Travel Award

 The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to Elite Massey athletes representing New Zealand at International Sporting Events in the following categories:

-Olympic Games

-Commonwealth Games

-World Cups

-World Championships

-World University Games/Championships

This fund supports the achievement of a tertiary qualification, while pursuing excellence in sport.

Up to $3,000 may be awarded to contribute to the financial expenses associated with the event. The Committee reserves the right to grant more funding in exceptional circumstances.

Applicants must be New Zealand Citizens enrolled either internally or extramurally in at least 30 credits in one academic year at Massey University. Candidates who are also members of another tertiary sports academy programme (or equivalent programme) are not eligible to apply. (Candidates who are recipients of the Prime Minister’s Scholarships are eligible to apply).  Applicants can normally only apply for the Award once in an academic year.


Excellence Awards for Latin America
Massey University

The purpose of this award is to reward students from Latin America and provide financial assistance to study at Massey University.

Category of awards:

1.    Students who meet all academic and English language entry requirements into an academic programme will receive a one-off $5,000 award towards their tuition fees.

2.    Students who receive a conditional offer of place subject to meeting the English language entry requirements are eligible for the following tuition fees discounts:
i.    For the Intensive English programme, students will receive a 50% tuition fees discount for the first three months of English study.
ii.    For the Direct Entry English Pathway (DEEP) programme, students will receive a 25% tuition fees discount for the DEEP programme.

Terms and Conditions:

•    This promotion is valid for any successful applications received until 31st October 2016, for commencement of academic study by 2018
•    The awards is applicable only for students wishing to study a programme within the College of Creative Arts and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University
•    The 50% and 25% tuition fees discount on English language programmes will be applied only once a student successfully enrols and commences an academic programme in the College of Creative Arts or College of Humanities and Social Sciences
•    Awards are to be applied as a credit toward the tuition fees of the academic programme
•    The award is valid for study in the Intensive English and DEEP programmes on the Palmerston North and Wellington Campuses only
•    Students are eligible for one Massey University Excellence Award only
•    Students are eligible to receive other home government scholarships (eg. COLFUTURO) in addition to the Massey University Excellence Award
•    The Awards are for Bachelors, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and Masters programmes at Massey University for programmes in the College of Creative Arts and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

For more information contact:

Tim Croft                                   Djhoanna Lambert
College of Creative Arts            College of Humanities and Social Sciences
E:            E:
P: +64 21 886 949                     P: +64 21 433 036

Teach NZ   

New Zealand needs dynamic and enthusiastic teachers who enjoy working with young people, and who understand the vital importance of education. If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, then a TeachNZ scholarship may help you to realise your dream. At different times opportunities open up in different areas of teaching. So we’ve developed TeachNZ Scholarships to make sure we’re getting the right people into the right roles.                                                         

The TeachNZ scholarships are based on areas of greatest demand, and are designed to make sure we're getting the right people into the right roles. The table below outlines all the TeachNZ scholarship categories and types available for 2016.

We're delighted to introduce the TeachNZ Scholarships for Maori and Pasifika High Achievers. The aim of these prestigious scholarships is to attract highly talented people who are of Maori or Pasifika descent, and who want to become early childhood education, primary or secondary teachers.

Further information and application forms are available from :


QEII National Trust Brian Molloy Doctoral Research Scholarship: Open to students who are NZ citizens or Permanent Residents seeking their first PhD qualification. The scholarship aims to support those interested in promoting and advancing ecological science and conservation in New Zealand.

The scholarship covers:
• An allowance of up to $30,000 per annum, to be applied to living expenses, tuition fees, and associated student services levies. The enrolment fees should be paid and the remaining sum paid out at monthly intervals.
• A research and travel allowance of up to $20,000 per annum is to be applied to research costs, and should be held and managed through a University Research Account.
At the commencement of the scholarship the student is to provide the National Trust with a budget for research costs that will be approved by the National Trust prior to payment
being made to the host university.
A maximum of $5,000 a year may be used for conference costs or international travel. At the end of each year of tenure of the scholarship, the student must include an account of the research cost expenditure incurred.
At the conclusion of the 3-year scholarship, any unspent funds must be returned to the
National Trust.
Any equipment, genuinely needed for the project and purchased with this fund should become the property of the host university at the completion of the project.

Funds are not available to support accompanying dependants.

Applications and regulations are available from:

Applications close 12 October 2016

Child Injury Prevention Foundation of New Zealand - Summer Research Scholarships: A number of student scholarships are available for the forthcoming summer break.  Projects must relate in some way to child injury prevention (intentional or unintentional) and preference will be given to those that will be of immediate practical benefit to the community. The scholarships are open to students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate programme.

The scope for projects is extremely wide, and includes possibilities such as:

Unintentional Injury (child accidents)
•    the design of a practical counter-measure to a recognised hazard
•    field testing of a specific hypothesis
•    preparation of educational material for use by children
•    literature reviews
•    critical analysis of existing prevention strategies (including legislative provisions)
•    critical reviews of childhood unintentional injury campaigns
•    critical analysis of media reporting of childhood unintentional injuries
•    analysis of the role of the environment in childhood unintentional injuries

Intentional Injuries (child abuse)
•    literature reviews
•    critical analysis of existing prevention strategies
•    critical analysis of current relevant legislation
•    critical analysis of media coverage of child abuse cases
•    analysis of causal factors
•    field testing of a specific hypothesis
•    preparation of educational material.

Full regulations and application forms are available from: OR  (click on Info & Research - CIPFNZ Scholarship)

Applications close 5pm 14 October 2016.

Auckland A & P Association Bursary: Open to students who previously studied at secondary school in the AK region now in the first year of an undergraduate degree at Massey University in the year that they apply.  One Bursary will be awarded to a student within an agricultural degree and the other Bursary to a BVSC student.

A CONDITION of the Bursary is that recipients must attend the Auckland Easter Show in the year they receive the award and provide 50 hours of assistance with animal husbandry of the livestock at the Show, and also attend an evening at the Show at which their award will be acknowledged.  Accommodation and meals will be provided.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 15 October 2016.

Marcus Kitt/ Colliers International Bursary: Open to NZ citizens or Permanent residents are enrolled full time in the 2nd yr of the Bachelor of Business studies Valuation and Property Management major degree, at the Albany campus.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 15 October 2016.

Enderby Trust Scholarships: Open to students wishing to experience the Southern and Pacific Ocean. Each expedition is accompanied by a team of naturalists and biologists to enhance the learning possibilities. It is hoped recipients will share their experiences and grow the awareness of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. Information on the expeditions is available

Full information and how to apply are available from:

Applications close 17 October 2016.

Central Plateau Veterinary Society Inc. Undergraduate Scholarships  

Open to students who attended or currently are attending Taupo, Reporoa or Turangi area Colleges, or are family members of Central Plateau Vet Society members and intending or are studying Veterinary Science or an Agricultural related degree at either Massey Uni or Lincoln Uni.

The scholarship will be paid directly to the university towards tuition fees.

Applications will be considered by a selection panel appointed by the Central Plateau Vet Society Inc. directors. The selection panel may refrain from making an award if there is not an applicant of sufficient merit.  The panel’s decision is final and not open to appeal or further correspondence.

Applications close: 21 October 2016

K A North Scholarship: The K A North scholarship is an opportunity for teachers and educators in Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary school settings in New Zealand who completed their pre-service education at the former Palmerston North College of Education or the Massey University former College of Education from 1996, to apply for funding towards their study.The scholarship is normally be awarded for one academic year only and preference shall be given to applicants who expect to complete their undergraduate degree or postgraduate qualification in the year immediately following receipt of the scholarship.

Full regulations and how to apply are available from:

Applications close 21 October 2016.

Asia New Zealand Foundation: Postgraduate Research Grants: Available to assist new research that will promote debate and discussion on matters relating to Asia and New Zealand, with implications for foreign and trade policy. See full regulations for possible topics of interest. Applicants must be NZ citizens or permanent residents.

Full regulations and how to apply are available from:

Applications close 21 October 2016.

Ballance Agri-Nutrients Scholarship: Scholarships will be open to applicants with a passion for agriculture. Study may be in the primary industry, engineering or corporate business (HR, marketing, finance etc). Ballance Agri-Nutrients offers up to four scholarships per annum to encourage people to enter the agricultural industry. Each scholarship is valued at $4,000 per annum and can be held for a maximum of three years.

Full regulations and application forms are available from: (enter 'scholarship' in search engine)

Applications close 30 October 2016

HOPE -Selwyn Foundation Scholarships in Ageing Research: Open to New Zealand citizen or permanent residents enrolled or be intending to enrol full or part-time for a Masters or Doctoral thesis at Massey University in a topic related to ageing.

The scholarship is for one year but may be renewable for up to three years on application. Recipients wishing to renew their grants must apply by letter through the University’s Scholarships office by the closing date in the year prior to that for which the request is being made. A progress report from both supervisor and applicant must accompany the application.

Candidates must:
•    be enrolled or be intending to enrol full or part-time for a Masters or Doctoral thesis at Massey University in a topic related to ageing.
•    be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
•    Applications will be accepted from a wide range of disciplines in line with the HOPE Foundation’s philosophy of encouraging eclectic research into ageing and its effects on individuals and society.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 30 October 2016.

Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships: For NZ citizens who have completed or will complete a first or higher degree at a NZ University and are studying for a first or higher degree & will be eligible to graduate in year of application or graduated no earlier than 2011 and wish to conduct graduate study at Harvard University.
Full regulations are available from

and online applications are available from :

Once you apply, the University and your named referees are contacted to provide relevant information.  You must allow both the Scholarships Office and your referees time to complete these actions before the closing date.

Applications close 1 November 2016.

New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association Scholarship: One scholarship will be offered annually to a full-time student studying at either Massey University or Lincoln University. Massey University applicants for the scholarship will be in their second year of study towards a Bachelors degree relevant to the grain and seed industry. The scholarship is valued at $5,000.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 1 November 2016.

The Chevening Scholarship: Open to NZ citizens wishing to study a one year Masters degree at any British University who are established or emerging future leaders in their field.

The Scholarship provides full funding for a one year Master's degree in any subject at any of the UK's leading Universities. In addition to university fees, the scholarship also includes a monthly stipend, travel costs to and from the UK, study materials allowance, and the cost of a visa application.

Full regulations is available from:

The online application is available from :

Applications close 3 November 2016.

Fletcher Construction Bursaries: For students who are NZ citizens or permanent residents studying full time at the MU Wellington campus and who have completed year 2 of the BNursing or have completed year three of the Bachelor of Design (Spatial Design) and are entering their Honours year.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 30 November 2016.

Sir James Scholarship for Food Technology: Available to NZ citizens who are enrolled or intending to enrol fulltime in 2017 in the first year of the Bachelor of Food Technology (Hons) at Massey University.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 30 November 2016.

Gwen Price - Wellington Ostomy Association Student Grant: Applications are open to Wellington Campus students enrolled in the first year of the Bachelor of Nursing. Applicants must be New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents. Preference will be given to students who are receiving (or eligible to receive) the Student Loan but are not eligible to receive the Student Allowance, and who also have a record of academic success in their studies to date. Evidence of good character may also be taken into account.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 1 December 2016.

Kiwirail Undergraduate Scholarship: Open to the daughter or son of a permanent employee of KiwiRail (as at 1 December in the year of application) and be intending to enrol, or be currently enrolled, full time for a first undergraduate degree or diploma at a New Zealand university or polytechnic or college of education.
It is essential that the application process is begun well in advance of the closing date. Once you apply, the University and your named referees are contacted to provide relevant information.  You must allow both the Scholarships Office and your referees time to complete these actions before the closing date.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 1 December 2016.

Seafarers Union Scholarship: Applicants will be New Zealand citizens who are enrolled for undergraduate study at a New Zealand university. At time of application applicants should have completed at least one year of fulltime undergraduate study. 

It is essential that the application process is begun well in advance of the closing date. Once you apply, the University and your named referees are contacted to provide relevant information.  You must allow both the Scholarships Office and your referees time to complete these actions before the closing date.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 1 December 2016.

Sir Alan Stewart Postgraduate Scholarships: Available to encourage new postgraduate enrolments from other tertiary institutions and to assist Massey students to progress from undergraduate to postgraduate study. 

Candidates must: - be enrolled or be intending to enrol full-time or part-time, in the year the award is to be made, in their initial year of a first postgraduate programme*, undertaken either internally or extramurally;
- have completed an undergraduate degree at a New Zealand university;
- be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
* If you have completed a postgraduate programme at another university, you are not eligible to apply.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:

Applications close 1 December 2016.

Rotary Club of Port Nicholson Goal Setter Awards: For students undertaking a minimum of one year’s tertiary study in the Wellington / Kapiti areas, towards completion of an undergraduate or post-graduate degree. If you are already in at least your second year of tertiary education, can show a history of goal-setting and goals achievement, while contributing service to others (individuals, groups or the community at large) and doing so while having to overcome significant barriers we urge you to apply for a Goal Setter Award.

Full regulations and application forms are available from:
Applications close 2 December 2016.

NZ GAV Trust - Euan Frizzell Bursary

The purpose of the award is to support BDes/BDes(Hons) students who work predominantly in animation in their 4th year final project.

One bursary of a maximum value of $5,000 will be awarded annually and where tenable. This award may be shared amongst 2 students at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Application forms can be downloaded from

Applications close: 1 December 2016


Prime Minister's Athletes' Scholarships  

The purpose of athlete scholarships is to enable emerging and talented New Zealand athletes' to concurrently pursue tertiary and vocational qualifications while pursuing excellence in sport.

Gold Level Scholarship are available to high performance athletes who have retired or been de-carded.

The Programme supports fees up to $10,000 and a living allowance of up to $4,000 per year to successful scholarship recipients.

Online applications are available from:

Applications close: 1 December 2016


Sinclair Cummings Veterinary and Animal Sciences Scholarship  

Open to Postgraduate students at Massey Uni for the purpose of promoting and encouraging veterinary and animal science studies in NZ or overseas with preference  to be given to assistance in fields relevant to Sinclair Cumming's life occupation as a high country sheep farmer.

Application forms are available from :

Applications close: 1 December 2016


Frank Sydenham Scholarship  

For persons undertaking postgraduate study (in New Zealand or abroad) in horticulture, agriculture, forestry and related pursuits.

Applicants must:

1.             hold degrees in one of the above fields, and

2.             have attended a State Secondary School in the coastal Bay of Plenty.


Further details and application forms are available from The Trust Manager, The New Zealand Guardian Trust Co Ltd,  Box 13008, Tauranga, telephone (07) 578-2962,  Email:

Applications close: 3 December 2016


FMG Agricultural Scholarship  

Open to students intending to study agriculture full-time at either Massey University or Lincoln University entering the first year of their degree

FMG will provide two scholarships of up to $5,000 towards course fees for each year of study in one of the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture)
  • Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology
  • Bachelor of AgriScience
  • Bachelor of AgriCommerce
  • Bachelor of Science (Agriculture or Agritech)
  • Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing
  • Bachelor of Land and Property (Rural)
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (Agribusiness)


To find out more about the scholarship or to apply online, go to

Applications close: 5 December 2016


DairyNZ Scholarship  

For NZ citizens or permanent residents who are enrolled in a Bachelors degree that is Dairy related. Tuition fees to the value of $5750 are funded for up to 4 years. Recipients are also supported and mentored throughout their time at Lincoln or Massey Universities as well as being given opportunities to network with industry leaders.

Applicants must be enrolled or intending to enrol in one of the following programmes:

Bachelor of AgriScience - Agriculture

Bachelor of AgriCommerce

Bachelor of Science - Agricultural Science or Animal Science

Bachelor of Business Studies in Agribusiness

Bachelor of Applied Economics in Agricultural Economics

An application form (either in pdf or word format) is available from the DairyNZ website:

Applications close: 7 December 2016


Onion Industry Postgraduate Scholarship – NEW

Available to assist any suitable applicant involved in a research project that is likely to make a contribution to the NZ onion industry. Research topics of interest include: improvement in onion yields, quality and sustainable production, postharvest technologies, food safety, market access & development

The monetary value and number of scholarships awarded will be at the discretion of Onions NZ Board, but at least one award of between $5,000 and $10,000 will usually be awarded each year. The scholarships will be awarded for one year but with the possibility of renewal or extension.  The scholarship may be held jointly with other awards at the University.

Applications should include a statement describing the proposed research and the applicant's perceptions of the importance and relevance of the project, as well as a supporting statement from the applicant's supervisor/mentor.

Applications for the 2017 study award will be accepted from 2 November to 16 December 2016.

Applications can be obtained from the Executive Secretary, Onions New Zealand Inc, P O Box 10232, Wellington 6143 or email


Peter Turner Scholarship in Documentary Photography – NEW

Open to NZ & Australian citizens enrolling for full-time study leading to the Degree of Master of Fine Arts in Photography.  Applicants need to be enrolling in the area of contemporary documentary photography. 

One Scholarship shall be awarded each academic year to the value of $5,000.

The award will be made to the highest quality Masters Project proposal, accompanied by a digital portfolio of photographic work, and a statement about how their work relates to and expands a contemporary understanding of documentary photography. 

Applications close: 16 December 2016


James Bull Agricultural Scholarship - NEW

For students entering their first year of study in the Agriculture field at Massey University who are resident within the Manawatu, Wanganui, Rangitikei, Horowhenua, Palmerston North and Ruapehu, Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay districts.

The scholarship shall be awarded for amount of $5000.00 per annum for a total of three consecutive years

Applications close: 16 December 2016


Murray King Memorial Scholarship – NEW

For students from the Wairarapa enrolling in a degree with particular emphasis on, but is not exclusive to, soil conservation, soil and land management, indigenous forest management, and conservation management. The award is for up to $2000.00

Applications close: 31 December 2016


Putaruru Veterinary Club Education Trust - NEW

Applicants must have resided for at least five years in Putaruru, Tirau, Tokoroa, Mangakino, Whakamaru, Tirohanga, Waihaha, and Atiamuri in the geographical area serviced by the former Putaruru Veterinary Club and be studying veterinary science, agriculture or areas of study that benefit farming.

The Trust has significant funds for allocation. The sum allocated to each applicant is determined 

by the Trust Board.

Applications are accepted bi-annually and close 30 June and 31 December each year.

Community of Science Funding Opportunities: A variety of different types of funding are available for students from all disciplines and at all levels of study. Visit for details and closing dates.

Global Scholarships: Information about scholarships available across the Globe. All disciplines and at all levels of study. Visit: for details and closing dates.

US Loans now available for students pursuing a degree in the USA no matter where you are from. For further information, visit

Study Abroad Opportunities: Over 600 scholarships from 150 Universities from around the world.

Scholarship Funding opportunities: PhD  funding - Masters funding - Postgraduate Funding -

Scholarships Closing  September/ October / November 2016: full information about these scholarships can be found on  

Please Note – While every effort is made to ensure closing dates are correct, they are subject to change at any time. The website is updated upon notification of change.


QEII National Trust Brian Molloy Doctoral Research Scholarship – 12 October 2016  

Murray Jessen Scholarship - 14 October 2016

Child Injury Prevention Foundation of New Zealand - Summer Research Scholarships – 14 October 2016

Auckland A & P Association Bursary - 15 October 2016

Edna Joyce Howe Scholarship - 15 October 2016

German DAAD Awards – EXTENDED to 15 October 2016  

Grants-in-Aid of Research Programmes - 15 October 2016

Marcus Kitt/ Colliers International Bursary - 15 October 2016

Enderby Trust Scholarships – 17 October 2016 -

Cassidy Construction Scholarship - 18 October 2016

K A North Scholarship – 21 October 2016 -

Elsie and Laura Lehmann Trust - end October each year

Ballance Agri-Nutrients Scholarship – 30 October 2016  

HOPE -Selwyn Foundation Scholarships in Ageing Research – 30 October 2016

Annie Rumble Trust - 31 October 2016

Ann Sinclair Charitable Trust - 31 October 2016

Asia New Zealand Foundation: Postgraduate Research Grants – 31 October 2016

Counties Kiwifruit Growers ASB Study Grant - 31 October 2016               

Digital Marketing Scholarship - 31 October 2016

Mary Adeline Allen Scholarship - 31 October 2016

Milford Community Charitable Trust  - 31 October 2016

Mr M & Mrs T Olechnowicz Scholarship - 31 October 2016

NZ Biosecurity Institute Study Awards - 31 October 2016

Peace & Disarmament Education Trust (PADET) Scholarship - 31 October 2016

Rewi Alley Scholarship in Modern Chinese Studies - 31 October 2016

Rosemary Seymour Award - 31 October 2016

Rural Communities Trust - 31 October 2016



Edith Wheal Scholarship – 1 November 2016

Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships - 1 November 2016

The Electoral Commission Suffrage Scholarships - 1 November 2016

Hawkes Bay Fruitgrowers' Association Charitable Trust Horticultural Scholarship - 1 November 2016

Lord Rutherford Memorial Research Fellowship - 1 November 2016

NZ Horticultural Science Advancement Trust Awards - 1 November 2016

New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association Scholarship - 1 November 2016

Massey University Elite Sports Bursaries - 1 November 2016

The Chevening Scholarship - 3 November 2016

Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowships for Women – 15 November 2016  

David Levene Foundation Bursaries – 15 November 2016

J E Prestidge Scholarship - mid November each year

Sasakawa Fellowship Fund for Japanese Language - Teacher Trainee Scholarship – 15 November 2016

Robert Gibson Methodist Trust Board Bursaries & Student Grants – 20 November 2016

John R.Templin Scholarship – 21 November 2016

Property Institute of New Zealand Postgraduate Scholarship – 22 November 2016

Awarua Trust – 28 November 2016

Doris Elizabeth Geraldine Swadling Award - end November each yr

Clark Fletcher Memorial Citrus Bursary - 30 November 2016

F W W Rhodes Memorial Scholarship - 30 November 2016

Fletcher Construction Bursaries - 30 November 2016

Glad McArthur Horticultural Scholarship - 30 November 2016

Loman Friedlander Award - 30 November 2016

Sir James Scholarship for Food Technology - 30 November 2016

Massey University Statistics Scholarship – 30 November 2016

The For Better Initiative English and Foundation Pathways Bursary Award – 30 November 2016  

UNDP Human Development Academic Fellowship for Asia Pacific – 30 November 2016



Hong Kong PhD Fellowship 1-December 2016

Kauri Museum Mervyn Sterling Memorial Scholarships 1-December 2016

Kitchener Memorial Scholarship 1-December 2016

Kiwirail Undergraduate Scholarship 1-December 2016

Massey University Elite Sports World Travel Award 1-December 2016

NZ GAV Trust - Euan Frizzell Bursary 1-December 2016

Prime Minister's Athletes' Scholarships 1-December 2016

Seafarers Union Scholarship 1-December 2016

Sir Alan Stewart Postgraduate Scholarships 1-December 2016

Sinclair Cummings Veterinary and Animal Sciences Scholarship 1-December 2016

Winton A&P Research Farm Scholarship 1-December 2016

Rotary Club of Port Nicholson Goal Setter Awards 2-December 2016

Teach NZ 2-December 2016

Frank Sydenham Scholarship 3-December 2016

FMG Agricultural Scholarship 5-December 2016

Hugh Williams Ravensdown Memorial Scholarship 4-December 2016

Massey University Bachelor of Commercial Music Scholarship  4 December 2016

BRANZ Building Research Scholarships 6 December 2016

DairyNZ Scholarship 7-December 2016

Southland Coastal Heritage Inventory Project Scholarship 10-December 2016

The Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust Postgraduate Diploma Award - 12 Dec 2016

Onion Industry Postgraduate Scholarship - 16 Dec 2016 NEW

Pumanawa - Ngai Tahu Property Scholarship - 18 Dec 2016 NEW

The Peter Turner Scholarship in Documentary Photography - 15-Dec NEW

James Bull  Agricultural Scholarship - 18-Dec NEW

Business and Professional Women - Hibiscus Coast - 31-Dec NEW

Murray King Memorial Scholarship - 31-Dec NEW

Putaruru Veterinary Club Education Trust - 31 Dec NEW

The New Zealand-France Friendship Fund Excellence Scholarship - 31 Dec NEW




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