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Closing date: 29/04/2018   

Mission Statement
Investing in education will ensure that future generations of Arai Matawai Incorporation will be able to namage and develop the land assets and resources, thereby establishing our own self-determination, growth and autonomy in the future.

To provide financial assistance for the scholarship holders to undertake tertiary education. Preference will be given to the following disciplines:
Agricultural Science
Horticultural Science
Management with Science i.e. Agricommerce

To give the opportunity for Arai Matawai Incorporation to be managed and serviced by its own professional staff in the future.

The future development of the Arai Matawai Incorporation will require expertise and skill in all facets of its operation. Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 encourages not only the ongoing development of land utilistation including horticulture, but also commercial development.

This trend opens up new directions and possibilities in the future. Specialist knowledge and skills will be required. More complex management roles will be essential.

That the Arai Matawai Incorporation Board is the legal authority in determining the regulations pertaining to the scholarship.

That the scholarship be entitled ‘the Arai Matawai Toitu Scholarship’.

The Interview panel referred to in Ruling Policies will select the successful appointee or appointees in any one year to be recommended to the Board of Management for the Award of the Scholarship each year.

That the office of registration be:
BDO Gisborne Limited
1 Peel Street
P O Box 169
Gisborne 4040
Telephone: 06 869 1400
Fax: 06 867 8533

Or any other address that will be the office of the Arai Matawai Incorporation in future years.

That the Arai Matawai Incorporation Board reserve the right to grant, suspend, withdraw or terminate any funds allocated in any year for any reason it sees fit.

Up to 2 scholarships per year will be offered by Arai Matawai Incorporation Board.

The value of the scholarship will be $2,000 per scholarship.

Ruling Policies
That the interview panel be comprised of three people selected by the Board of the Arai Matawai Incorporation.

That all applications be received in January each year.

That suitable applicants be interviewed in February of the year in which study is to commence.

That applicants forward with their application full curriculum vitae and the names of two referees.

That the applicants meet all criteria as set out in the Conditions.

The applicant be a shareholder, or children or grandchildren of a shareholder in Arai Matawai Incorporation. Members of Whanau Trusts that can show how they whakapapa back to Arai Matawai shareholders are also eligible.

Only applicants undertaking full time tertiary study will be considered.

The scholarship will be awarded each year for undergraduate or postgraduate study.

The scholarship can be terminated at the discretion of the Management Board if for any reason the Board are no longer satisfied the scholarship holder is entitled. E.g. no longer studying full time, changed course, or 20% of papers taken in the year failed.

Preference will be given to applicants who in their application can show how Arai Matawai will benefit from their study (e.g. research paper on how to add value to Arai Matawai’s agribusiness).

The scholarship will be offered for one year.

The scholarship will be advertised in the Gisborne Herald seeking applications.

On completion of the year of full time study the academic transcript is to be provided to the office. The Scholarship will be paid if the scholarship holder has passed a minimum of 80% of the papers taken in a full time study year. The Board will exercise the sole discretion on this matter.

Scholarships for successful students will be paid as directed by the student.

A previous scholarship holder is not disqualified from applying for a new scholarship. The must however, complete the necessary application forms again to be considered.

Application cannot be accepted before 29/01/2018.

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