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Closing date: 31/12/2018   

The College of Health is allocated a certain number of scholarships each year by Massey University.

The College procedure determines that prospective students together with the supervisors apply to the College of Health Research Committee who will assess the applications and make recommendations. Once a scholarship is allocated to the student and supervisor by the College Committee, a further application is required to the Massey Scholarships committee.

The round for scholarships for students who intend to start in 2018 will open on the 21st of August and close on 18 September 2017. Students who are interested in studying with a specific supervisor in the College of Health are advised to contact the specific person.

Various criteria are taken into consideration by the Research Committee which include:

i) the combined experience and quality of the supervisory team, for example, the number of successfully completed PhD students supervised by each supervisor as well as inclusion of early career staff;
ii) the quality and feasibility of the research project;
iii) available funding for the project;
iv) and the calibre of the student

Further information is available from:
Professor Marlena Kruger, Associate Dean: Higher Degree Research, College of Health. Please email Marlena Kruger at

Please Note: All domestic applicants for the Massey University Doctoral Scholarships are also considered for the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships. The Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships are awarded to the top domestic students based on academic rankings. The Vice-Chancellor's Doctoral Scholarships are awarded by the Scholarships Committee in October each year to domestic doctoral recipients who start their scholarship within the funding year.

1. Purpose
Doctoral Scholarships and Doctoral Scholarships for Maori are offered for the purpose of encouraging postgraduate research at Massey University. They open to domestic and international students and are awarded on academic rankings. Doctoral scholarships are offered through the Colleges and are aligned with research priorities of the University.

1.1 Up to 10 Vice-Chancellor's Doctoral Scholarships are offered each year to domestic students.

1.2 The number of Doctoral Scholarships offered each year is determined by the University.

1.3 The number of Doctoral Scholarship for Maori students offered each year is determined by the University.

1.4 The proportion of scholarships awarded to International applicants have an upper limit of about 40%. The normal balance would be 30% of the total number of scholarships awarded in any year.

The awarding of any Doctoral Scholarship is discretionary and is dependent on funding.

2. Eligibility
The Doctoral Scholarships are open to those enrolled or eligible to enrol full-time for a research paper of 120 credits during a 12-month period towards a Doctoral degree at Massey University. A full-time candidate is expected to work 40-50 hours per week on their Doctoral qualification. Part-time applicants are not eligible. Applicants already holding a PhD or other research-based doctoral degree are not eligible to apply. Applicants who are completing an Honours’ or Master’s thesis or research report must be due to submit before they apply for the Doctoral Scholarship.

Consideration is normally given to students with a GPA of 7.5 or better (on a 9point scale). This is above an average grade of A-.

3. Term
Every Doctoral Scholarship shall be tenable at Massey University for up to a maximum period of 36 months devoted to full-time research. No tenure beyond 36 months will be permitted. No retrospective payments will be permitted unless approval into the Doctoral programme was delayed for reasons beyond the applicant's control.

4. Tenure
The tenure of the Doctoral Scholarships shall commence within the current year. No deferrals beyond these dates are permitted, except in exceptional circumstances, with written approval from the Chair of the Scholarships Committee.

5. Programme of Research
Except as otherwise provided in these regulations, every applicant shall, during the tenure of the Doctoral Scholarship, be enrolled as a full-time student of Massey University and shall pursue an approved programme of research approved by the Doctoral Research Committee for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or a Named Doctorate. Applicants undertaking a Named Doctoral degree are eligible to apply for the Doctoral Scholarship for tenure during the period of the research component of the degree.

6. Overseas Study
The Doctoral Research Committee, at its absolute discretion, may permit an applicant to pursue part of the approved programme of research at a university or other approved institution overseas. Applications for overseas research must be made by the applicant to the Doctoral Research Committee and be supported by the applicant's supervisory panel. Payments to applicants who proceed overseas will be made in New Zealand currency into a New Zealand bank account.

7. Value
7.1 Doctoral Scholarships
The value of the Doctoral Scholarship shall be $25,000 per annum to a maximum of 3 years. Recipients are responsible for the payment of their fees.

7.2 Vice Chancellor's Doctoral Scholarship
The value of the Vice-Chancellor's Doctoral Scholarship shall be $28,000 per annum for a maximum of 3 years. Recipients are responsible for the payment of their fees.

The Scholarships Committee may reduce the value or amend the terms and conditions of a Doctoral Scholarship to meet the circumstances of individual applicants.

8. Payments
Payments will be made at the end of each calendar month and will commence the next month following provisional registration by the Doctoral Research Committee. No payment will be made to an applicant whose enrolment and attendance have not been confirmed by Massey University. Recipients who have already commenced their PhD studies should note that the scholarship will not be backdated.

9. Conditions of Study
9.1 All applicants are required to engage in full-time study in their approved programme of research.

9.2 Applicants must advise both the Doctoral Research Committee and Scholarships Committee of the applicant's intention to cease active involvement in full-time study, or convert to part-time study in the approved programme of research.

9.3 No Doctoral Scholarship payments will be made to applicants if, for whatever reason, the applicant is not actively involved full-time in the approved programme of research.

9.4 The applicant shall repay Massey University for any Doctoral Scholarship money paid to the applicant by Massey University subsequent to the date the applicant, for whatever reason, ceases to be actively involved in full-time study in the approved programme of research.

9.5 Should the applicant withdraw, for whatever reason, from the approved programme of research, Massey University may, by written notice to the applicant at the applicant's last known address, require the applicant to repay Massey University the full amount of the Doctoral Scholarship money paid to the applicant by Massey University during the tenure of the Doctoral Scholarship, in which case the applicant shall repay Massey University such amount.

9.6 Doctoral Scholarships may be terminated or suspended at any time at the discretion of Massey University for the following reasons:

9.6.1 lack of satisfactory academic progress in the applicant's approved programme of research; or
9.6.2 breach by the applicant of any of Massey University's rules or regulations.
In such circumstances Massey University may, by written notice to the applicant at the applicant’s last known address, require the applicant to repay Massey University the full amount of the Doctoral Scholarship money paid to the applicant and in which case the applicant shall repay Massey University such amount.

9.7 Funding for years 2 and 3 may be subject to a report from the College following the applicant's confirmation of the PhD event.

10. Co-tenure
Vice-Chancellor's Doctoral Scholarships and Doctoral Scholarships are tenable with any other scholarship, bursary, or other income provided for that purpose up to the value of $15,000. The Doctoral Scholarship will reduce commensurably with any other such support above $15,000.

Applications will not normally be entertained for the purposes of study from applicants on full salary. Where such applicants wish to make a case for doctoral scholarship support, their applications will require full disclosure of income with corroborating statements from the employing institution.

11. Concessions
The Scholarships Committee may, at its sole discretion, relax or modify the application of any of these regulations in any special circumstances or in order to avoid hardship to any applicant for a Doctoral Scholarship or any person in receipt of a Doctoral Scholarship.

12. Applications
In the first instance, applicants need to contact the appropriate person within the College they intend undertaking their studies in to discuss research topics available within the College. (Applicants who have already started their PhD who are considering applying must also contact the appropriate College co-ordinator). Please refer to the College of Health statement at the top of these regulations.

NOTE: Although the application is available to be downloaded, please DO NOT send UNSOLICITED applications. Students will be invited to complete an application form if their supervisor is successful in obtaining one of the allocated scholarships.

13. Admission
An offer of a Doctoral Scholarship is not an offer of admission to Massey University, nor does it imply Massey University approval of provisional enrolment in an approved programme of research for a doctoral programme.

14. International Applicants
International applicants must apply for admission to Massey University on a separate application form available from the International Office, Private Bag 11-222, Palmerston North, New Zealand. (Note: admission to the University and admission to the doctoral programme are two separate processes).

PLEASE NOTE: Scholarship applications cannot be accepted until such time as the international applicant has applied for admission to the University and obtained a Massey University student ID.

All successful applicants must also apply for provisional registration through the Doctoral Research Office before Doctoral Scholarship payments commence.

All successful international students will be required to return a signed acceptance of the Offer of Place and pay the total fees due before the International Office can issue a confirmed offer of place.

Footnote: GPA calculations:
GPA scores are calculated in New Zealand using a nine point scale. This scale runs from 9 for an A+ grade, 8 for an A grade, 7 for an A- grade and so on down to 1 for a C- or R grade.

GPA scores are calculated for applicants for Massey University Doctoral Scholarships using grades from their qualifying postgraduate course of study (e.g. Honours or Master courses, or any other relevant Postgraduate study).

GPA scores for international students are calculated in the same way as scores are calculated for domestic students. The calculation of GPA scores takes into account the characteristics of the grading system for degrees from each country. The calculation converts grades from overseas into numbers that are used in the New Zealand nine point GPA scale.

Applications may be downloaded and completed, or completed on-line. Applications MUST be on the official application form, applications submitted on modified forms will NOT be accepted.

All applications are acknowledged by email.

Application cannot be accepted before 30/09/2018.

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