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Closing date: 31/12/2019   

The intern scholarship is open to students who are eligible to enrol into the internship year of either the Master of Clinical Psychology or Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Applicants will normally be enrolled in the respective programme at the campus for which the scholarship is to be awarded. An appropriate amount of relevant practical experience and/or completed an appropriate level of practicum work related to the course of study. For both DClinPsych and MClinPsych students this will involve between 360-500 hours of clinical practicum work. DClin students need to have made satisfactory progress on the thesis component of their qualification.

2.1 Successful applicants will have an excellent academic record in Psychology demonstrated by their academic record prior to selection for their professional training qualification and sustained high performance during the pre-internship components of their qualification.
2.2 Successful applicants will have already shown exceptional potential for working with clients demonstrated by their performance in the practical components of their qualification.
2.3In addition, successful applicants must have demonstrated an ability to work in a team setting, high level of oral and written communication skills and the capacity to receive and apply feedback.
The successful applicant will be awarded a scholarship of 44 weeks that will enable them to undertake their intern training at a Psychology Clinic full-time. Within the length of appointment the candidate will have the opportunity to complete the full hours (1,500 hours) required for internship registration by arrangement with the Clinic Director. Start and end dates and weekly commitments will be negotiated with the successful applicant to ensure this requirement is fulfilled.

The intern scholarship will be to the value of $35,000. The onus is on the student to pay all tuition fees associated with their enrolment.

Payments will be made on a monthly basis over the course of 44 weeks.

6.Performance standards
The successful applicant (intern) will enrol in, and satisfactorily undertake study towards a DClinPsych or MClinPsych and will provide clinical psychology services to clients under the supervision of qualified staff. The intern will
-Provide psychological assessment and interventions.
-Liaise and consult with supervisors regularly.
-Attend weekly case management meetings.
-Contribute as required to the day-to-day running of the clinic.
-Bring a cultural awareness to his/her work.
-Undertake administrative duties associated with the Clinic activities including maintenance of professional and administrative records; production of psychological reports and letters to referral agencies.
-Comply with the University’s obligation under its Charter regarding the Treaty of Waitangi.
-Comply with the Principles and Values of the NZ Psychologists Board Code of Ethics

The scholarship will conclude after 44 weeks and after the intern has completed 1500hrs required for registration.

The scholarship may be terminated at any time at the discretion of Massey University for the following reasons:

-Lack of satisfactory academic progress in the applicant’s programme of study
-Failure to meet performance standards
-Breach by the applicant of any of rules and regulations of Massey University
-Breach by the applicant of any of the Principles and Values in the NZ Psychologists Board Code of Ethics.

Should termination be required, the applicant will be given written notice by the Head of School, Psychology.

Applicants are welcome to contact the Clinic Director for more information regarding the scholarship available. Applications should include a letter of application, an up to date CV and the names and contact details of three referees. Applications are submitted to the School of Psychology Head of School Office Manager in early November for internship the following year.

Application cannot be accepted before 30/09/2019.

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