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Closing date: 31/07/2018   

GWNZ Fellowships are intended to provide assistance to women post graduate students who wish to further their study, especially at doctoral level. In exceptional circumstances, awards are made at masters level especially for study at esteemed overseas universities. Candidates for this award must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of at least five years immediately prior to applying for the Fellowship.

The field of study is unrestricted but in awarding the Fellowships, the selection panel will give consideration to the aims of GWI to: (i) provide international understanding and friendship; (ii) to further the value of education; and (iii) to encourage participation in public life as well as the goals of GWNZ. For more information about our international organisation go to and our national organisation The selection panel will also assess the value of the research to New Zealand and New Zealanders.

For successful applicants, the value of the Fellowship will be in the range of $5,000 - $20,000. The Fellowship must be taken up within one year of being offered. The Fellowship is normally paid in two instalments, the first in February if the Fellow is studying at a southern hemisphere tertiary institution or in September if studying in the northern hemisphere. The first instalment requires proof of the Fellow's confirmation into their course; the second will be paid following receipt of their mid-term report suitable for publication within the GWNZ Newsletter. Successful candidates will be known as Graduate Women New Zealand and will be granted honorary membership of GWNZ during the tenure of the Fellowship.

There is an expectation that successful candidates will continue to support and promote the work of GWNZ and GWI.

1. Applicants may access their online application form on this website on many occasions but must submit their application by 5.00pm on 31 July. We suggest you type your application in Word and transfer into your online application form.

2. Please request two people who know your academic work well to provide a Referees' Report for you. Please refer your referees to the three goals of GWI in paragraph two of the More Info section of this site. The Referees' Reports must be on the letterhead of each referee's institution and be signed with a written or electronic signature then uploaded as a PDF into your application.

This can be done by your referees providing their reports to you to upload or by you providing the referee with a copy of your application access number. Failure to have one or both of the Referees' Reports in your online application will render your application invalid.

3. Successful applicants (termed GWNZ Fellows) must provide permission for the use of their photo and a written report suitable for publication in the monthly GWNZ Newsletter and website; as well as in use for other publicity about GWNZ awards and scholarships.

4. Scanned documents must be uploaded in PDF format.

Online applications close on 31 July each year.

Application cannot be accepted before 30/04/2018.

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