Environmental management research

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Our research integrates physical and biological sciences to address environmental issues.

Our expertise

Ecosystem services

Ecosystem services examine how species interact to complete their life cycles:  i.e., pollination, predation, seed dispersal, decomposition, and nutrient and energy cycling.

Environmental management

Environmental Management centres upon society’s impact on the environment and the management choices available to reduce or mitigate this impact. Given the interconnectivity between living species and their habitats, environment management decisions address both living and non-living elements of the biophysical environment.

Our research contributes to economic, social and cultural advancement through collaborative arrangements, innovative research and technology transfer.

Sustainability and systems ecology

We study the interactions between ecological systems and economic activity, and the exchange of energy and matter between ecosystems and their environments. Applications include sustainability assessment and energy and carbon accounting. The NZ Life Cycle Management Centre provides education, training and research to life cycle management professionals to meet consumer demand for green products. 

Freshwater ecosystem management and modelling

We apply research in theoretical ecology and ecological modelling to freshwater ecosystem management, conservation and bioassessment. Massey's Centre for Freshwater Ecosystem Management and Modelling (FEMM) draws together relevant research skills. Massey’s Innovative River Solutions research centre unites skills in physical geography, ecology, hydrology, soil science, and Geographic Information Systems to solve water-management issues.

Working with iwi on water quality

Dr Jonathan Procter (Muaupoko, Ngai Tahu) is relating mātauranga Māori and water-quality baselines from a Māori perspective to scientific targets and management. Māori values help inform biophysical models.

Waste research

Massey’s Zero Waste Academy facilitates research and development with Palmerston North City Council and the waste and recycling industry.


  • Prof Chris Anderson

    Prof Chris Anderson

    Professor in Environmental Science - School of Agriculture


  • Jonathan Hannon

    Jonathan Hannon

    Zero Waste Coordinator - School of Agriculture


  • Prof John Holland

    Prof John Holland

    Professor in Environment Management - School of Agriculture


  • Dr Karen Hytten

    Dr Karen Hytten

    Lecturer in Environmental Management - School of Agriculture


  • Prof Sarah McLaren

    Prof Sarah McLaren

    Professor of Life Cycle Management - School of Agriculture


  • Prof Diane Pearson

    Prof Diane Pearson

    Professor in Environmental Management - School of Agriculture


  • Associate Professor Bob Stewart

    Associate Professor Bob Stewart

    Associate Professor - School of Agriculture


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