Bachelor of Science (Nanoscience) (BSc(Nanosci))

Key facts

  • Major and minor available at Manawatū
  • Available for international students studying in NZ
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Join the only nanoscience degree in New Zealand

Nanoscience is creating revolutionary new products and processes in a huge range of industries. The Massey Bachelor of Science (Nanoscience) is New Zealand’s only degree in nanoscience.

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What is it like?

If you would like to be involved in a field at the cutting edge of physics, chemistry and biology then the nanoscience major is for you.

A tiny revolution

A revolution is occurring in science and technology. A tiny revolution based on the recently developed ability to measure, manipulate, and organise matter on the nanoscale: 1 to 100 billionths of a meter. At the nanoscale, physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and engineering converge toward the same principles and tools. As a result, progress in nanoscience is having a very far-reaching impact.

Unique in New Zealand

Our nanoscience programme is the only one of its kind in New Zealand. It’s an inherently cutting edge multidisciplinary programme that sits across chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and engineering. As a student you’ll have close interactions with your lecturers and get to use tools and equipment like atomic force microscopes that most undergraduates wouldn’t normally use.

Study what you want

Each nanoscience student has their degree tailor-made to suits their interest and goals. For example, you might combine it with an area like agriculture or ecology if you want to work on environmental solutions. Or you may combine with an area of fundamental science to focus on the chemical and physical properties of modern nanoscience materials.

Solving the big issues

From climate change and water quality, to new and improved cures for diseases, nanoscience is working towards solutions to the big issues the world faces today.

Massey’s Bachelor of Science (Nanoscience) will provide you with a modern, interdisciplinary approach to science, with a multitude of career opportunities. You’ll be at the exciting, cutting edge of the physical and biological sciences.

Earn more

A Ministry of Education report, undertaken over nine years, showed that those who complete a qualification in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics field of study have high relative earnings after they complete their study. Earnings can be substantially more than other graduates.


Areas you will study include:

  • New phenomena at the nanoscale
  • Characterising nanoscale objects
  • Nanochemistry
  • Self-assembling nanomaterials
  • Nanostructures in biological systems
  • Ethical and environmental aspects of nanoscale materials
  • Quantum properties of nanoscale systems
  • Scanning probe microscopy
  • Nanotubes and quantum dots
  • Energy storage
  • Lasers
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Cancer treatments

Gain the fundamentals - and more

The Bachelor of Science (Nanoscience) provides you with a solid foundation in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology, before going on to study the principles of nanoscience. Your emphasis could be either the chemical and physical properties of modern nanoscale materials or on biological macromolecules and nanostructures in biological systems, or some other combination.

It is a fascinating, ever-changing area.You will discover the amazing new properties of matter that emerge at the nanoscale and the many challenges in fabricating, measuring and understanding matter at this scale.


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A good fit if you:

  • Enjoy a broad range of sciences
  • Have thought about a career combining science and commerce
  • Would like to have a career at the cutting edge of science
  • Enjoy figuring out how things work
  • Like to explore how scientific theories explain the world around us
  • Are interested in creating new materials and technologies


As nanoscience makes a greater impact in our future society, nanoscience graduates will have an opportunity to be marketplace pioneers.

Law firms, business ventures, startup companies, the media, investment banks, hospitals and government organisations will all need people with expertise in nanoscience. Existing research organisations globally have stated a desire for graduates with interdisciplinary expertise like that gained in the nanoscience major.

Any career opportunities applicable to chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology are also applicable to you as a graduate in nanoscience.

Join the engine of the new New Zealand
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