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Evolutionary Ecology & Genetics

Lara Shepherd

The overarching theme of my research is elucidating the evolution of New Zealand’s biota. I have worked on both plants and birds.

Research Interests:

  • Domestication and translocation of native New Zealand plants. We are using DNA data to investigate the domestication by Maori of four endemic New Zealand plant species (karaka, whau, rengarenga and coastal kowhai). The aims of this research are to determine the number of times and location where each species was brought into cultivation and the way in which domestication has shaped genetic diversity in the cultivated populations. A further aim is to infer pre-European Māori settlement routes and mobility

Collaborators - Robin Atherton, Simon Cox (Massey University students), Peter Lockhart, Nick Roskruge (Massey University) and Peter de Lange (DOC).

  • Hybridization and its effect on phylogenetic reconstruction. We are developing a multi-locus dataset for the hybridizing genus Pseudopanax using next-generation sequencing.

Collaborators - Josie Monaghan, Josh Collins (Massey University students), Leon Perrie (Te Papa), Kathi Huber, Vince Moulton (University of East Anglia), Barbara Holland (University of Tasmania),

  • Phylogeography, phylogeny and biogeography.

Collaborators - ferns: Leon Perrie and Patrick Brownsey (Te Papa), Mike Bayly (University of Melbourne), John Thomson (University of Sydney), Barbara Parris (Fern Research Foundation); kowhai: Peter Heenan (Landcare Research), Peter de Lange (DOC), Pseudopanax: Leon Perrie (Te Papa); kiwi: Trevor Worthy (University of New South Wales), Alan Tennyson (Te Papa), Paul Scofield (Canterbury Museum), Kristina Ramstad (Victoria University of Welllington); weka: Steve Pilkington and Steve Trewick (Massey University)

  • Barcoding and community ecology on Little Barrier Island.

Collaborators: Ben Myles, Jon Waters (University of Otago) and Alexei Drummond (University of Auckland)

Pseudopanax lessoniiLara collecting Pseudopanax lessonii samples at Surville 5109


Sophora tetrapteraLara collecting Sophora tetraptera samples on Wakarara Road


Entelea arborescens

Entelea arborescens

Selected Publications:

Shepherd LD and Perrie LR (in press) Microsatellite DNA analyses of a highly disjunct New Zealand tree reveal strong differentiation and imply a formerly more continuous distribution. Molecular Ecology

Shepherd LD, McLay TGB. (2011) Two micro-scale protocols for the isolation of DNA from polysaccharide-rich plant tissue. Journal of Plant Research 24: 311-314.

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