Soil animals exist. I like soil animals. They respire too little. Ergo, they must CONTROL something! - Andrén et al., App. Soil Ecol., vol. 11, p. 177.

Soil Ecology and Biodiversity

Last updated: August 17, 2011

I'm interested in most projects that involve terrestrial invertebrates. Soil invertebrates, especially, provide a great study subject – they are present in most habitats, often in high densities, and the methods of their collection are well developed. Here in Ecology Group we have excellent facilities for studying these animals. Examples of projects include: soil communities and ecosystem function; impacts of land management practices on soil invertebrate biodiversity; ecology of threatened NZ invertebrates; discovery and description of new species; ecological patterns in relation to abiotic gradients.

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Tags: Invertebrate zoology, Soil Ecology, Biodiversity