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Volume 25, Number 2

Published: November 2021

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Volume 25, Number 2 (complete issue)

Contents page - Volume 25, Number 2


Research Papers

“We were all heartbroken”: Emotional wellbeing and healing after the 2017/2018 Manaro Voui eruptions in Ambae, Vanuatu

Rachel Clissold, Karen E. McNamara, Ross Westoby, Elizabeth Raynes & Viviane Licht Obed

Keywords: Psychological health, disaster, environmental hazard, evacuation, healing

Practice Update

Emergency sanitation challenges and opportunities following a large Wellington Fault earthquake scenario: November 2019 workshop

Matt Brenin, Carol Stewart, David Johnston, Richard Mowll, Jacqui Horswell & Liam Wotherspoon

Keywords: Emergency sanitation, Wellington Fault earthquake, public health, emergency preparedness


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