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Volume 24, Number 1

Published: June 2020

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Volume 24, Number 1 (complete issue)

Contents page - Volume 24, Number 1


Research Papers

Volunteered Geographic Information for people-centred severe weather early warning: A literature review

Sara Harrison, Sally Potter, Raj Prasanna, Emma E H Doyle & David Johnston

Keywords: early warning system, people-centred early warning system, volunteered geographic information, disaster risk reduction, severe weather

Citizen science as a catalyst for community resilience building: a two-phase tsunami case study

Emma E H Doyle, Emily Lambie, Caroline Orchiston, Julia S. Becker, Lisa McLaren, David Johnston & Graham Leonard

Keywords: tsunami, citizen science, community resilience, disasters, evacuation, warnings

Post-disaster health status of train derailment victims with posttraumatic growth

Danielle Maltais, Anne-Lise Lansard, Mathieu Roy, Mélissa Généreux, Geneviève Fortin, Jacques Cherblanc, Christiane Bergeron-Leclerc & Eve Pouliot

Keywords: technological disaster, train derailment, posttraumatic growth, post-traumatic stress disorder, post-disaster psychological health, positive effects of disaster


Research Updates

A research update on the demography and injury burden of victims of New Zealand earthquakes between 2010 and 2014

Shewa Basharati, Michael Ardagh, Joanne Deely, Nicholas Horspool David Johnston, Shirley Feldmann-Jensen, Alieke Dierckx & Martin Than

Keywords: earthquakes, sex and age, scene of injury, population exposed to shaking intensity, injury burden


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