Colleges and research centres

Massey and its Colleges undertake a wide-range of research related initiatives and host many research centres, providing staff and students with world-class infrastructure and support. Massey promotes collaborative arrangements, innovative research, technology transfer, and encourages links with national and international academic and research institutions and commercial organisations.

Our research excellence means Massey is host to two of the seven centres of research excellence (CoRE) supported by the New Zealand government, and is a partner in three of the others. Centres of research excellence were established by the government to encourage collaborative world-class research. They are primarily, but not exclusively, inter-institutional research networks, with researchers working together on a commonly agreed work programme. Each CoRE is hosted by a university and comprises a number of partner organisations including other universities, crown research institutes and wananga.

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National research centres

Allan Wilson Centre (Host Institution – Centre of Research Excellence)
The Allan Wilson Centre is an internationally prestigious research organisation focusing on the study of ecology and evolution worldwide. This is achieved through groundbreaking and internationally relevant studies using the New Zealand and Pacific biota, enabled by the latest mathematical tools and molecular technologies.

Bio-Protection Research Centre (Partner Institution – Centre of Research Excellence)
The Bio-Protection Research Centre focuses on finding new, non-pesticide and sustainable solutions to protect New Zealand's plant-based, productive ecosystems from plant pests, pathogens and weeds.

Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management
Through industry consultation the Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management formulates annual research programmes that assist in addressing critical knowledge gaps with an aim to improve current thinking in dairy farm business management and on-farm decision making.

Gravida: National Centre for Growth and Development (Partner Institution – Centre of Research Excellence)
Gravida: National Centre for Growth and Development brings together leading scientists from six partner organisations across New Zealand to address the question: what makes a healthy start to life?

Hopkirk Research Institute
Animal health is under the microscope at the Hopkirk Research Institute where we have the southern hemisphere's largest concentration of health sciences for pastoral-fed animals.

MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (Partner Institution – Centre of Research Excellence)
The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology is concerned with high quality research in materials science and nanotechnology. The Institute is a collaborative venture, encompassing the knowledge and expertise of leading researchers and research facilities from across New Zealand.

National Centre for Tertiary Education – Ako Aotearoa
Through a focus on enhancing the effectiveness of tertiary teaching and learning practices, Ako Aotearoa assists educators and organisations to enable the best possible educational outcomes for all learners.

Riddet Institute (Host Institution – Centre of Research Excellence)
The Riddet Institute is carrying out fundamental research that will underpin the next generation of innovative foods targeting heath and wellness. It is engaged in discovery-based scientific research into the structure and behaviour of complex food systems and how these interact with the consumer to influence quality of life.

University and College Research Centres

Affective Design Research, Centre for
The Centre for Affective Design Research focuses on creating desirable, meaningful and appropriate experiences through theoretical and applied design research projects.

Agribusiness, Policy and Strategy, Centre for
The Centre for Agribusiness, Policy and Strategy researches national and international developments of significance to New Zealand’s agricultural sector along with appropriate domestic responses, and to promote discussion on such issues.

Animal Welfare Science and Bioethics Centre
The Massey University Centre for practical, science-based and ethical advice, education and solution to animal welfare problems and for bioethical analysis and education.

Biochar Research Centre
The NZBRC aims to advance the understanding of biochar for mitigating global climate change and to enable its use in New Zealand, particularly by agricultural and forestry sectors.

Ecological Economics Research New Zealand
Ecological Economics investigates the complementary use of Natural, Built, Social, and Human Capital as the building blocks and production factors required for sustainable societies at multiple scales.

Energy Research, Centre for
The Centre for Energy Research aims to enhance knowledge in the field of sustainable energy supply, utilisation, efficient management and policy advice through research and development of particular relevance to New Zealand, and to facilitate technology transfer by establishing an interface with industry.

Ergonomics, Occupational Safety and Health, Centre for
The Centre for Ergonomics, Occupational Safety and Health synergises the University’s expertise in the fields of ergonomics and occupational safety and health.

Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre
The Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre actively promotes research on production and environmental issues associated with primary production systems and has strong links with industry and other science providers through research contracts and collaborative projects.

Inclusive Education, Centre of Excellence for Research in
The overall aim of the Centre of Excellence for Research in Inclusive Education is to research issues relating to Inclusive Education. The outcomes of the research are intended to increase meaningful participation in learning and reduce exclusion of diverse learners.

Infectious Disease Research Centre
The Infectious Disease Research Centre is an interdisciplinary, infectious disease research hub hosted by Massey University, New Zealand. The team comprises prominent scientists who are engaged in both applied research concerning multihost pathogens and fundamental research regarding pathogen evolution and disease emergence.

Horticulture and Food Enterprise, Joint Centre for
This graduate school aims to play an important part in developing and progressing research initiatives that deliver New Zealand’s export growth targets in agriculture and food.

Disaster Research, Joint Centre for
The Centre, a joint venture with GNS Science, undertakes multi-disciplinary applied teaching and research aimed at understanding the impacts of disasters on communities, improving risk management and enhancing community preparedness, response and recovery from various hazard events.

Mathematics in Industry, Centre for
The Centre for Maths in Industry seeks to develop strategic partnerships with commercial and not-for-profit organisations from the health, engineering, processing, agricultural, biological, environmental, financial and manufacturing sectors, with a means to take specific problems and formulate mathematical solutions.

MU Epicentre

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre, New Zealand
Dedicated to providing a hub for interdisciplinary, academic research in social innovation and entrepreneurship. The purpose of the Centre is to conduct, support and disseminate research that contributes to advancing social innovation and entrepreneurship in New Zealand and internationally.

Mathematics Education, Centre of Excellence for Research in
The Centre of Excellence for Research in Mathematics Education provides a recognisable identity for current activities, and a unifying focus and support for research endeavours, across the sectors from Early Childhood to Tertiary education. The Centre is committed to maximising access to and empowerment with mathematics.

NZ Lifecycle Management Centre
The NZ Life Cycle Management Centre is a collaboration between Massey University, AgResearch, Landcare Research, Plant & Food Research and SCION to build capability in Life Cycle Management by providing education, training and research to LCM professionals to meet increasing consumer demand for green metrics on products.

Post-harvest and Refrigeration Research, Centre for
The Centre for Postharvest and Refrigeration Research at Massey University was established in recognition of the inter-disciplinary nature of the postharvest sector. Efficient management of the process of storing, transporting and marketing perishable goods requires the combined efforts of biologists, technologists, engineers, supply chain analysts and marketers.

Precision Agriculture, Centre for
The New Zealand Centre for Precision Agriculture (NZCPA) is dedicated to creating practical land management solutions through the use of precision technology tools. The centre encompasses an array of experts in leading edge agriculture, horticulture, and resource management technologies.

Public Health Research, Centre for
The mission of the Centre for Public Health Research is to provide high quality training and conduct world-class research in epidemiology and public health. The broad aims of the Centre are to prevent disease and promote and protect health and wellbeing of populations, communities and individuals.

Public Policy Evaluation, Centre for
Massey’s increasing research effort in the general area of public policy evaluation. The centre’s focus is on inter-disciplinary research with an emphasis on the application of economics in this wider context.

Research Centre for Maori Health and Development
Te Pümanawa Hauora (TPH) is the Mäori Health Research Programme within the Research Centre for Maori Health & Development, with researchers focusing on Maori Health Research.

Research in Analogue and VLSI Microsystem Design, Centre for
The Centre for Research in Analogue and VLSI Microsystem Design is involved in the design and implementation of Analogue, Digital, RF and Mixed-signal VLSI circuits & systems. Applications in wireless and wire-line communication as well as signal processing are being developed. Micro and nano-scale semiconductor process technologies ranging from 0.35µm to 90nm CMOS process technologies are being investegated for various VLSI System-On-Chip Implementations.

Retail: Centre for Advanced Retail Studies (CARS)
The Centre for Advanced Retail Studies (CARS) is the only research centre in New Zealand focused on this exciting, diverse, dynamic and growing industry. We are defining retail research and business engagement in New Zealand.

Sleep/Wake Research Centre
The Sleep/Wake Research Centre conducts multi-disciplinary research to increase scientific knowledge to improve health, performance, safety and well-being through a programme of basic and applied research with an integrated approach to sleep and waking function.

Social and Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation
The Social and Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation Centre is a multi-disciplinary group undertaking policy and community research and evaluation on a variety of health and social topics.

Structural Biology, Centre for
The Centre for Structural Biology combines state-of-the-art crystallographicNMR, computational, biochemical, and biophysical approaches to study biomolecular structure, dynamics and interactions. Research interests cover a wide range of systems, including proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and ligands.

Te Au Rangahau (Maori Business Research Centre)
Te Au Rangahau is the Māori Business Research Centre based within the Massey Business School. Te Au Rangahau provides a base for research within and for Māori business and organisations.

Te Mata o te Tau
Te Mata o Te Tau provides a forum for Māori academic achievement and the creation of new knowledge in the nexus between indigenous knowledge and the sciences.

Theoretical Chemistry and Physics, Centre for

Vitamin D Research Centre
The aim of the Vitamin D Research Centre is to provide an umbrella for the diverse range of vitamin D research interests of the staff within Massey University. Researchers have expertise in a number of physiological conditions and lifecycle stages where vitamin D deficiency is potentially damaging to health in both the short and long term.

Te Rōpū Whāriki is a multi-disciplinary Māori research group undertaking policy and community research and evaluation on a variety of health and social topics. Whāriki works in a Treaty of Waitangi partnership model with the Social and Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation (SHORE).

Wildbase is New Zealand’s leading wildlife health centre. Our mission is to promote and implement collaborative investigation and management of wildlife in support of the welfare and conservation of New Zealand native fauna.

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