1st Annual FLRC Workshop
held at Massey University, February 1987

The Use of Reactive Phosphate Rocks and Their Derivatives as Fertilizers


The correct citation for the proceedings is:

[Authors], 1987. [Title of paper]. In: The use of reactive phosphate rocks and their derivatives as fertilizers.
(Eds R E White and L D Currie). Occasional report No. 1. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. pp


Papers presented:

Phosphate rock dissolution during the manufacture and hydrolysis of partially acidulated phosphate rocks.
Harrison, R and Hedley, M J

Partially acidulated phosphate rock fertilizers. An FMRA research review.
Braithwaite, A

Factors affecting the chemical composition of single superphosphate - reactive phosphate rock mixtures.
Bolan, N S, Hedley, M J, Syers, J K and Tillman, R W

The plant availability of phosphorus in single superphosphate - reactive phosphate rock mixtures as affected by their method of manufacture.
Hedley, M J, Bolan, N S and Braithwaite, A

Evaluation of some phosphate fertilizers in Southland.
Risk, W H, Fraser, S H and Smith, L C

Evaluation of rock phosphate fertilizers on an acid upland yellow brown earth in Otago.
Floate, M J S, Enright, P D and Woodrow, K E

Ground phosphate rocks as fertilizers for pasture.
Rajan, S S S, Gillingham, A G, O'Connor, M B, Percival, N A and Gray, M B

Effect of some soil properties and elemental sulphur on the dissolution of Jordan phosphate rock in some New Zealand soils.
Lee, A, and Watkinson, J H

Effect of the growing plant on the dissolution of phosphate rock in soil.
Mackay, A D, Pritchard, M W and Syers, J K

Partially acidulated phosphate rocks - An agronomic evaluation.
Rajan, S S S

A summary of reactive phosphate rock research at Massey University.
Gregg, P E H, Mackay, A D, Tillman, R W and Currie, L D

Spread characteristics of unground rock phosphate and granulated partially acidulated rock phosphate fertilizers.
Gillingham, A G, Macfarlane, M J, Maber, J F and Horrell, R F

Agronomic and economic aspects of the use of phosphate rocks for pasture - Development of a predictive model.
Quin, B F, Dyson, C B and Chiao, Y S

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