2nd Annual FLRC Workshop
held at Massey University, February 1988

Towards the More Efficient Use of Soil and Fertilizer Sulphur


The correct citation for the proceedings is:

[Authors], 1988. [Title of paper]. In: Towards the more efficient use of soil and fertilizer sulphur.
(Eds R E White and L D Currie). Occasional report No. 2. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. pp


Papers presented:

A review of sulphur chemistry in soils
Tillman, R W

Direct determination of elemental sulphur in soils and the application of this method in measuring oxidation potentials of elemental sulphur fertilisers.
Nguyen, M L

Rate equations for the oxidation of elemental sulphur in soil .
Watkinson, J H

The incorporation and remineralisation of 35S in soil organic sulphur fractions.
Ghani, A, McLaren, R G and Swift, R S

An anion exchange membrane method for extracting soil sulphate and a research application.
Searle, P L and Speir, T W

Some methods for the extraction and fractionation of soil organic sulphur.
Swift, R S, McLaren, R G and Keer, J I

Studies on sulphur mineralisation from soils using and open incubation system.
McLaren, R G, Ghani, A and Swift, R S

Sulphur transformations in field soils - A review summary.
Goh, K M

Phosphorus and sulphur accumulation after long-term superphosphate application to grazed hill country.
Lambert, M G, Clark, D A, Costell, D A and Budding, P J

Laboratory and field measurements of elemental sulphur oxidation in some New Zealand soils.
Lee, A and Boswell, C C

Transformations of sulphur in soils as affected by the use of polyethylene mulches, tillage method and lime and phosphate additions.
Haynes, R J

Sulphate sulphur in the subsoil of Southland and Otago soils.
Risk, W H and Boswell, C C

Sulphate leaching in undisturbed soil monoliths and repacked soil columns.
McLay, C D A, Cameron, K C and McLaren, R G

Evaluation of sulphur fertilizers (Review).
Gregg, P E H

The agronomic utilisation of hydro thermal sulphur deposits at Lake Rotokawa.
Bell-Booth, M, Smith, R G, Chatupote, W and Hedley, M J

The effects of particle size, rate and frequency of application of elemental sulphur on the release of sulphate to lucerne in the Upper Waikato Basin.
Boswell, C C and Swanney, B

Evaluation of sulphur/sodium bentonite prills as sulphur fertilisers in the Manawatu.
Smith, R G and McDougal, D B

Effect of phosphate fertilizer form on the oxidation of elemental sulphur in soils.
Chatupote, W, Moodie, H, Hedley, M J, Bolan, N S and Macgregor A N

Methods for manufacturing radioactively labelled sulphur fertilizer.
Phimsarn, S and Hedley, M J

Particle size analysis of elemental sulphur in compound fertilizers and in natural ores.
Bolan, N S, Chatupote, W and Hedley, M J

Elemental sulphur, wet mix sulphur superphosphate and sulphur-bentonite granules as sulphur fertilisers.
Nguyen, M L, Wright, C E and Dyson, C B

Yield response of rape to elemental sulphur fertiliser placement under different environmental conditions.
Nuttall, W F

An elemental sulphur/phosphate rock/bentonite water dispersable fertilizer prill.
Owers, W R

The use of sulphur and sulphur-containing compounds as acidifying agents in soil.
Haynes, R J

The requirement and supply of agronomically effective elemental sulphur.
Quin, B F and Bremner, A C R

Sulphur fertiliser requirements.
Boswell, C C

The agronomic implications of atmospheric returns of S in the Gisborne-East Coast Region.
Gray, M H and O'Connor, M B

The development of a nutrient transfer model to explain the fate of P and S in a grazed hill country pasture.
Saggar, S, Mackay, A D, Hedley, M J, Lambert, M G and Clark, D A

The effectiveness of a very finely prilled elemental sulphur as a pastoral sulphur fertilizer.
Routley, D N, White, M S and Shannon, P W

Pasture responses to sulphur and phosphorus application in Southern North Island hill country.
Mackay, A D, Lambert, M G, Clark, D A, Saggar, S and Hedley, M J

Soil organic sulphur and its contribution to pasture growth in the absence of superphosphate application.
Nguyen, M L and Rickard, R S

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