3rd Annual FLRC Workshop
held at Massey University, February 1989

Nitrogen in New Zealand Agriculture and Horticulture


The correct citation for the proceedings is:

[Authors], 1989. [Title of paper]. In: Nitrogen in New Zealand agriculture and horticulture.
(Eds R E White and L D Currie). Occasional report No. 3. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. pp


Papers presented:

An introduction to the role of nitrogen fertilizers in New Zealand farming systems
Ball, P R

A review of nitrogen in New Zealand and overseas
Douglas, J and Cochrane J

Nitrogen fertiliser use in intensive bull beef production on peat soils in the Waikato
Baars, J A, O'Connor, M B, Ledgard, S F and Wallace R D

The use of fertiliser nitrogen for increased animal production from New Zealand hill pastures
Clark, D A and Lambert, M G

Use of nitrogen fertiliser for intensive dairy production
Roberts, A H C and Thomson, N A

Effects of time of application and soil temperature on the fate of nitrogen fertiliser applied to dairy pasture
Ledgard, S F

Management considerations in nitrogen fertiliser usage on a Wairarapa sheep farm
Parker, W J, Tillman, R W and Gray, D I

Nitrogen transformations, fixation and losses - A brief introduction and overview
White, R E

Nitrogen fertilizer use, fixation and soil acidification
Bolan, N S, Hedley, M J and White, R E

Influence of rainfall pattern on nitrate leaching losses
Cameron, K C, Deane, T H and McLay, C D A

Effects of fertigation with nitrogen on soil properties and plant response
Haynes, R J

Nitrogen fixation by pasture legumes as influenced by soil or fertiliser nitrogen
Ledgard, S F

Nitrogen-fixation of several white clover cultivars grown under different levels of phosphate with and without moisture stress
Wang, X J, Chu, A C P, Caradus, J R and Field, T R O

Effect of different soils on ammonia volatilization losses from surface applied urea granules
Selvarajah, N, Sherlock, R R, Smith, N P and Cameron, K C

Expression by soil bacteria of nodulation genes from rhizobium trifolii
Jarvis, B D W and Ward, L J H

Ecology of rhizobium legumonosarum bv trifolii 2668 and its plasmids
O'Hara, M J, Jarvis, B D W and Terzarghi, E A

Plant growth, nitrogen fixation and seed yield response of ten cowpea (vigna unguiculata (L). walp) cultivars to inoculation with bradyrhizobium and endomycorrhizal fungi
Rajapaske, S, Miller, J C and Taber, R A

Genomic variation among field isolates of rhizobium trifolii
Terzarghi, E A and Cleaver, R

Influence of pinus radiata stocking density on organic matter pools and mineralisable nitrogen in an agroforestry system
Sparling, G P, Hart, P B S and Hawke, M F

Utilisation of 15N-labelled nitrogen fertiliser by asparagus
Ledgard, S F, Douglas, J A, Follet, F M and Sprosen, M S

The chemical transformations and the leaching of surface-applied urea under flood irrigation
Francis, G S and Haynes, R J

The importance of macropore flow in the loss of urine nitrogen from grazed dairy pastures
Williams, P H, Hedley, M J and Gregg, P E H

Spatial variability and pH effects on nitrification
Bramley, R G V and White, R E

Nitrogen fertiliser requirements and recommendations
O'Connor, M B

MAF Soil Fertility Service nitrogen index and nitrogen recommendations for cereal crops
Metherell, A K, Stevenson, K, Risk, W H and Baird, A D

The use of accumulated temperature predictive systems for timing of spring nitrogen application
Morton, J D, Francis, S M and Swaine, C M

Organic nitrogen availability as a factor in determining efficiency of nitrogen fertiliser use
Hart, P B S and Sparling, G P

Soil testing methods and modelling the nitrogen requirements for cereals
Craighead, M D and Clark, S A

Timing and rates of nitrogen on Kotare wheat
Craighead, M D and Burgess, W B

Estimating nitrogen fertiliser requirements for kiwifruit vines
Buwalda, J and Smith, G S

The use of diagnostic tests for determining the nitrogen fertilizer requirements of winter grown cabbages
Bonoan, R R, Gregg, P E H and Hedley, M J

The use of nitrogen fertilizers to increase the suitability of reactive phosphate rocks for use in intensive agriculture
Hedley, M J, Tillman, R W and Wallace, G

Effects of nitrogen fertiliser on yield and crop quality
Smith, G S

Effect of foliar urea sprays on Granny Smith fruit colour
Smith, R S, Pinchin, A J, Taylor, M P and Prasad, M

Effect of forms and rates of organic and inorganic nitrogen fertilisers on the yield and some quality indices of tomatoes (lycopersicon esculentum, Miller)
Montagu, K D and Goh, K M

The effects of nitrogen fertilizer on the relationship between yield and quality in wheat and barley
Martin, R J, Saville, D J, Daly, M J and Drewitt, E G

Seasonal responses to fertilizer nitrogen in Manawatu pastures
Ball, P R and Field, T R O

Injecting animal blood into pastureland
Choudhary, M A, Baker, C J and Currie, L D

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