6th Annual FLRC Workshop
held at Massey University, February 1992

The Use of Wastes and Byproducts as Fertilizers
and Soil Amendments for Pastures and Crops


The correct citation for the proceedings is:

[Authors], 1992. [Title of paper]. In: The use of wastes and byproducts as fertilizers and soil amendments for pastures and crops. (Eds P E H Gregg and L D Currie). Occasional report No. 6. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. pp


Papers presented:

Some problems with wastes and heavy metals
Beckett, P H T

Wastes as plant nutrient sources: Issues and options
Roberts, A H C, O'Connor, M B and Longhurst, R D

The benefits and problems of the beneficial reuse of sewage sludge in New Zealand
Sharp, R W

Agricultural and industrial effluents and wastes as fertilisers and soil amendments in New Zealand
Hart, P B S and Speir, T W

From forest and freezing works to fertiliser
Feitje, G and Popay, A I

Utilization of whey and its derivatives as a fertilizer replacement for pasture
Radford, J B

From fish, forestry and freezing works to a fertile soil amendment
Feitje, G and Petrie, R

Effectiveness of whey for controlling grass grub
Atkinson, D S, van der Mespel, G J and Popay, A I

Comparison of whey and composted solid waste in maintaining soil fertility in vegetable crops
Kell, F

A composting process for stabilising meat processing wastes and sewage sludge
van Oostrom, A J

Evaluation of spent mushroom compost as a soil amendment
Stewart, D P C, Cameron, K C and Cornforth, I S

Use of two industrial wastes as binders in the granulation of finely divided potassium chloride fertilizers
Loganathan, P, Hedley, M J and Clark, S A

Potential nitrogen and phosphorus leaching from a sandy soil under pinus radiata following amendment with municipal sewage sludge
Adams, J A, Warren, J H and Cameron, K C

Monitoring the environmental impact of sewage sludge application to forest soils
McLaren, R G, Adams, J A and Cameron, K C

Irrigation of pasture with meat processing effluent: Health aspects
Donnison, A M and Ross, C M

Herbage-nitrate levels and animal toxicity of pasture treated with dairy-shed effluent
Macgregor, A N and Merral, M

The problems associated with processing and marketing wastes and byproducts as fertiliser
Maiden, D

Irrigation of wastewater from the manufacturing dairy industry onto pasture
Barnett, J W and Upchurch, G C

The use of meat processing effluents for irrigation of pasture
Russell, J M and Cooper, R N

Use of coir pith waste as an amendment and manure for crops
Natarajan, S, Rajan, S S S and Kandaswamy, P

Land disposal of effluent on to fuelwood tree crops
Sims, R E H and Ford-Robertson, J B

The agricultural use of organic wastes and their effect on some Australian soils
Lawrie, R A and Higginson, F R

Preliminary studies on the availability and use of organic wastes for the restoration of depleted soils in Central Otago
Floate, M J S and Enright, P D

Nutrient mineralisation from soil amended with pig slurry: An incubation study
Rate, A W and Cameron, K C

Improving the fertilizer value of poultry manure through composting
Mahimairaja, S, Bolan, N S, Hedley, M J and Macgregor, A N

New methods for measuring ammonia release from urine and ammoniacal wastes applied to pasture
Sherlock, R R and van der Weerden, T J

The water balance of ETS beds used for onsite discharge of domestic effluent
Clothier, B, Green, S and McNaughton, K

Silvicultural and environmental aspects of wastewater sludge utilization
Smith, C T, McMahon, S D, Devoe, D R and Bowden, W B

The fate of nitrogen in piggery waste applied to a shallow stony pasture soil
Cameron, K C and Rate, A W

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