8th Annual FLRC Workshop
held at Massey University, February 1995

Fertilizer Requirements of Grazed Pasture and Field Crops:
Macro- and Micro-nutrients


The correct citation for the proceedings is:

[Authors], 1995. [Title of paper]. In: Fertilizer requirements of grazed pasture and field crops: Macro- and micro-nutrients. (Eds L D Currie and P Loganathan). Occasional report No. 8. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. pp


Papers presented:

Modelling nutrient requirements - AgResearch's approach
Edmeades, D C

Effect of measurement technique on responses to phosphorus fertiliser
Morton, J D, Waller, J E, Ledgard, S F and Roberts, A H C

Outlook : A phosphorus fertiliser decision support model for grazed pastures
Metherell, A K, McCall, D G and Woodward, S J R

An introduction to Outlook: Software for evaluation of phosphate fertiliser strategies
Marshall, P

Outlook - Phosphate fertiliser optimisation
Johnston, T

Comparison of 'Outlook' model predictions with trends in Olsen P measured on farms
Roberts, A H C, Morton, J D and Metherell, A K

A routine test for quantifying RPR residues in soil
Perrott, K W and Wise, R G

Modelling RPR dissolution in soil
Watkinson, J H

Accounting for particle movement when assessing the dissolution of slow release fertilisers in field soils
Loganathan, P, Hedley, M J, Bretherton, M R and Rowarth, J S

Changes in soil P fractions resulting from p depletion and addition in a glasshouse experiment
Perrott, K W

Enhanced dissolution of phosphate rock in the rhizosphere
Elliot, J, Bolan, N S, Gregg, P E H and Weil, S

A soil test for mineralisable organic sulphur
Watkinson, J H and Kear, M J

A dynamical model for sulphur fertiliser use on pastures
Thorrold, B and Woodward, S J R

Modelling the oxidation of elemental sulphur in New Zealand pastoral soils
Ghani, A, Watkinson, J H and Upsdell, M P

An elemental sulphur oxidation model for all seasons
Hedley, M J, Chatupote, W, Heng, L K, Bolan, N S, Loganathan, P and Bretherton, M R

Evaluation of three recently developed soil sulphur tests in relation to pasture response
Giddens, K M, Saggar, S K, Craighead, M D, and Searle, P L

Modelling soil acidification in pastoral farming
Sinclair, A G

Effect of long-term fertiliser use and sheep grazing on the accumulation and distribution of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur in a hill soil
Mackay, A D, Lambert, M G, Trolove, S N and Costall, D A

Fertiliser requirements of onions: A field study of plant and soil relationships
Sher, D J

Changes in the nitrogen requirements of wheat for yield and quality
Craighead, M D

Preliminary measurements of nitric oxide emission from fertilized soil
Williams, P H, Jarvis, S C and Dixon, E

Direct field measurements of annual nitrous oxide emissions from urine-affected and urine-unaffected pasture in Canterbury
Muller, C, Sherlock, R R and Williams, P H

Plant available potassium in hill country soils
Officer, S J, Tillman, R W, Palmer, A S and Kirkman, J H

Climate, soil fertility and pasture production in Wairarapa hill country
Moir, J L, Hedley, M J, Mackay, A D and Garland, C B

Factors associated with brassica crop growth in the Northern Manawatu/Rangitikei
Smith, R G

Current problems in the diagnosis and management of selenium, copper and cobalt deficiencies in grazing ruminants
Wichtel, J J and Vermunt, J J

Soil and plant cobalt status in farm surveys in the Central North Island and Southland
O'Connor, M B, Morton, J D, Waller, J E, Hawke, M F and Addison, B

Micronutrient status of a group of Canterbury cropping soils and its relationship to plant response to applied Cu and Zn
Haynes, R J

Trace elements for Northland soils
Johnson, S

Trace element requirements for BOP fertiliser region
Johnston, T M, Thomas, B and Smith, H

Field trials Selcote Ultra - Waikato Region
Johnston, T M

Boron deficiency in Central Otago lucerne
Miller, N W

Trace elements: - a company perspective
Manning, M J

Field trial to establish the cost effectiveness of copper sulphate topdressing on border dyked irrigation, Oamaru
Parata, N

Trace element case study
Talbot, E

Copper deficiency in the Wairoa District
Willimott, M

Trace elements - the commercial perspective
Catto, W

Trace elements - some observations and questions
Quin, B F

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