9th Annual FLRC Workshop
held at Massey University, February 1996

Recent Developments in Understanding Chemical Movement in Soils:
Significance in Relation to Water Quality and Efficiency of Fertilizer Use


The correct citation for the proceedings is:

[Authors], 1996. [Title of paper]. In: Recent developments in understanding chemical movement in soils: Significance in relation to water quality and efficiency of fertiliser use. (Eds L D Currie and P Loganathan). Occasional report No. 9. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. pp


Papers presented:

Nitrogen and phosphorus balances and losses from the soil in the Netherlands
de Willigen, P

Reducing nitrate in water - the European experience
Popp, T

Impact of rate of nitrogen fertiliser application on nitrate leaching from grazed dairy pastures
Ledgard, S F, Sprosen, M S and Brier, G J

Charging through the holes: Measuring and modelling
Vogeler, I, Scotter, D R, Clothier, B E, Green, S R and Tillman, R W

Emerging challenges for soil and water quality management: Environmental issues
Petch, R A

Fertiliser use as a sustainable land management practice
Maber, J and Edmeades, D C

Determination of sustainable nitrogen loading rates for land treatment systems without adequate soil and ground water information: Dairy farm effluent application onto grazed pasture in the Waikato Region
Selvarajah, N

Reactions of pesticides in New Zealand soils
Bolan, N S, Baskaran, S and Swinkels, D

Use of plant growth and nutrient absorption studies for improving nitrogen fertiliser recommendations
Sher, D

Nitrogen transport in soils: What do we know?
Vanclooster, M, Feyen, J and Persoons, E

Water uptake by orchard trees: Measurements and a model
Green, S R, Vanclooster, M, Clothier, B E and Feyen, J

Scale issues in water quality modelling: From paddock to catchment
Rodda, H J E and Cooper, A B

Selected features of a simulation of dairy shed effluent irrigation on to pasture
Brown, T N and Barkle, G F

The application of the Basin New Zealand (BNZ) model to a small dairy farming catchment in the Waikato
Thorrold, B S, Rodda, H J E and O'Connor, M B

An investigation of the nitrate contamination of an unconfined, shallow, fractured basaltic aquifer at Pukekohe, South Auckland, New Zealand
Cathcart, S N

The chemistry and photochemistry of the insecticide Carbaryl in aquatic environments
Brown, J

Correlations between nitrate, bromide and cations leached from lysimeters following urine application
Clough, T and Ledgard, S F

Leaching of nitrate and ammonium from incubate pinus radiata foliage
Hill, L F and Parfitt, R L

Soil solutions and leaching losses under pasture and pine
Parfitt, R L, Percival, H J and Hill, L F

Groundwater nitrate levels under grazed dairy pastures receiving different rates of nitrogen fertiliser
Ledgard, S F, Selvarajah, N, Jenkinson, D and Sprosen, M S

Nitrate leaching in the Loyalty Islands (New Caledonia) under intensified agricultural practices
Duwig, C, Becquer, T, Clothier, B E and Vauclin, M

The management of cover crops to reduce nitrate leaching losses from mixed cropping farms in New Zealand
Francis, G S, Bartley, K M and Tabley, F J

The impact of the land disposal of organic wastes on water quality
Spiers, T M, Francis, G S and Cant, G

Downward movement of cadmium from phosphatic fertilisers in pasture soils
Loganathan, P and Hedley, M J

Use of a leaching model to predict sulphate fertiliser availability
Thorrold, B S, Cameron, K C and Buchan, G D

Cation leaching under natural rainfall
Officer, S J, Tillman, R W, Kirkman, J H and Palmer, A S

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