12th Annual FLRC Workshop
held at Massey University, February 1999

Best Soil Management Practices for Production


The correct citation for the proceedings is:

[Authors], 1999. [Title of paper]. In: Best soil management practices for production.
(Eds L D Currie, M J Hedley, D J Horne and P Loganathan). Occasional report No. 12. Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. pp


Papers presented:

Challenges for identifying best management practices - Integrating emerging modern technologies and philosophies
Sojka, R E and Upchurch, D R

The long-term effects of manures and fertilisers on soil productivity and quality: A review
Edmeades, D C

Soil quality changes under intensive and extensive land use in New Zealand
Sparling, G P and Schipper, L A

Quantifying the benefits of management practices
Reid, J B, Stone, P J and Pearson, A J

The use of topoclimate mapping in risk assessment
Hutchinson, G K, Carrick, S T, Eyre, L L and McIntosh, P D

On-farm monitoring of soil quality for sustainable crop production
Beare, M H, Williams, P H and Cameron, K C

Soil quality monitoring in New Zealand
Sparling, G P and Schipper, L A

Setting soil quality standards for organic c contents of New Zealand soils
Hewitt, A E and Sparling, G P

Earthworms as indicators of change in soil health: A quicker, on-farm method for measuring earthworm populations
Fraser, P M, Beare, M H, Piercy, J E and Russell, H S

Are soil microbial and biochemical indicators sensitive to pastoral soil management?
Ghani, A, Sarathchandra, U, Perrott, K W, Singleton, P, Wardle, D, Dexter, B M and Ledgard, S F

Phosphorus requirements for New Zealand dairying - Latest research results and current recommendations
Morton, J D and Roberts, A H C

Economic assessment of fertiliser strategies for pastoral farms
Metherell, A K

Overseer™ - A nutrient budgeting model for pastoral farming, wheat, potatoes, apples and kiwifruit
Ledgard, S F Williams, P H Broom, F D Thorrold, B S Wheeler D M and Willis V J

Developing a predictor for phosphorus loss from soil
McDowell, R W and Condron, L M

The development and implementation of a Code of Practice for Fertiliser Use by the New Zealand Fertiliser Manufacturers' Research Association
Furness, H, Johnston, T and Duncan, A A

Laboratory comparison of nutrient release rates from fertilisers
Perrot, K W and Kear, M J

A model for predicting pasture growth responses to the application of agricultural lime
Shannon, P W

Magnesium fertiliser dissolution rates in pumice soils under pinus radiata
Mitchell, A D, Loganathan, P, Payn, T W and Tillman, R W

Chemical indicators to estimate mineralizable nitrogen in soils
Curtin, D

Contaminant transport in the rootzone
Vogeler, I, Green, S R, Clothier, B E, Kirkham, M B and Robinson, B

Catchment scale effects of land use and management on nutrient loss
Thorrold, B S, Wilcock, B, Rodda, H, Monaghan, R, Stroud, M and Hamill, K

Nitrogen dynamics under strawberry production and shallow groundwater protection
Roygard, J, van den Dijssel, C, Vogeler, I, Clothier, B E, Bekesi, G and Green, S R

Comparison of nitrogen leaching losses from different forms and rates of organic wastes, fertilisers and animal urine applied to Templeton soil lysimeters
Cameron, K C, Di, H J and McLaren, R G

Leaching of metals and nutrients from soils treated with metal-amended sewage sludge
McLaren, R G, Taylor, M D, Hendry, T and Clucas, L

Nitrate leaching from cow urine, dairy shed effluent and urea fertiliser applied to dairy pasture
Silva, R G, Di, H J, Cameron, K C and Moore, S

Farm dairy effluent: findings of recent research studies in the Waikato
Longhurst, R D, O'Connor, M B, Roberts, A H C and Waller, J E

Effect of wastewater C:N ratio on soil properties and potential mechanisms for recovery
Magesan, G N, Williamson, J C, Yeates, G W and Rh. Lloyd-Jones, A

Evaluation of the wave model for nitrate leaching from a corn crop
Duwig, C and Green, S R

Long-term changes in soil physical properties under dairying in the Waikato and Northland, New Zealand
Singleton, P L, Boyes, M and Addison, B

Effect of intensification of livestock farming on the physical properties of a hill soil
Mackay, A D, Lambert, M G and Barker, D J

Long-term influence of management practices on the soil carbon of pastoral ecosystems
Stewart, D P C and Metherell, A K

Crop establishment in structurally-degraded soils
Hamilton-Manns, M, Baker, C J, Horne D J and Ross, C W

Ag-vantage - Environmental risk management: An approach to encourage the adoption of best management practices
Brown, I and Stewart, A

Use of the proctor compaction test as an indicator of the moisture contents at which soils compact by treading
Dawood, D H, Horne, D J and Shepherd, T G

Effect of two contrasting onion production systems on nitrous oxide emissions from soil
van der Weerden, T J, Sherlock, R R, Williams, P H and Cameron, K C

A balance sheet for hill pastoral soils managed with widely spaced poplars
Guevara-Escobar, A, Kemp, P D and Mackay, A D

Government policies in relation to soil management
Bettjeman, W M

Sustainable land management for agricultural production - Can the resource management act deliver
Selvarajah, N

Best soil management practices for production: A grower's view
Ritchie, D

Best soil management practices for production: A dairy farmer's view
Lynch, G A

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