Financial education news

News on financial education issues and the work of the Westpac Massey Financial Education Centre.

The Fin-Ed Centre in the media

Student saving tips

Massive – Student saving tips

Dr Pushpa Wood shares some insight in how students can best manage their money.

Herald – Retirement spending

The New Zealand Herald's article asks 'How much is enough?' and highlights the Fin-Ed Centre's retirement spending survey.

Juno – New Zealand's financial capability

Juno magazine featured commentary on New Zealand's financial capability from the Fin-Ed Centre.

Westpac – NZ ranks no.11 for financial literacy

This article on the Westpac website questions if New Zealand's ranking matches our capability.


Parents can help their children relate to financial concepts by relating them back to daily life, says Pushpa Wood.

Fin-Ed Centre News

Five budgeting tips for retirement planning
Retirement can be expensive. It's hard enough to calculate how much money you'll need to live, let alone how to plan for hidden and unexpected costs.
Should you give your kids pocket money?
As director of the Westpac Massey Fin-Ed Centre, one of the most common questions Dr Pushpa Wood gets is, 'Should I give my children pocket money?'
Young adult reliance on parents for financial advice could be risky
Young New Zealanders still rely on their parents for financial advice, despite many harbouring doubts about the quality of that advice, new Massey...
Why you should care about your staff’s finances
Your employee's financial concerns and problems are your problems too, writes Fin-Ed Centre director Pushpa Wood.
A DIY approach to retirement planning
How much should I save for retirement? It's a question that often freaks people out - but that doesn't need to be the case because there's plenty of...
Superannuation shortfall still significant for most
Rising housing and household utility bills mean most Kiwis' superannuation payments still don't cover their costs of living, despite an increase in...
Fin-Ed Centre secures grant to study Māori enterprise
Massey Business School researchers will study the financial capability of Māori enterprises, with the help of a $30,000 grant from the SkyCity...

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