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The E&I special interest group aims to connect those involved in the research, teaching and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation. The world is changing, and the pace of change is increasing all the time. We need people to behave entrepreneurially so that New Zealand can shape what comes next, shape change, rather than merely reacting to what's already out there. Business research and education can help create opportunities, start new ventures and make new enterprises grow.

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Contact details +64 (06) 356 9099  ext. 84924

Prof Lorraine Warren PhD, MSc, BSc, PGCE

Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

School of Management

I joined Massey University at the Manawatu campus on July 1, 2014 as a Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  Prior to that, I was a member of University of Southampton’s School of Management in 2004, a research-driven ‘Russell Group’ institution, which I joined to undertake campus-wide strategic developments in entrepreneurship and innovation research and teaching. I was Director of the School’s Research Centre for Strategic Innovation, fostering cross-disciplinary research and organizing community-building seminars and innovation festivals.  I was on the Steering Group of the University's internationally recognized Web Science Doctoral Training Centre and a member of the University's Digital Economy Research Group.

Before Southampton, I carried out a similar role at Loughborough University Business School (2002-4), focusing on technology entrepreneurship, incorporating best practice from the USA (MIT, NCSU, San Diego). With others at Loughborough, I designed and delivered a 30 credit module that brought together teams of engineers, scientists, technologists and business development staff, to work on developing ‘live’ intellectual property to market. Prior to that, I worked at Humberside/Lincoln Universities, developing postgraduate international programmes in Dubai, Hong Kong and Zambia.  

I have a mature research position supported by over 60 peer-reviewed publications on entrepreneurial identity, technology transfer, small business management and the creative industries/digital media.  I have strong interests in Pakistan, developed as Lead Investigator for the UK side on British Council’s INSPIRE Strategic Partnership with IMSciences in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which recently held a capstone international research conference, which I co-chaired in Dubai.  I have also recently completed an INTERREG-funded project (EU) on the dynamic capabilities of Business Schools in relation to developing strategic perspectives at a time of disruptive change in Higher Education.  Earlier in my career, I spent 5 years establishing and running two small businesses, and am currently Non-Exec Director of a thriving Yorkshire company.  As well as technology-based firms, I have interests in SMEs generally, social enterprises, creative/arts-based organisations.

I have an extensive network of contacts in UK, US, Europe and Asia through UK-Science Enterprise Challenge, UK-Higher Education Innovation Fund, Southampton’s SETsquared incubator partnership, UK- Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (member), British Academy of Management (member),Chartered Management Institute (Fellow), Sloane Management School (MIT, Graduate of Entrepreneurship Development Programme), North Carolina State University (HiTEC Visiting Scholar), University of San Diego (Visiting Scholar), EMN Normandie (INTERREG partner), University of Porto (Visiting Scholar), IMSciences Peshawar (long term relationship, British Council funded), TUSUR, Tomsk (Visiting Scholar, Tempus funded), Ryerson University, Toronto (Visiting Scholar). I remain closely involved today as a Visiting Scholar at Aberdeen Business School, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen; The Lord Ashburton International Business School at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, and of course, Southampton, where I continue to contribute to PhD supervision teams.

My main research interests are entrepreneurial identity, emerging technologies and early stage concept development, especially digital.  I teach across a wide range of innovation and entrepreneurship topics, currently enjoying Scaling and Growth.  I also work to develop the local innovation ecosystem,  connecting students to  local innovation and startup networks.

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Contact details

  • Ph: +64 6 356 9099 extn 84924
    Location: 3.13, BSC
    Campus: Turitea


  • PhD - University of Wales (1983)
  • MSc - University of Bradford (1991)
  • BSc - University of Wales (1980)
  • PGCE - University of Huddersfield (1995)

Research Expertise

Research Interests

My research interests in entrepreneurship and innovation fall into three main areas: Key words: qualitative; co-creation; collaboration:

  • Processes of emergence of  new firms (ontology and causality), new business models and new value creation systems in volatile new sectors. Projects in this area are focused on start-ups in digital media and the creative industries (where open business models/innovation patterns are currently significant), the sci/tech sector (currently agri-food business focussed), and management practices in incubators. General interest in very early stage concept development and the role of participative, collaborative groups in the experimental phase.
  • Knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange concerning support mechanisms for the above (policies, processes and structures such as incubators), particularly in relation to international development in eg Pakistan, Russia, Portugal, Oman and Northern France (and now New Zealand).  Such projects include business in crafts, textiles and agriculture)
  • Studies of entrepreneurial identity and its relevance to creative destruction and strategy formulation (with specific relevance to CEO/Leadership)


21st Century Citizenship, Resource Development and Management, Design – for Commerce, Community and Culture, Future Food Systems

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Business and Management (150300): Commerce, Management, Tourism And Services (150000): Entrepreneurship (150304): Innovation and Technology Management (150307)


Offered in 3 areas:

1a. business plan creation, evaluation and presentation for high technology firms

1b.  development of technology product market linkages for strategic marketing

 2. use of social media, development of related digital skills

 3. change facilitation using soft and critical methodologies

Research Outputs


Bensemann, JM., Warren, L., & Anderson, A. (2017). Entrepreneurial engagements with a depleted rural town: Legitimation and dissent.. International Small Business Journal.
[Journal article]Authored by: Warren, L.
Kunz, VD., & Warren, L. (2011). From innovation to market entry: A strategic management model for new technologies. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. 23(4), 345-366
[Journal article]Authored by: Warren, L.
Anderson, AR., & Warren, L. (2011). The entrepreneur as hero and jester: Enacting the entrepreneurial discourse. International Small Business Journal. 29(6), 589-609
[Journal article]Authored by: Warren, L.


Warren, L. (2005). Creating the entrepreneurial university.
[Scholarly edition]Authored by: Warren, L.


Kelly, S., Bensemann, JM., Bhide, V., Eweje, G., Imbeau, JS., Lockhart, J., . . . Warren, L. (2017). Disruptive technology in the agri-food sector: An examination of current and future influence on sustainability, bio-security and business effectiveness. Massey University.
[Commissioned Report]Authored by: Bensemann, J., Imbeau, J., Kelly, S., Lockhart, J., Rao, V., Scott, J., Taskin, N., Warren, L.


Scahill, SL., Tracey, M., Sayers, J., & Warren, L. (2017, April). Managing the health care provider and retailer divide in community pharmacy – it all comes back to the culture!. Presented at Health Services Research and Pharmacy Practice. Nottingham University.
[Conference Oral Presentation]Authored by: Sayers, J., Scahill, S., Warren, L.
Warren, L., Handy, JA., Gardner, D., & Hunt, M. (2017). How do New Zealand optometrists perceive and manage role tensions in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive trade environment?. .. : Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2016
[Conference Paper in Published Proceedings]Authored by: Gardner, D., Handy, J., Warren, L.
Warren, L., Scahill, S., & Sayers, JG. (2016). Do pharmacists perceive themselves as entrepreneurs & if so how does this impact on their practice?. ISBE Proceedings, 2016. : Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2016
[Conference Paper in Published Proceedings]Authored by: Sayers, J., Scahill, S., Warren, L.
Warren, L., Bensemann, J., & Anderson, AR. (2016). Resistance and change in a depleted community: Personal, pragmatic and paradoxical. ISBE Proceedings, 2016. : Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
[Conference Paper in Published Proceedings]Authored by: Bensemann, J., Warren, L.
Handy, J., Warren, L., Hunt, M., & Gardner, D. (2016). Optometrists: Healthcare professionals or specialist retailers?. Poster session presented at the meeting of New Zealand Psychological Society Annual Conference 2016: Psychology without borders: Mā te mahi kakama, kō atu. Wellington, New Zealand
[Conference Poster]Authored by: Gardner, D., Handy, J., Warren, L.

Consultancy and Languages


  • 2010 - 2014 - Technology Strategy Board
  • 2002-present - Various high-tech start-ups
    Concept development, start-up
  • 1997-8 - West Yorkshire Police
    Organisational Change
  • 1999-2002 - KTP partnerships
    Small firm growth and development, Teaching Company Schemes


  • English
    Last used: First language
    Spoken ability: Excellent
    Written ability: Excellent

Supervision and Teaching

Summary of Doctoral Supervision

Position Current Completed
Supervisor 1 0
CoSupervisor 1 0


I am a member of the Higher Education Academy in the and have a PGCE obtained in 1995.  Since then, I have had 18 years varied experience, undergraduate and postgraduate (MSc and MBA/PX) groups, full-time and part-time, including distance taught programmes in the UK and overseas (Hong Kong, Guernsey, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Oman, Zambia).  I have been involved with the production of text-based support materials, typically study guides and primers, for courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, acting as both author and editor, at Lincoln/Humberside University, 1996 - 2000.  Throughout, I have been able to draw on my detailed experience of the use of technology to support teaching (ITTI project, 1993-5), and was a member of University’s CITE centre for technology in education.  I have continued to update my teaching methods and approaches, such as, over the last year, with colleagues, I have pioneered the use of social media within blended online/offline contexts.  I am on the team producing Southampton University’s first MOOC in Web Science.


Subjects available at UG or PG/MBA/PX:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Innovation
  • Digital Media and the Creative Industries
  • New Venture Creation
  • Managing Innovation,
  • Innovation, Technology and the Environment
  • Innovation and Technology Transfer
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Philosophy of Research/Research Methods

Current Doctoral Supervision

Supervisor of:

Media and Links

Publications and Projects

Select Academic Publications

  • Trischler, J., Scott, D. & Kelly, S. (forthcoming) Co-Design – Managing Customer Involvement in Service Design Teams, Journal of Service Research. 
  • O'Connor, C., Kelly, S., (2017) Facilitating knowledge management through filtered big data: SME competitiveness in an agri-food sector, Journal of Knowledge Management, vol. 21 no. 1, pp. TBA. ABDC A.
  • Kelly, S.J., Scott, J., Trischler, J., & Wojtarowicz, N. (2015) Implementing innovation policy in the local government sector: Analysing the efficacy of managerial flow, eds V. Vecchi, B Farr-Wharton, R Farr-Wharton, & M. Brusoni, Routledge, pp. 45-59.
  • Kelly, S. & Scott, D. (2012) Relationship benefits: Conceptualization and measurement in a business-to-business environment, International Small Business Journal, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 310-339. 

  • Scahill SL, Warren L, Sayers J. (2016). Do pharmacists perceive themselves as entrepreneurs and if so how does this impact on their practice. The Institute for Small Business and Enterprise Conference. Paris, France.
  • Scahill S, Tracey M, Sayers J. (2016).  How are community pharmacy owners managing their organisation’s dual roles of being health care providers and retailers. Australian/New Zealand Association of Management Conference. Brisbane, Australia.

  • Gill, R. (2017). Entrepreneurship. In C. R. Scott & L. K. Lewis (Eds.), The International Encyclopedia of Organizational Communication. Chichester, UK: Wiley Blackwell.Gill, R. (2017). The entrepreneur in the age of discursive reproduction: From whence comes entrepreneurial identity? In T. Duening & M. Metzger (Eds.), Entrepreneurial Identity: The Process of Becoming an Entrepreneur. Edward Elgar.
  • Gill, R. (2014). ‘If you’re struggling to survive day-to-day’: Class as optimism and contradiction in entrepreneurial discourse. Organization 21, 50-67.
  • Gill, R. & Larson, G. (2014). Making the ideal (local) entrepreneur: Enterprise discourse, place, and the construction of entrepreneurial identity. Human Relations 67, 519-542.
  • Gill, R. (2013). The evolution of organizational archetypes: From the American to the entrepreneurial dream. Communication Monographs 80, 331-353.

  • Cardow, A., & Wilson, W. R. (2016). The establishment of savings banks in colonial New Zealand 1840-1907. Journal of Management History, 22(4), 371-388. doi:10.1108/JMH-06-2016-0034
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  • Cardow, A., & Wilson, W. R. (2013). Gordon Hogg: The rise and fall of an internal entrepreneur at Databank Systems Ltd, New Zealand. Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 7(1), 37-58. Retrieved from http://www.aabi.info/download/Default.aspx?classid=72902018968059904

  • Warren, L. and Smith, R., 2015. Rule-breaking and legitimacy: a failure of artful navigation?. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research21(2), pp.243-262.
  • Warren, L., & Scahill, S. (2016). Zeald From start-up to maturity. The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 17(3), 203-211.
  • Warren, L., Marangos, S. and Thomas, S. R., Open Innovation: Barriers and Opportunities is the Pharmaceutical Industry, ISBE Cardiff, 2013

Select Funding & Initiatives

Year: 2016
Agency: Microsoft
Funding: $NZ71,469.41
Project Title: Cloud Computing in the Agri-food Sector: examining the influence of a disruptive technology on socio-economic outcomes and business effectiveness

Year: 2016
Agency: Massey University Strategic Initiatives Funding 2016
Funding: $NZ26,622
Project Title: NZ Collaborative Innovation Network (NZ-CIN)

Year: 2013
Agency: NSW Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services (NSW Trade and Investment)
Funding: $AUS 90,500
Project Title: GoBroadband – Coffs Harbour and Northern Rivers Region.

Year: 2013
Agency: Deluxe Asia
Funding: $AUS 10,800
Project Title: An investigation of online business models and their application in emerging Asian markets

Year: 2012
Agency: Higher Education Participation and Partnership Program Grant
Funding: $AUS 220,000
Project Title: Identifying target markets – Indigenous community directed capacity building. 

Year: 2015
Agency: Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development
Funding: $150,000
Project: Gill, R. (PI) & Taylor, Z. (2015). Grow North: The innovation district. An assessment of the opportunities and requirements for growing an Auckland North innovation district. Project funded jointly by the Massey University Office of the Vice Chancellor and Auckland Tourism, Events, and Economic Development (ATEED). 

Year: 2016
Agency: Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga
Funding: $NZ 60,000
Project: Entrepreneurial ecosystem efficacy for indigenous entrepreneurs

Year: 2016
Agency: Massey University Research Fund
Funding: $NZ 160,000 (pool total)
Project: Pharmacists,  role identity and entrepreneurship

Select Seminars & Workshops

Sustainability in New Zealand: The Challenge for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
International Pacific Union, Palmerston North, October 2015, August 2016

Value creation and digital disruption
Plenary, British Council Entrepreneurship Research Network Workshop, Islamabad 2014


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