Andres Felipe Ramos Lopez

Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Administration (Marketing)
Graduated in 2012
Pursuing a Master of Management at Massey University

“I found that Massey Uni is focused on a perfect blend between theoretical concepts and putting those on to a practical environment...” 

It's a major challenge when it comes to choosing a place to study. At the beginning when I arrived in New Zealand, I only knew about the University of Auckland, mainly because of the Academic English course I took at that same institution in 2010. After comparing it with some other universities like Victoria, Otago, AUT, I found that Massey Uni is focused on a perfect blend between theoretical concepts and putting those on to a practical environment. For that reason, I chose Massey as it offers a complete balance between both sides. Also, I got the best attention and support from the staff compared to other institutions and its neat academic facilities.

The learning experience was a new thing for me due to my previous background in sound engineering. Nonetheless I was helped by the fact the Albany campus environment is perfect for student life, far from the city and away from distractions, making it a good place to study.

However, It turned out to be a magnificent experience as I learned from the best people in the field of qualitative research such as Dr Bulmer and Dr Palakshappa and not least, Dr Andrew Murphy, a legend among marketing students and head of the department of marketing. I'm quite sure all of them will always remember me as a person who has a sense of learning new things and improving. Now the future couldn't be more promising as I have got a little bit of experience working for an Australian based company called Aida. My role involves dealing with people on a daily basis and keeping sales consistent every day, as well as training people.  On the other hand, my expectations are to save money and invest back in Colombia before going back to school to expand my knowledge.

Lastly, I will say that my study gave me a sense of research or eagerness towards getting answers to questions. I definitely recommend Massey Uni as the best place to learn due to its environment and primary focus towards building excellent professionals. Lastly, as a piece of advice to all students at this level, I would  suggest they ask as many questions as they can, and to take advantage of all the knowledge they can take from lecturers. In the end, the ones who are getting all the benefits are the students because knowledge makes everybody's life easier

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