Hailey Morrison
Hailey Morrison

Bachelor of Business Studies (Marketing)
Graduated in 2012
Marketing Intern at Expedition Overland

“I found the campus to be stunning, awesome buildings, friendly students who smile while passing in the halls or quad...”

“Even though Auckland has many other tertiary institutions, Massey was a very easy choice for me. My sister went to the Palmerston North campus and graduated in February 2005. The other thing was that Massey is on the North Shore and since I live close, and did not enjoy the idea of tripping to and from the city every day. I came in to check out the campus and have a walk around which helped in my decision as I found the campus to be stunning, awesome buildings, friendly students who smile while passing in the halls or quad.

While investigating learning institutions, the only other university I considered was The University of Auckland which seemed very appealing with its very new business school complex, and world ranking. Though, upon a visit I found it to be very impersonal, big, extremely large number of students, and long hours of travelling to and from the city every day even if for only one class.

My only hesitation about choosing Massey was my assumption that Massey Albany is a close knit university and many students enrol with their friends from High School. I have been to schools, in west Auckland and Napier, also having 3 years of work since school, I felt I wouldn’t be able to break into these social groups easily. My assumptions couldn’t have been more wrong, I quickly made new friends and was accepted by many.

My initial impressions in the first few weeks of class, were how incredibly helpful the lecturers are in making sure I had all the information needed, and the usefulness of Stream, it actually give so much information there is no excuse for missing important information and announcements.

I love the open door policy with many of the lecturers, the fact that they are more than welcoming students craving more information and clarification on the courses. I have also recently applied to do a student exchange where Loren Stangl has gone above and beyond when I approached her to be a referee. Simon Cope, my Electronic Marketing lecturer was my other referee and also surprised me, going above and beyond by providing me with two signed letters to use in my CV as well as the reference for the application. Simon was also extremely helpful and encouraging for the courses major assignment when I pitched him ideas, needed product for the campaign, and simply needing clarification on a section.

I wholeheartedly recomment the Marketing Major at Massey University on the basis of an excellent curriculum, world class staff, lecturers who are more than willing to help students succeed in any way possible, and an all round great learning environment. Massey University has “big city” facilities, with a “small town” culture making it an easy pick no matter your background.”

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