Reading Resources

Use the following links to find articles, books, book chapters and field guides relevant to the New Zealand Geology Field camp programme. You will maximize your learning by accessing these resources. Many of the listed items are free to download directly from their publishers/owners (from the links provided) You can use them on your laptop, tablet or other electronic media.

We intend to upload study guides specifically designed for this course in due course.

New Zealand Geology Map

New Zealand District Map

New Zealand Geology in Summary

Field Guide Castle Hill region, Canterbury

Kaikoura Orogeny

Geological History of New Zealand

New Zealand Timescale


Taupo Field Guide

Taupo Volcano

Geothermal Systems

Caldera Volcanism

Field Guides around Nelson

Field Guides around Canterbury

Field Guides around Otago

Some textbooks relevant to the field camp (free to download)

Volcanology and Geothermal Energy by Kenneth Wohletz and Grant Heiken;brand=ucpress

Practical Volcanology

Monogenetic Basaltic Volcanoes: Genetic Classification, Growth, Geomorphology and Degradation

Recommended text books to buy (as eBook or Paper copy)

The Field Guide to New Zealand Geology - Jocelyn Thornton

A continent on the move – New Zealand Geoscience into the 21st Century Edited by Ian J Graham

Cobb Valley: a geological guide

Walks through Auckland's geological past: a guide to the geological formations of Rangitoto, Motutapu, and Motuihe Islands

Extinct Volcanoes: a guide to the geology of Banks Peninsula

Central Rocks: A guide to the geology and landscapes of Central Otago

Popular earth science books about New Zealand geology

If you wish to download topographic maps from the regions we visit please visit the following website below. Choose the desired area in accordance to the GoogleEarth file provided in the website to identify the key regions we will visit. You can download PDF files and/or geo-referenced map data free of charge from the links below. You can also upload  the files to handheld GPS devices. Please note, if you decide to upload electronic data to handheld GPS devices, there is a limitation on number of maps your device will be able to handle. We recommend you have the electronic files on your laptop instead, and manually change the maps you specifically need during the trip.

Topographic maps in 1 to 250,000 scale

Topographic maps in 1 to 50,000 scale

Click on the mapping sheet, then select the 1 to 50,000 page you wish to download in TIFF OR GeoTiff format.



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