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Jennifer Archer-Martin


School of Design

Jen Archer-Martin is an early career academic, Spatial Design lecturer and emerging researcher. Prior to returning to academia in 2012, her spatial design practice traversed the fields of retail, hospitality, performance, event and exhibition design, as well as residential interior design and architecture. Jen completed a Master of Design degree at Massey University in 2005, following a BDes(Hons) in Spatial (then Interior) Design in 2003. Her current research operates at the intersections of human/social/community health/wellbeing and environmental health/wellbeing, recognising that these ecologies are interconnected and interdependent, and seeking to facilitate this interconnected wellbeing through the built and experienced environment.


Prizes and Awards

  • Make/Use won the Open Source use in the Arts at the New Zealand Open Source Awards 2016. See - New Zealand Open Source Awards (2016)
  • Make/Use won a Bronze Best Design Award in the Exhibition & Temporary Structures category at the Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Awards 2016. See - Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ) (2016)

Research Expertise

Research Interests

  • Spatial Design / Interior Design / Performance Design / Architectural Design
  • Design for Wellbeing
  • Philosophies of Design, including Comparative / Cross-Cultural Philosophy
  • Design Pedagogy
  • Interdisciplinary / Transdisciplinary Design Theory and Practice (including Design Thinking)
  • Design in relation to Social and Environmental Ecosystems (Sustainability, Resilience, Community, Wellbeing)
  • Studies of Place (Learning Place, Specificity, Local, (Human) Geography)
  • Studies of Space, Time & Event


21st Century Citizenship, Design – for Commerce, Community and Culture, Health and Well-being

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Architectural Design (120101): Architectural History and Theory (120103): Architecture (120100): Built Environment And Design (120000):
Creative Arts, Media and Communication Curriculum and Pedagogy (130201): Curriculum and Pedagogy (130200): Education (130000):
Interior Design (120106):
Performance and Installation Art (190504): Studies In Creative Arts And Writing (190000): Visual Arts and Crafts (190500)

Research Outputs


Archer-Martin, JL. (2018). Taking note(s)_performing care: notes toward a framework for caring spatial practice. Performance Research. 23(2)
[Journal article]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
McQuillan, H., & Archer-Martin, JL. (2017). Make/Use: a system for open source, user-modifiable, zero waste fashion practice. Fashion Practice: the journal of design, creative process and the fashion industry.
[Journal article]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
Archer-Martin, JL., & Munnelly, L. (2017). From the void, the night: a drawing-writing correspondence. IDEA Journal.
[Journal article]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J., Munnelly, L.
Archer, JL., Trubridge, S., Morgan, S., Nortje, J., Simpson, A., & Goldthorpe, D. (2014). Manifesto for a Performance Community.
[Internet publication]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.


Preston, J., & Archer-Martin, JL. (2019). Road Care. In A. Stuart Fisher, & J. Thompson (Eds.) Performing Care.
[Chapter]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J., Preston, J.
Preston, J., & Archer-Martin, J. (2017). Performing Bitumen, Materialising Desire. In M. Voyatzaki (Ed.) Architectural Materialisms: Nonhuman Creativity. : Edinburgh University Press
[Chapter]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.

Creative Work

Archer-Martin, JL. (2017). taking note(s) _ performing care. (performative reading/writing, mixed recording/documenting media, online content) taking note(s) _ performing care: Wellington, New Zealand
[Performance]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
Preston, J., & Archer-Martin, JL. (2015). "bit-u-men-at-work". (durational performance) "bit-u-men-at-work": Performing Mobilities, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne AUS
[Performance]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J., Preston, J.
Archer, J., Rollandi, M., & 224.357 students, . (2015, May 29). Whitiwhiti Korero: A Place to Practise. Te Whare Pukaka, Massey University, Wellington.
[Exhibition]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.Edited by: Archer-Martin, J.
Archer, JL., & Walker, K. (2015). 'Arcade Architecture' Design for The Performance Arcade 2015.
[Design]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
McQuillan, HL., Archer, JL., Bailey, J., Fox Derwin, E., Kane, K., Menzies, G., . . . O'Hara, WJ. (2015, May 1). Make/Use Exhibition. (No. of Pieces: 9 garments, 6 flats, digital prints, screen prints, 1 website, 1 catalogue/publication, exhibition design, modular furniture parts, Film and cognitive tools.) Object Space.
[Exhibition]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J., Bailey, J., Kane, K., McQuillan, H., O'Hara, W.
Archer, JL., Fox Derwin, EL., Donaldson, A., Pelosi, A., Kapica, N., & Whitty, J. (2014). Exposure exhibition design.
[Design]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
Archer, JL. (2014). 'Arcade Architecture' Design for The Performance Arcade 2014.
[Design]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
Archer, JL. (2013). 'Arcade Architecture' Design for The Performance Arcade 2013.
[Design]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
Archer, JL., Kapica, N., Pelosi, A., & Donaldson, A. (2012). Exposure exhibition design.
[Design]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.


Archer, JL. (2005). Becoming-Interior: Toward a Nondual Philosophy of Design for Dwelling-in-the-World. (Master's Thesis)
[Masters Thesis]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.


Archer-Martin, JL.Magical agents: the powers of care are not ours alone. . Imagination Lancaster, University of Lancaster, UK
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
McQuillan, H., & Archer-Martin, JL. (2016, February). Make/Use: Print as encoded wayfinding system for the creation of garment form. Presented at Creative Cut
[Conference Oral Presentation]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.


Archer-Martin, JL. (2017, May). Care, unburdened: In support of care as a radical creative act in Spatial Design practice and pedagogy.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
Archer-Martin, JL., & Sawicka Ritchie, A. (2017, March). Invited oral presentation at Art Talk #3, in the Performance Arcade 2017 Art Talks series.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
McQuillan, H., & Archer-Martin, JL. (2016, November). Make/Use: Interdisciplinary collaboration in the design of a system for User Modifiable Zero Waste Fashion.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
Archer, JL., & Walker, K. (2015, February). Invited oral presentation at Art Talk #4, in The Performance Arcade 2015 Art Talk series.. In Public. Presented at Bolton Hotel.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.
Archer, JL. (2014, June). #newstudio oral presentation.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Archer-Martin, J.

Media and Links


  • 25 Oct 2016 - Online
    Open source use in the arts (feat. Make/Use)
    Blog post by Open Source Awards judge Bronwyn Holloway-Smith
  • 14 Sep 2015 - Online
    Make/Use featured in Ecouterre article
    New Pratt Institute Exhibit Explores Activism in the Garment Industry, by Jasmin Malik Chua , 09/14/15
  • 13 Jul 2015 - Radio
    "Ethics in fashion" Interview on Radio New Zealand
    Radio New Zealands "Standing Room Only" show interviewed Holly McQuillan just prior to the opening of Make/Use.
  • 11 Aug 2015 - Online
    Make/Use interview on NJAL (Jen, Holly, Greta)
    'A Moodboard Moment: Make/use' by Kam Dillon - an interview with Holly McQuillan, Jen Archer-Martin and Greta Menzies from Make/Use, part of the Designer Focus series.
  • 11 Aug 2015 - Online
    Make/Use profile on NJAL
    Designer profile on website. Includes description of the project, images of the Make/Use v2 collection, a description of the collection, the Make/Use film, and contact details.
  • 10 Dec 2016 - Online
    Spaces of the future (feat. Honours student work)
    Article by ArchitectureNow Editorial Desk about the work of three Spatial Design Honours students who designed apps.
  • 07 Nov 2016 - Online article featuring Honours student
    'Wellington tertiary students shining a light on the future of design' by Ruby MacAndrew. Features 2016 Spatial Design Honours student Stephanie O'Shea.
  • 03 Feb 2016 - Online
    Future Thinking: Make/Use and open source design
    Feature by Sarosh Mulla, published online at
  • 01 Nov 2016 - Magazine, Online
    Capital Exposure - student work cited in Urbis
    CoCA graduate exhibition reviewed in Urbis magazine by the Urbis Editorial Desk. Spatial Design student work cited: "From the design of luxury, floating baches that can motor to other parts of our coa
  • 01 Mar 2017 - Magazine, Online
    Designer Profile, Interior Magazine March-May 2017
    Interviewed by editor Federico Monsalve. Double page spread. Also online at architecture
  • 01 Mar 2013 - Magazine
    Walking the Talk
    Student work featured in FishHead Magazine, Issue 23, March 2013, pp. 38-41
  • 01 Mar 2013 - Magazine
    Wired for the future
    Student work featured in Good Magazine, No. 29, Mar - Apr 2013, p.13

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