Veterinary business administration

Veterinary business administration courses are offered to MVM students in conjunction with Massey University’s MBA programme. They are taught through the MBA programme. Each course is 15-credits, 700 level (same as other MVM courses). These courses are block courses and usually have different dates from the usual semester-based offerings in the MVM. Attendance at the block course in-person is compulsory.

Business offerings for MVM students are:

  • 115.739  Dispute Resolution (Special Topic. Offering of this course is dependent on sufficient interest)

Exact dates and locations for both these courses should be confirmed with the MVM office ( Please note we need to provide names of students planning to enrol in these courses by the end of April 2018.

Study Programme

Based on a planning time of about 25 hours of study per week a typical course for a typical student will require the following amount of study time:

Pre-course reading and preparation

60 hours (over 3-4 weeks)

Course delivery (Face-to-face)

27-40 hours (over 3 days)

Post-delivery Assignment

60 hours (over 3-4 weeks)


147-160 hours

Fees and enrolment

Fee structure is different from usual MVM courses -  request this information from the MVM office if required.

If you plan to enrol in any of these courses please contact the MVM office to facilitate the process.

Enrolment in any business course is subject to permission from the Head of School, Business.

Dispute resolution (Special Topic 1) 115.739

The aim of the course is to develop an informed employer, owner, manager or human resources professional and to assist in the prevention of secondary conflict caused by the inadequate handling of business difficulties. The course will identify potential areas of dispute and analyse the spectrum of dispute resolution processes available. It will approach the issues from the perspective of the user of the dispute resolutions processes.

The course will be taught in an interactive mode with a focus on problem-based learning.

The course will outline the key processes for prevention and resolution of differences in a business context using the following:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Investigation
  • Arbitration/adjudication
  • Litigation

Enrolment in this course is subject to permission from the Head of School, Business.

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