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Find the courses you can enrol in when you study at Massey – whether online or on campus. Each qualification has its own specific set of courses. Some universities call these papers.

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Courses terminology

Each qualification has its own specific set of courses. Some universities call these papers. You enrol in courses after you get accepted into Massey. You may need to do some in a certain order.

Course code

Each course is numbered using six digits. The first three numbers show you which subject the course is about. The fourth number shows the level of the course. For example, in course 219206: 219 is the subject area 'Communication and Journalism' and it is a 200-level course (usually studied in the second year of full-time study).


When you pass a course you’ll earn a certain number of credits – most undergraduate courses are worth 15 credits. You combine courses (credits) to meet the total number of credits needed for your qualification.


Prerequisite courses need to be completed before you can move onto a course at the next level. For example, a lot of 200-level courses have 100-level prerequisite courses.


Courses that must be completed at the same time as another course are known as corequisite courses.


Some courses are restricted against each other because their content is similar. This means you can only choose one of the offered courses to study and credit to your qualification.

Short courses

We offer a range of short courses at Massey – these are not included in this course search. Short courses are taught by experts in their field and can also be tailored to a workplace or organisation.

Short courses don't usually result in a qualification, unless they involve a micro-credential. Micro-credentials certify that you have a certain set of skills or knowledge you might need for further study or employment.

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Taking courses without completing a qualification

Our Certificates of Proficiency are an opportunity to do one or two courses at undergraduate or postgraduate level (15 to 60 credits) without studying for a formal qualification.

The courses may be topics you are interested in, or need so you can prepare to study a future qualification.

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