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The staff and students associated with the Joint Centre for Disaster Research publish their research in a variety of channels.  Research newsletters, JCDR reports, GNS Science publications, postgraduate projects and academic journal articles provide a wide range of options to peruse. Follow the extended links for older publications or use the search option above to find the article required.

JCDR Research Update Newsletters

Newsletters providing regular updates about current research and information from the Joint Centre for Disaster Research.

JCDR_Update_September_2014.pdf (2,491 KB)
JCDR_Update_May_2014.pdf (2,203 KB)
JCDR_Update_December_2013.pdf (2,263 KB)
JCDR_Update_August_2013.pdf (3,375 KB)
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JCDR Update November 2011 (1,612 KB)
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JCDR_Update_May-2008.pdf (1,084 KB)
JCDR_Update_August-2007.pdf (1,084 KB)
JCDR_Update_May-2007.pdf (1,084 KB)


JCDR Research Reports

Orchiston, C. (ed) 2011. Disastrous Doctorates. JCDR Research Report 2011/01.   JCDR_Research_Report_2011_01.pdf (1,084 KB)

Wilson, T., Stewart, C., Leonard, G. (2009) Trip report: assessment of impacts of, and short-term recovery from, the May 2008 eruption of Volcan Chaitén, Chile. JCDR Research Report 2009/01.  JCDR_Research_Report_2009_01_Wilson_Chaiten_2008_eruption.pdf (1,084 KB)

Wilson, T. (ed) 2008. Disasterous Doctorates. JCDR Research Report 2008/01.  JCDR_Research_Report_2008-01_Wilson_Disastrous_Doctorates.pdf (1,084 KB)

Finnis, K.K. 2007. Community-based public education initiatives. JCDR Research Report 2007/01, 37p.  JCDR Research Report 2007 01 Finnis_Community-based public education initiatives.pdf (1,084 KB)

Finnis, K.K. 2007. Review of San Francisco bay area public education initiatives. JCDR Research Report 2007/02, 19p.  JCDR Research Report 2007 02 Finnis_Review of San Francisco Bay Area Public Education Initiatives.pdf (1,084 KB)


Books and Chapters


Paton, D., Johnston, D., Mamula-Seadon, L & Kenney, C.M. (2014) Recovery and Development: Perspectives from New Zealand and Australia. In Kapucu, N. & Liou, K. T. (Eds). Disaster & development: Examining global issues and cases. New York, NY: Springer.

Paton, D. & Norris, K. (2014) Vulnerability to Work-Related Posttraumatic Stress: Family and Organizational Influences. In J.M. Violanti (ed) Dying for the Job: Police Work Exposure and Health. Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas.


Paton, D. & Allen, D. (2013) Disasters in Medical Care Contexts: Planning for resilience in incident command personnel and systems in hospitals. In R. Arora and P. Arora (Eds) Disaster Management: Medical Preparedness, Response and Homeland Security. London: CABI Press.

Paton, D. & McClure, J. (2013). Preparing for Disaster: Building household and community capacity. Springfield, Ill., Charles C. Thomas.


Doyle, E. E. and Johnston, D. M. (2012). Science advice for critical decision-making. In: Paton, D. and Violanti, J. M. (Eds) Working in High Risk Environments: Developing Sustained Resilience. Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Springfield, Ill.

Lavell, A.; Gaillard, J.C.; Wisner, B.; Saunders, W.S.A.; van Niekerk, D. 2012 National planning and disaster. p. 617-628 (chapter 51) In: Wisner, B.; Gaillard, J.C.; Kelman, I. (eds) The Routledge handbook of hazards and disaster risk reduction.   Abingdon, Oxon, UK: Routledge.

O'Brien, G.; Bhatt, M.; Saunders, W.S.A.; Gaillard, J.C.; Wisner, B. 2012 Local government and disaster. p. 629-640 (chapter 52) In: Wisner, B.; Gaillard, J.C.; Kelman, I. (eds) The Routledge handbook of hazards and disaster risk reduction.   Abingdon, Oxon, UK: Routledge.


Stewart, C., Wilson, T.M., Leonard, G.S., Johnston, D.M., Cole, J.W. Cronin, S. (2011) Volcanic Hazards and Water Shortages . In: Briggs, C.A. (ed.) Water Shortages: Environmental, Economic and Social Impacts. Nova Publishers. Pp 105-124.


Becker, J., Saunders, W., Hopkins, L., Wright, K., Johnston, D. (2010). Chapter 22: Preplanning for Recovery. In Miller, D.S., & Rivera, J.D. (Eds) Community Disaster Recovery and Resiliency. Pp. 525-550. CRC Press.

Wardman, J.B., Wilson, T.M., Cold, J.W., Bodger, P.S., Johnston, D.M., Daly, M. (2010). Quantifying the vulnerability of high voltage transmission systems to volcanic ashfall hazards. In Willaims et al. (Eds) Geologically Active, Taylor & Francis Group, London. Pp1493-1502.

2009 and earlier

Houghton, R. 2009. ‘Everything became a struggle, absolute struggle’: Post-flood increases in domestic violence in New Zealand. P.99-111. In: Enarson, E., Dhar Chakrabarti, P.G. (eds.) 2009. Women, gender and disaster: Global issues and initiatives. Sage, New Delhi.

Neall, V., Cronin, S., Johnston, D. (2008) Hot Rock Cafe. In: Graham, I.J. (edit.) A continent on the move: New Zealand Geoscience into the 21st Century. Pp. 184-187. The Geological Society of New Zealand.

Paton, D., Violanti, J.M., Burke, K. & Gherke, A. (2009). Traumatic Stress in Police Officers: A career length assessment from recruitment to retirement. Springfield, Ill., Charles C. Thomas

Paton, D.; Johnston, D. 2006. Disaster resilience: An integrated approach. Springfield, Ill., Charles C. Thomas.

Links to other Disaster Publications

Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies

The Natural Hazards Centre

GNS Science



Online Institutional Repository, Disaster Research Center (DRC), University of Delaware




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