Research projects

We carry out multi-disciplinary applied research to gain a better understanding of the impacts of natural, man-made and environmental disasters on communities.

Our team works together with our affiliates to improve the way societies manage disaster reduction, readiness, response and recovery.

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Current research projects

Wellington City Council’s ‘Resilient Wellington’ initiative

Our staff are making the city more resilient by supporting the efforts of Wellington City Council’s “Resilient Wellington’ initiative.
The aim is to make people connected, empowered and integrated, and our homes and environments healthy and robust.
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Emergency Management Research Interest Group (EM_RIG) on technologies supporting emergencies

Collaborative research with Loughborough University.
We are conducting research into the public sector.
Our key areas of focus are technological and societal responses to emergency management and building resilient societies.
We are currently involved in exciting long-term research investigating the use of IoT to support fire emergency response.
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Accountability and governance in managing disasters

Collaborative research with the University of Essex.
Our focus is on accountability during natural disasters and how it is set-up when joint work is being carried out by the government, non-governmental institutions and the business sector.
We will be basing our research on key participants in New Zealand and the United Kingdom during multiple disasters.
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Post Disaster Cities

Collaborative research with GNS Science.
The Post Disaster Cities project has funded a co-supervised PhD research project to explore interdependency of critical infrastructure.
Post Disaster Cities is a Core Research Programme funded by GNS Science.
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‘End to end’ linkage structure for integrated impact assessment of infrastructure networks under natural hazards

Funded by QuakeCore.
We are researching a structural framework that can link various assessment models.
These models are used in the assessment of infrastructure network performance due to natural hazards.
We aim to create a better framework for the assessment of impacts for the future.
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Resilience to Nature’s Challenges

The challenge aims to build new knowledge and tools to support resilience in our unique rural, urban, coastal and Maori communities to natural hazards.
These include earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, tsunami, weather, coastal and rural fire hazards.
We are involved in the challenge alongside a number of other key organisations and institutions.
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Natural Hazards Platform

This is a multi-party research platform funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
It is dedicated to increasing New Zealand’s resilience to natural hazards via high-quality collaborative research.
We are part of the research platform alongside a number of other key organisations and institutions.
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Research from the Mexico office

We are busy with multiple research projects.

  • A joint initiative with Centro Machilia, to improve school seismic safety through engineering assessments and promoting the drop, cover and hold response prior to evacuation
  • How video games can promote disaster risk reduction, in collaboration with the University of Auckland
  • Working towards improving emergency response in Mexico City by developing and implementing IT requirements

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Disastrous Doctorates

The three-day programme for post doctoral students includes 3-minute thesis sessions, workshops and presentations, focusing on themes that change every year.
Record numbers attended the event in 2017, hosted by the University of Canterbury in March.
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