Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)

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There are two 'tracks' at 300 level.

1. The 'Journalism Research track' is for those who are not necessarily intending to become a journalist, but may want to go on to do further study at postgraduate level. 

2. The 'Journalism Practice track' emphasises journalism practice, and aims to prepare you to enter the workforce as a journalist.  If you intend to do the Journalism Practice track, you will also need to choose 219.311 and one from either 139.340 or 219.336.  If you wish to take this track, please make your intentions known to your journalism lecturers.

Choose your courses for this major from this list (each course is 15 credits).

Compulsory Courses (90 credits):

154.204 Digital Media Production I
219.204 News Media and Society
219.223 Advanced News Reporting - Returning student need to submit special permission to approve
219.231 News Media Reporting - Returning student need to submit special permission to approve
219.325 Journalism and Politics - Returning student need to submit special permission to approve
219.335 Media Law and Ethics

30 credits from:
139.340 The Publishing Project
219.311 Communication Internship
219.336 Researching Journalism
219.339 History of Journalism

Major requirements: A major consists of 120 credits in Journalism Studies, including at least 60 credits at 300-level.

Minor requirements: Compulsory Courses (60 credits)

219.204 News Media and Society
219.231 News Media Reporting
219.325 Journalism and Politics
219.336 Researching Journalism

Current students

Please note: There have been some changes to this major and minor which may affect Massey Bachelor of Communication students that have already commenced their study (in 2018 or prior). All returning students will be granted a waiver of all prerequisites for 219.223, 219.231, and 219.325. But you need to submit them under special permission in your student homepage.  If you are a current student in this degree and major/minor, you should seek advice as necessary.

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