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Dr Rebecca Gill

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School of Management

Dr Rebecca Gill (PhD, University of Utah, United States) is a senior lecturer in the School of Management at Massey University. Dr Gill researches how industry, culture, and place come together in regional innovation and entrepreneurship, including how innovative sites reproduce best (and sometimes worst) practices of notable global innovation corridors. She is the lead researcher for Grow North, an initiative supported by Massey University and ATEED, which focuses on enhancing the innovation ecosystem in Auckland. She has published in several top tier journals, including Human Relations, Management Communication Quarterly, and Organisation. She teaches courses in innovation, entrepreneurship, and communication. 


Prizes and Awards

  • Massey University Business School STAR Award, Excellence in Research Engagement - Massey University Business School (2016)

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Organizational and occupational identity, enterprise and entrepreneurship, gender/difference, organizational communication, qualitative research methods


21st Century Citizenship

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Business and Management (150300): Commerce, Management, Tourism And Services (150000):
Communication and Media Studies (200100): Cultural Studies (200200): Culture, Gender, Sexuality (200205):
Entrepreneurship (150304):
Languages, Communication And Culture (200000): Organisational, Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication (200105)


Entrepreneurship, communication, identity, ethnography, interviewing

Research Projects

Summary of Research Projects

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Research Outputs


Barbour, JB., Ballard, D., Barge, JK., & Gill, R. (2017). Tick-tock, it’s not just the clock: Making time/temporality for engaged scholarship. Journal of Applied Communication Research.
[Journal article]Authored by: Gill, R.
Barbour, JB., & Gill, R. (2017). Questioning as regulatory work practice: The communicative accomplishment of reliability and safety in the oversight of nuclear power plants. Communication Monographs. 84(4), 466-487
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Dean, M., Gill, R., & Barbour, JB. (2016). “Let’s Sit Forward”: Investigating Interprofessional Communication, Collaboration, Professional Roles, and Physical Space at EmergiCare. Health Communication. 31(12), 1506-1516
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Gill, R. (2014). 'If you're struggling to survive day-to-day': Class optimism and contradiction in entrepreneurial discourse. ORGANIZATION. 21(1), 50-67
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Gill, R., & Wells, CC. (2014). Welcome to the "Hunger Games" An Exploration of the Rhetorical Construction of Legitimacy for One U.S.-Based Nonprofit Organization. MANAGEMENT COMMUNICATION QUARTERLY. 28(1), 26-55
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Gill, R. (2006). The work-life relationship for “people with choices:” Entrepreneurs as crystallized selves?. Electronic Journal of Communication. 16(3&4)
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[Journal article]Authored by: Gill, R.


Barbour, JB., Gill, R., & Dean, M. (2016). Work space, gendered occupations, and the organization of health: Redesigning emergency department communication. In Organizations, Communication, and Health. (pp. 101 - 118).
[Chapter]Authored by: Gill, R.
Barge, JK., Hornstrup, C., & Gill, R. (2014). Conversational reflexivity and researching practice. In G. Symon, & A. Chard (Eds.) Systemic inquiry: Innovations in reflexive practice research.
[Chapter]Authored by: Gill, R.
Collins, B., Gill, R., & Mease, J. (2012). Exploring tensions in workplace relationships: Toward a communicative and situated understanding of tokenism. In BL. Omdahl, & JM. Harden Fritz (Eds.) Problematic Relationships in the Workplace, Volume II. (pp. 190 - 213). New York, United States of America: Peter Lang
[Chapter]Authored by: Gill, R.
Gill, R., & Hasian, M. (2009). The Abu Ghraib iconic photographs as constitutive spectacles and the gendering of public moralities. In S. Parry-Giles, & T. Parry-Giles (Eds.) Public Address and Moral Judgment: Critical Studies in Ethical Tensions.
[Chapter]Authored by: Gill, R.
Kendall, BE., Gill, R., & Cheney, G. (2007). Consumer activism and corporate social responsibility: How strong a connection?. In S. May, G. Cheney, & J. Roper (Eds.) The Debate Over Corporate Social Responsibility.
[Chapter]Authored by: Gill, R.


Gill, R., Zorn, TE., Balli, F., Marsh, K., Caughey, T., Child, R., . . . O'Brien, R. (2016). Grow North: Smart innovation district. Massey Univeristy.
[Commissioned Report]Authored by: Balli, F., Gill, R., Zorn, T.
Barbour, JB., & Gill, R.(2014). Making complex industrial systems safe means solving unsolvable communication dilemmas.
[Technical Report]Authored by: Gill, R.


Gill, R. (2017, August). Material and economic conditions that influence and affect occupational choices and experiences: A critical perspective. Submitted.. Presented at Academy of Management Annual Conference (Submitted).
[Conference Oral Presentation]Authored by: Gill, R.


Gill, R. (2015). Can Auckland's North Shore be the next Silicon Valley?. The New Zealand Herald
[Other]Authored by: Gill, R.

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  • Sandra Barnett - PhD
    The mind or psyche of the New Zealand SME owner of manager through the lens of LinkedIn.

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