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Dr Geoffrey Kira


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Dr Kira has a background in exercise physiology and metabolism with a strong emphasis in practical applications and translational research. He is an emerging maori health researcher in the fields of exercise, nutrition and sleep and their relationship with obesity, cardiovacular disease and diabetes. Given the low number of maori health researchers in his field, Dr Kira enthusiastically promotes postgradute study and the utility of science and matauranga Maori amongst Maori. 



  • Doctorate of Philosophy - Auckland University of Technology (2010)
  • Bachelor of Science (Sport Science) with Honours - Edith Cowan University (2002)

Research Expertise

Research Interests

My research interests are broad and are not confined to one field. Generally, my research can be classified as public and community health, and is usually prevention-focussed. The outcomes of most studies direct health benefits for children, whether working in the school setting or at home (Families/whanau). My exericse physiology background suits the phsyical activity and fitness studies I undertake, but I have also conducted studies in Public health nutrition and sleep hygiene. 

Research Opportunities

  • Spontaneous play as physical activity  (01/06/2019) Encouraging intrinsic spontaneous children's play with or without equipment as a way to promote physical activity and confer physiological health benefits. Masters level to doctoral studies.
  • Community-based food security  (01/01/2019) Identify, develop, and test community-based food security programmes in a first world country
  • Complementary food systems  (01/01/2019) The conventional food system (primary production and distributors etc) are an entrenched food system. Complementary food systems such as food recovery is a way to lessen environmental impact.
  • The influence of mDNA on physical fitness  (01/01/2019) NZ Maori have a special mitochondrial profile that may confer special characteristics in the adaptation to physical stress.
  • Traditional Maori foods as a treatment for metabolic conditions  (01/01/2019) The traditional diet for the NZ Maori is postulated to be low in saturated, rich in omega fats, and high in plant polyphenols.


Health and Well-being, Future Food Systems

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Community Child Health (111704): Exercise Physiology (110602): Human Movement and Sports Science (110600): Maori Health (111713): Medical And Health Sciences (110000): Nutrition and Dietetics (111100): Preventive Medicine (111716): Public Health and Health Services (111700): Public Nutrition Intervention (111104)


Maori health; Exercise physiology; Sleep hygiene; Public health nutrition, cardiac rehabilitation; physical activity and fitness

Research Projects

Summary of Research Projects

Position Current Completed
Project Leader 3 5

Current Projects

Project Title: HRC - Transforming nutrition and food security in New Zealand: enabling communities - Geoffrey Kira

Date Range: 2017 - 2019

Funding Body: Health Research Council of New Zealand

Project Team:

Completed Projects

Project Title: Tupuna Kai - Reconnecting New Zealand Maori with the Benefits of Traditional Food - MAUX1413

Date Range: 2015 - 2017

Funding Body: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Project Team:

Research Outputs


Glover, MP., Kira, A., Kira, G., McRobbie, H., Breier, BH., Kruger, R., . . . Funaki-Tahifote, M. (2017). An innovative team-based weightloss competition to reduce cardiovascular and diabetes risk among Māori and Pacific people: rationale and method for the study and its evaluation. BMC Nutrition. 3(78), 1-9 Retrieved from
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[Journal article]Authored by: Kira, G.


Kira, GDJ. (2017). A utopia of food systems. In The New Zealand Land and Food Annual Volume 2,2017. (pp. 63 - 80). : Massey University Press
[Chapter]Authored by: Kira, G.


Humphreys, G., Kira, GDJ., Doolan Noble, F., Williams, G., O'Shaughnessy, H., & Devlin, G.(2015). The cardiac rehabilitation services survey of New Zealand - 2015. : Heart Foundation of New Zealand
[Technical Report]Authored by: Kira, G.
Kira, GDJ., & Kira, A.(2014). SECTION 5: Review of published literature. Auckland: University of Auckland
[Technical Report]Authored by: Kira, G.


Glover, MP., Kira, A., Kira, G., Funaki-Tahifote, M., McRobbie, H., Breier, B., . . . Shortland, M. (2017). Reducing Cardiovascular And Diabetes Among Māori And Pacific People Using A Team Weight Loss Competition.. , 15th World Congress on Public Health
[Conference Abstract]Authored by: Breier, B., Kira, G., Kruger, R.
Kira, GDJ., & Kira, AC. (2016). Barriers and facilitators to uptake and attendance of secondary prevention - the experience of indigenous New Zealanders. Heart, Lung and Circulation. Vol. 25 (pp. S313 - S313). : CSANZ2016
[Conference Paper in Published Proceedings]Authored by: Kira, G.

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  • Sharon Awatere - Doctor of Philosophy
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