How to submit a specimen to Wildbase Pathology , Te tukanga tuku tauira ki te wāhi tirotiro māuiui o Whakahaumanu Wildbase

How to submit specimens

Post-mortem examination should be performed as close to the time of death as possible.

If this isn’t possible:

  • put the animal in a refrigerator (approximately 4 degrees Celsius) as soon after death as possible
  • send it to us as soon as possible (not on the weekend)
  • freeze only as a last resort, as freezing can interfere with results.

To package the specimen use:

  • a suitably sized polystyrene foam chilly bin
  • several tear and puncture-resistant sealed plastic bags.

Do not use glass.

Mark the package with one of the following:

  • urgent
  • perishable
  • keep cool.

Submission form

If possible, a hard copy of the form should accompany the specimen. It should be placed in a separate plastic bag.

Download a hard copy of the submission form

Where to send specimens

Address your package with:

Attn: Stuart Hunter
Wildlife Post Mortem Service
Massey University
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
70 Tennent Drive
Palmerston North 4410

For more information about how to submit specimens, email