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Choose between bachelor's degrees, certificates, diplomas, honours, master's degrees, and PhDs. Some of our qualifications are flexible and let you study subjects and courses you’re interested in, while others are quite specialised.

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Undergraduate bachelor's degrees with honours

An undergraduate bachelor’s degree with honours is generally 480 credits (4 years of full-time study) – most are designed to meet professional requirements.

Postgraduate bachelor's degrees with honours

Go deeper into a major subject from your undergraduate bachelor’s degree, graduate certificate or graduate diploma; at a higher level of study with an honours year (120 credits or 1 year if studying full-time).

Master's degrees

A master’s degree normally builds on a main subject of study from your undergraduate degree. It can be 120 credits, 180 credits or 240 credits. A master’s degree is generally completed in 1 or 2 years of full-time study.

PhDs and other doctoral degrees

Doctoral degrees and PhDs are degrees with a large research component. They normally take a minimum of 3 years of full-time study.

You must meet a certain high-level of academic achievement in your postgraduate study to be allowed to enrol in a doctoral qualification. There are different types of doctoral degrees, and entry and regulations differ among them.

Graduate certificates

A graduate certificate is 60 credits (6 months if studying full-time). At least 45 credits of the courses within this qualification must be at 300-level or higher.

Undergraduate diplomas

Undergraduate diplomas let you try university study before you commit to a degree. They’re also useful if you need to advance your career. A diploma at undergraduate level needs 120 credits (1 year if studying full-time).

Postgraduate diplomas

Postgraduate diplomas are postgraduate-level qualifications that are longer than a postgraduate certificate – they are 120 credits (1 year if studying full-time) and all courses are at 700-level or higher. They may include research.

If you are successful, you might be able to use the credits towards the longer master’s degree.

Certificates of proficiency

Pursue an interest or prepare for further study. These certificates are not formal qualifications and are normally for those who only intend to complete 1 or 2 courses.

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