Webinar series to inspire future scientists

Thursday 16 May 2024

Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa Massey University’s College of Sciences are hosting a series of webinars over the next two months to showcase science at Massey and encourage increased participation in the sciences subjects.

Last updated: Thursday 16 May 2024

The webinars will cover a variety of topics in agriculture, food technology, construction and environmental sciences, and hope to demystify science and bring everyone closer to what the College does, in an accessible way.

During each webinar, participants will hear from researchers on topical issues, such as the future of food, artificial intelligence, environmental issues, climate change, reconstruction after disasters, fundamentals of mathematics and its influence on the world. There will be time after each session for questions and discussion.

The webinars are a great way of discovering sciences from the comfort of home.

‪Head of School of Agriculture and Environment Professor Paul Kenyon says the webinars are a great opportunity for attendees to explore different subjects that they can pursue at Massey.

“The webinars will explore a variety of topics. It’s a great opportunity to hear from our researchers and learn about some of the issues we are facing today.

“We will also discuss careers in these areas, what you can do in these subjects at Massey and where they might take you after you graduate. We need the next generation of scientists to help us solve some serious and technical challenges in the future – it will take many hands pulling together to make progress. This has certainly been seen in the recent pandemic and in attempts to combat climate change, for example.”

Scientific careers are needed for the future of the planet. The world needs innovators and great thinkers to support humankind in the future – whether that be creating sustainable foods, supporting societies and communities, using our land sustainably and caring for the planet, or delving into the future of information sciences and big data.

This could be the start of your journey with Massey University. Sign up to our webinar series.

We also welcome prospective students to attend the following upcoming events: