Regulations for The Bachelor of Commercial Music (Honours) - BCommMus(Hons)

Official rules and regulations for the Bachelor of Commercial Music (Honours). These regulations are for the 2024 intake to this qualification.

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Qualification Regulations

Part I

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with all other Statutes and Regulations of the University including General Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Postgraduate Certificates.

Part II


1. Admission to the Bachelor of Commercial Music (Honours) requires that the candidate will:

(a) meet the University admission requirements as specified; and

(b) have been awarded or qualified for a Bachelor of Commercial Music, having achieved at least a B grade average over the highest level courses, or equivalent.

Qualification requirements

2. Candidates for the Commercial Music Honours shall follow a flexible programme of study, which shall consist of courses totalling at least 120 credits, comprising:

(a) at least 120 credits at 700 and 800 levels from the Schedule to the degree;

and including:

(b) the compulsory courses as listed in the Schedule; and

(b) attending contact workshops, block courses, field trips, studios, workshops, tutorials, and/or laboratories as required.


3. The Bachelor of Commercial Music (Honours) is awarded without a subject.

Student progression

4. The Degree of Bachelor of Commercial Music (Honours) is awarded with a class of Honours.

Completion requirements

5. The timeframes for completion as outlined in the General Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Postgraduate Certificates will apply.

6. Candidates may be graduated when they meet the Qualification and Academic requirements within the prescribed timeframes. Candidates who do not meet the requirements for graduation, may, subject to the approval of Academic Board, be awarded the Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Arts should they meet the relevant Qualification requirements.

Unsatisfactory academic progress

7. The general Unsatisfactory Academic Progress regulations will apply.

Schedule for the Bachelor of Commercial Music (Honours)

Course planning key

Courses that need to be completed before moving onto a course at the next level. For example, a lot of 200-level courses have 100-level prerequisite courses.
Courses that must be completed at the same time as another course are known as corequisite courses.
Some courses are restricted against each other because their content is similar. This means you can only choose one of the offered courses to study and credit to your qualification.
Key terms for course planning
Each qualification has its own specific set of courses. Some universities call these papers. You enrol in courses after you get accepted into Massey.
Course code
Each course is numbered using 6 digits. The fourth number shows the level of the course. For example, in course 219206, the fourth number is a 2, so it is a 200-level course (usually studied in the second year of full-time study).
Each course is worth a number of credits. You combine courses (credits) to meet the total number of credits needed for your qualification.
Some qualifications let you choose what subject you'd like to specialise in. Your major or endorsement is what you will take the majority of your courses in.

Compulsory Courses (Choose 105 credits from)

Choose 105 credits from
Course code: 133701 Prototyping and Development for Advanced Music Projects 30 credits

Students undertake research toward developing a project relevant to their creative practice. Students learn techniques to produce an early prototype, synopsis, or equivalent concept. This culminates in the preparation of a proposal for their major projects.

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Course code: 133702 Critical Frameworks for Music 15 credits

Students become competent in situating their work within research methodologies and principles to support their development as critically-informed creative practitioners. Students learn to frame and present their creative practice as research via the development of critical reflexive and analytical skills, and engage in the development of a research proposal for their project.

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Course code: 133803 Advanced Music Research Project 60 credits

In this course students will undertake research to develop a creative work in music. Students will be guided through a series of seminars and supervised sessions to develop, document and disseminate their research.

Prerequisites: 133701

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Compulsory Course Selection (Choose 15 credits from)

Choose 15 credits from
Course code: 133703 Contemporary Music Project 15 credits

Engagement with new thinking in contemporary music research through a specific lecturer-led project.

Prerequisites: Permission Head of School

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Course code: 197705 Independent Study 15 credits

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