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Key to the tables

P Prerequisite: Course(s) you must complete to a defined standard (or have waived) before your enrolment in another course is confirmed.

C Corequisite: Course(s) that must be completed in the same semester as another course, unless already passed or waived.

R Restriction: Similar courses, that cannot both be credited to the same qualification.

The Diploma in Meat Technology

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Qualification Regulations

Part I

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with all other Statutes and Regulations of the University including General Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees, Undergraduate Diplomas, Undergraduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, and Graduate Certificates.

Part II


1. Admission to Diploma in Meat Technology requires that the candidate will:

(a) have attained at least 14 credits at NCEA Level 2 in each of English, Mathematics, and either Science or Biology, and at least 7 credits in a fourth subject;


(b) produce evidence of a satisfactory standard of general education and/or informal learning equivalent to that specified in Regulation 1(a).

Qualification Requirements

2. Candidates for the Diploma in Meat Technology shall follow a parts-based programme of study, which shall consist of courses totalling at least 135 credits, comprising:

(a) completion of Part One and Part Two;

and including:

(b) courses as specified in the Schedule to the Diploma;

(c) completion of practicum requirements;

(d) attending field trips, studios, workshops, tutorials, and laboratories as required.

3. Candidates who, in the opinion of the Academic Board, have provided sufficient evidence of attainment in the subjects of Part One may be cross-credited with specified or unspecified courses not exceeding a total of 45 credits from Part One. This is additional to standard cross-crediting maxima.

4. Notwithstanding Regulations 2(c) and 6, practicum requirements may be waived if the candidate has recently completed a total of at least two years of meat industry experience that in the opinion of Academic Board or their delegate is sufficient to enable the candidate to complete the programme of study.


5. The Diploma in Meat Technology is awarded without specialisation.

Academic Requirements

6. Candidates must complete to the satisfaction of Academic Board two periods of practical work totalling not less than 300 hours and practical reports in accordance with the requirements of courses 142.018 Practicum I and 142.019 Practicum II.

Student Progression

7. Progression to Part Two from Part One is on the basis of successful completion of Part One or waiver in accordance with Regulation 3.

8. Progression from Part Two to completion is on the basis of passing all of Part Two or through the award of Combined Results Pass.

9. In cases of sufficient merit achieved throughout Part Two of the programme, the Diploma in Meat Technology may be awarded with Distinction.

Completion Requirements

10. The timeframes for completion as outlined in the General Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees, Undergraduate Diplomas, Undergraduate Certificates, and Graduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificates will apply.

11. Candidates may be graduated when they meet the Admission, Qualification and Academic requirements within the prescribed timeframes.

Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

12. The general Unsatisfactory Academic Progress regulations will apply.

Schedule for the Diploma in Meat Technology

Part One

280.016 Elementary Meat Science 30 credits
R 142.016

280.017 Elementary Meat Mathematics 15 credits
R 142.017

Part Two

Compulsory courses (45 credits from)

280.101 Animal Production Through to Carcass Classification 15 credits
P 280.016 and 280.017 R 142.101

280.102 Preparation and Preservation of Fresh Meat 15 credits
P 280.016 and 280.017 R 142.102

280.105 Quality Assurance for the Meat Industry 15 credits
P 280.016 and 280.017 R 142.105

Subject courses (At least 45 credits from)

280.103 Meat Plant Services and Utilities 15 credits
R 142.103

280.104 Co-products Derived from Meat Animals 15 credits
R 142.104

280.106 Added-Value Processing of Meat and Meat Products 15 credits
R 142.106

280.107 Automation & New Technology in the Meat Industry 15 credits


142.018 Practicum I 0 credits

142.019 Practicum II 0 credits