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Massey University has determined that when entering into a sponsorship or partnership agreement with a third party, that its staff will take all practical care to associate with an activity or event that mutually supports Massey University’s wider strategy, vision, brand, and objectives.

Sponsorship is a form of promotion and its funding must be approved by the budget managers within their Delegated Authority. The National Events and Sponsorship Team manage and maintain a central database of sponsorships for the University. All sponsorships, those Massey invests in and those being procured by Massey; are to be registered with the University’s National Events and Sponsorship Team in accordance with the Sponsorship Procedures document prior to any agreement being signed. This is to ensure that conflicting sponsorships or partnerships are not entered into.

The University’s main objectives when sponsoring or procuring sponsorship for an activity or event include, but are not limited to:

  1. Raising the profile of the University with target audiences

  2. Grow reputation of the University’s research and teaching

  3. Grow enrolments of domestic and/or international students

  4. Demonstrate the University is a socially and culturally responsible organisation

  5. Building engagement with communities of interest

  6. Enhancing the financial stability of an event or activity

sponsorship flow chart

To find out who to contact within Massey University please follow this flow chart (126 KB) .

For further information please read the sponsorship policy (89 KB)  and the sponsorship procedure (98 KB) .

Contact us

Email: nationalevents@massey.ac.nz
Telephone: 06 350 5309