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Money Smarts @ Work 

The findings of a recent research report show that young Kiwi’s lack educational opportunities to help them develop sound personal financial management skills. The Money Smarts @Work course is an opportunity for employers to take a lead and help fill the gap by offering this opportunity to their staff.

Offered by the NZ Fin-Ed Centre (Financial Education and Research Centre) Massey University, this self- paced, online course is ideally suited to the time demands of people in the workforce.

The course introduces some of the principles, tools, and techniques necessary for personal financial management. It has been trialled with a number of employees to ensure that it is relevant and engaging.

Course Content


Topics Covered

Setting your goals – what is it all about?

  • Understand the difference between dreams and goals
  • How to turn your dreams into goals
  • SMART goals and how to set them
  • Understand what your goals mean for your finances

Budget – the mystery solved!

  • What’s in a budget
  • Understand why you need a budget
  • Know how to set one up
  • Prepare and review your own budget
  • Some tools you can use for budgeting
  • If needed, where can go for more help

Save and spending – I can do it!

  • Understand the consequences of spending too much money vs. saving money
  • Emergencies, how much they cost and the ones you are likely to face
  • How much do you need to save to cover emergencies?
  • Power of saving – what does it mean to you?
  • Actions you can take to reduce spending and increase saving

Debt – do I have a way out?

  • Consequences of the spending choices you make
  • When/if you need to borrow money, what options are available to me
  • True cost of borrowing
  • Borrowing traps and how to avoid getting into trouble
  • Managing your debt – some handy tips
  • Know how to reduce the cost of borrowing

Protect – I can do something about my future

  • What is important enough to you to protect it
  • Why do you need to financially protect what is yours?
  • Insurance – different types for different things you want to protect
  • Consequences of not taking care of what you need to protect

My future – how do I safeguard it?

  • KiwiSaver – part of my future plan
  • Why should I be in it?
  • What fund should I be in?
  • What can I use it for?

Course Fee and how it will work:

If learners are enrolled individually but from the same organisation

  • In this case, they will follow the normal enrolment process via our website, pay online and then will be issued individual login details.

  • If the organisation is paying for the learners in bulk, an invoice will be generated for all the participants and upon payment, login details will be issued to all learners individually.
    The organisation will need to supply the Centre with their contact details.

Fee schedule

Up to 20 learners from the same organisation enrolling individually


$50# Plus GST per person per course

20 plus learners from the same organisation enrolling individually


$45# Plus GST per person per course

# special prices for affiliated industry groups available on application. Contact us for price.

Course dates

The course can be started at anytime. On payment of registration fee, access details will be provided.


If an invoice is  required for the registration, please complete the course enrolment form, otherwise select register below for online registration and payment or contact us for more information.


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