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FoodPilot and other Massey facilities

We can coordinate Massey's extensive services, facilities and research expertise to meet your organisation's needs. As well as the food processing space within FoodPilot, many of our projects take advantage of specialist facilities within our wider network.


The FoodPilot is a thousand square metres of food-safe space, containing the largest collection of pilot-scale food and beverage equipment in the southern hemisphere.  We can handle any material whether it is for further research and development work, for export, or consumer research.


The facility incorporates CIP cleaning systems, plate and tube heat exchangers, pumping systems along with a sophisticated computer-based process control and a data acquisition system. It has a 200L brew capacity.

Beverage Lab

Design, research and development of beverage products which offer nutritional benefits, wellness ingredients, satiety, and performance enhancement.

Nutrition Lab

Services include nutritional testing of food products including for shelf life, food safety and product formulation.

FEAST Consumer and sensory laboratory and services

Sensory and consumer research, training and consultancy. Facilities include ISO standard sensory booths, areas for running central location tests, focus groups and virtual reality testing.

Human nutrition and dietetics facilities

Facilities for nutritional assessment and running clinical studies. These span multiple disciplines in the field, including human studies, animal studies, molecular and cellular biology, microbiology and biochemistry, and rheology.

Food Characterisation Lab

Equipment in this laboratory includes Paar Physica MCR 301 and 302 control-stress rheometers, texture analyser, Instron universal testing machine, spectrophotometers, rapid-visco analyser and Minolta colourimeter.

Bodpod and DXA machines

These machines accurately, easily and reliably measures body composition and then body fat using an air displacement method. Massey University has the only two BodPods in New Zealand. We also have a PeaPod for infants.

Food microbiology laboratory

Food Microbiology Laboratory - The laboratory is capable of all the standard microbiological tests required by the food industry and has specialist equipment for rapid microbial analysis (flow cytometry and impedance), biofilm work, fermentation and molecular analyses (PCR). The food microbiology laboratories are supported by academic and technical staff.

Companion animal nutrition

Specialising in nutritional research with emphasis on palatability testing of complete diets (or individual ingredients) and general nutritional adequacy testing.

Research can be carried out into all aspects of companion animal nutrition.

Engineering workshop

The FoodPilot engineering workshop is well equipped to enable us to modify existing equipment or design and build new items in order to meet specialist requirements.

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