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Velocity Five-0 is a fun new small group training class that’s unlike anything we’ve offered before!

A maximum of 5 participants take part in 50-minute sessions that provide you innovative training variation to smash your own personal goals.

Sessions designed and led by qualified personal trainers

  • Four types of session per course
  • Professional advice and monitoring with exercises tailored to your level of fitness and ability

MYZONE heart rate monitoring supported training

  • Heart rate intensity and effort wirelessly projected onto a TV
  • Compare and compete with your group during each session and throughout the course

Focus on effort not fitness

  • MYZONE points system rewards your personal effort based on your metrics
  • Go as easy or as hard as you want - you decide!

Bring your friends, family, and colleagues along and see why Velocity Five-0 is the challenge you’ve been waiting for!

Each week offers a different type of workout:

Pyramid: This session has descending and ascending repetitions. Work your way through each round of repetitions to complete the session and beat the pyramid!

Tabata: This is a circuit based session during which participants exercise then rest for specific time frames. Perform as many repetitions as you can in the allocated time before you move onto the next exercise.

Murder board: All hail the murder board! These sessions require participants to complete a specified number of repetitions for each exercise. Try to complete all the exercises at once, or chip away at them as you go. Once the exercise is complete you can have the satisfaction of wiping it from the murder board!

The Fifty: In honour of our fifty minute sessions, ‘The Fifty’ comprises a wide range of exercise modalities that will ultimately add up to fifty. Think fifty reps, fifty sets, fifty calories, fifty seconds even fifty exercises! If it's to do with fifty you will find it in this session.


  • $50 for 4-week course, 1 session per week
  • $80 for 4-week course, 2 sessions per week

Note: Courses are non-refundable. All sessions must be used within the allocated course block. If you are unable to attend your regular session for a given week, you may request a different session within the same week. Sessions not used will not be carried over into the next week or next course block and are not-refundable.

V50 COVID timetable

Note: If a course starts with no registered attendees, we reserve the right to remove the session for the remainder of the course.

Course start dates:

  • Round 1: Feb 1st – 26th
  • Round 2: March 8th-April 2nd (note Friday 2nd April is Good Friday)
  • Round 3: April 12th – May 7th
  • Round 4: May 17th – June 11th (note Monday 7th June is Queens Birthday)
  • Round 5: June 21st – July 16th
  • Round 6: July 26th – August 20th
  • Round 7: August 30th – September 24th
  • Round 8: October 4th – October 29th (note Monday 25th October is Labour Day)
  • Round 9: November 8th – December 3rd

Session changes will be negotiated for public holidays as required.

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Conditions of registering:

  • Registration and the registration confirmation email is not a guarantee of place. Your place is not guaranteed until the full course payment is received.
  • Please allow up to three days for the processing of your registration. Once registration is confirmed, an offer of place with a link to pay will be sent. You will then have three days or until the start of the course, whichever is the lesser, to pay for the course and secure your place.
  • Please note if you register the weekend before your chosen course starts, we cannot guarantee your place for the first week of the course. This is due to the required time for processing. Sessions missed due to late registration are not refundable. Check our Facebook page for course registration cut-off dates. 
  • Courses are non-refundable.

For questions about registration and payment, please email Lois Edwards

For questions about sessions, personal trainers, or health declarations, please email James Amon

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