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Commercialisation , Te whakaarumoni

Massey is committed to translating innovative research into commercial opportunities through existing commercial enterprises or new ventures.

Our goal is to create and transfer knowledge for the benefit of New Zealand.

About Massey Ventures

Our wholly Massey-owned Massey Ventures has the exclusive responsibility for commercialising intellectual property from research and discovery within the university.

Our overarching philosophy is to move knowledge and intellectual property (IP) out of the university to the business community as quickly as possible to maximise opportunities for creating value for New Zealand.

Massey Ventures

How we work

We work with staff, students, investors and industry to turn research opportunities into commercial ventures through Massey Ventures.

We provide a point of entry to Massey for companies wishing to access the skills, capability and technologies within the university.

Spin-out companies

Our current portfolio includes these spin-out companies:

Ampersand Technologies logo

Ampersand Technologies Ltd

A new generation of DNA amplification technologies – so-called isothermal technologies, are revolutionising diagnostics globally. Ampersand Technologies delivers DNA testing and test development services focusing on agricultural, horticultural, and environmental applications. Matū Fund and Massey Ventures are co-investors.

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Biolumic Ltd

Established in 2013 based on intellectual property from Massey University, Biolumic is a provider of novel lighting solutions for large-scale horticultural customers. Biolumic has research centres in New Zealand and the USA.

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Captivate Technology logo

Captivate Technology Ltd

Captivate Technology's MUF-16 is a groundbreaking CO2-absorbing material for industrial settings. It's eco-friendly, efficient, and reduces emissions. A spin-out company from Massey University, it secured investment from Matū Fund, Massey Ventures, NZ Growth Capital Partners, and Booster Innovation Fund.

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EatKinda logo


EatKinda is a New Zealand plant-based food brand developing treats better for people, the planet and animals. Led by science and a passion for making great-tasting kai, they’ve developed a range of delicious plant-based ice cream.

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Glory League logo

Glory League Stats Ltd

Glory League is an automated video engagement system for amateur basketball. Players can access quality full game videos, personal highlight reels and statistics.

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Magritek Ltd

A world leader creating cryogen-free, compact Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems that work on benchtops and tabletops. The innovative and accessible Magritek Ltd products are grouped by: Oil and Gas Solutions, Research Tools, Portable Instruments, and Education systems.

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MI8 Opitcs logo

MI8 Optics

MI8 Optics uses hyperspectral imaging to detect and identify endophytes in selected ryegrass seed lines. The rapid, non-destructive hyperspectral sensing provides powerful insights into the endophytes' presence, strains and viability in seed samples. A joint venture with Grasslanz Technologies Ltd and Massey Ventures.

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Nanophage Technoloy logo

Nanophage Technologies

Nanophage Technologies design and synthesize custom nano-scale phage particles for diagnostic tools to identify molecules of interest with high sensitivity for fast, accurate, and early diagnosis. The technology is applicable to a wide variety of environmental, agricultural, food and medical samples. Nanophage is a joint venture between Massey Ventures and Bridgewest Ventures.

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Founded to commercialise a novel ultraviolet (UV) light technology to rapidly disinfect liquids, the Novolabs Supercritical UV (SCUV) technology offers a new cost effective solution for disinfecting low clarity liquids which are difficult to treat due to Low UV transmissivity (UVT). It has advantages over standard UV methods for treating water containing bacteria, viruses and protozoans.

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 Dan Carlisle

Dan Carlisle

Commercialisation Manager
Manawatū Campus, Palmerston North